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Another one just for fun ... tribute to Tolkien

Bound & Bonded
(Pseudonym An Elven Priestess)

The wind does blow through the trees, my elders
And raindrops make the pond to surge.
My bonded has left, so far is he,
while in this captured freedom I purge.

My heart it aches to hold him near,
Traces of laurels fleeing in the air;
Yet duty holds me here for deeds,
My will does not carry, but my shoulders do bear.

An elder's moon, I sit and watch
On stones more aged than the fae.
They speak of the earth's children
whom our magic sent astray.

The sun's brawny folk won't let it lie
so in sorrow, I a silent vigil,
But still do long to kiss his lips.
Forosren mir linuthuval, Ista daeos linosnargil.

Cold priestess am I?
My sadness burning as Berdruskan;
My face turned toward the night's black sky
And sing to the leaves, Rillifane

Is down in yonder dale green,
My love, one day we'll walk,
Our hearts open and our eyes keen,
as free as the flying hawk.

I pray for your safety, sweet Rorfil
Your swift foot in times of danger
I hold you in my dreams, melamin
To the ends of the earth: Forn,Rhun,Numen ren Har.

My tribute to Tolkien

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