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Friends and fellow travellers.Due to a recent personal experience, I thought I may revisit an old topic.Having slept for months on a foam mattress,I recently moved to town and spent 2 weeks sleeping on a coil spring mattress.Soon I realised I was waking every morning with aches and I decided to research the issue.It seems a coil mattress is a huge antenna,collecting radio waves,micro waves,mobile phone waves,black ops waves and who knows what waves.It throws up a field of them about 75mm above the surface of the bed.We spend many hours every day lying in this field.If that is true it kinda makes diddle of our other efforts to detox etc.I dismantled the bed immediately and layed out my old foam mattress.Knowing well that I am apt to flying off on loosely researched tangents,I thought I would run this by you for a more expert opinion.But I don't care what you say...I'm not going back to the coil spring mattress...Namaste

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