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February 12th, 2017

Blossom: Hello, hello, hello. I was speaking with someone yesterday and we discussed the fact that over and over again, we have our hopes raised, in that; we are on the cusp of something. We are ready and ‘just about’ to change … for quite a few channellings … and then the hype dies down again … and we mosey on along! Not having a go at you. Yet, an answer as to why this happens would be good.

The Federation of Light: Greetings, young friend.

Blossom: How to win friends and influence people! Oh, that I WAS young!

The Federation of Light: Yet, in All terms … you are. Even though we could also call you an old soul … relatively speaking, you are still young … for life is infinite and therefore, in a sense you will always remain young. If you are able to understand our logic?

Blossom: Yes. I get it. So, to the question in hand if we may?


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