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A Message From Christine Day....Pleiadian Ambassador.....For The U.S. A New President...

Christine's Message November 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

I remembered the words from the Pleiadians, ‘expect the unexpected’, as I awoke on November 9th to witness our new president elect, Donald Trump. This news brought a shock to my system. I breathed and let go, absorbing this new information.

As I opened up to the energy surrounding this happening I could begin to understand why this had taken place. I had witnessed the incredible waves created by Trump during his campaigning over the past eighteen months in our country and throughout the world. These waves have created ripples of shock everywhere. Donald Trump has been playing a significant role in breaking down an old, worn out system within the political arena. Throughout his unprecedented political campaign he has rocked the world.

During this incredibly momentous time of change on our planet, we are witnessing on so many levels the unfolding and breaking down of traditions and ways of life. Structures and systems that have been in place and working for so long, and woven through with illusion are simply falling down.

I don’t know how this political story will unfold and play out in America. However I do know this is our next step forward towards change. Ultimately there will be a transformed system of government and this may be the first step. Upheaval is always the first step for a new birthing to unfold and change is always uncomfortable at first.

Our political system in the United States has been based on so many illusions. There is corruption and many aspects to this system are totally dysfunctional. Each one of us is individually going through our own internal breaking down of our illusions. So it makes perfect sense to me that our political system would also have to go through a death, and then ultimately a rebirth.

None of us know how this will play out on the world stage or in our country here. I do know that I will stay committed to playing my role by holding a clear space, a platform around this unfolding process in the political arena. I am committed to holding a place of light and sending prayers to Donald Trump and to all the politicians in Washington and around the country.

I also felt a tremendous compassion for Hilary Clinton with her loss for the bid of President. I do know that this will activate a much needed, deep internal process of change for her. I am sending prayers for her to allow the necessary transformation within.

Those of us on the path are being called to hold ‘a space’ for our politicians to open up to a new way of conducting their business, to bring their intentions back to focusing on the needs of the people and to reopen into a united front for America.

This is a time for the country of America to open to change, to forge a new unity between us all regardless of color, religion or belief systems. I do see energetically that there will be upheaval and great change arising, and this is a necessary process for this ‘new dawning’ to manifest.

Remember we are all an interwoven part of this ‘new dawning’ energy. Beyond the illusion in reality there is no separation. Open up into your heart center and let go of any illusion of fear, of the unknown, and be all that you can in each moment.

Love to you all,


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