Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!

sumerian crypts are exhumed +cleared

conflagrations unneeded

entrances scheduled

light pathways have been defined

sacred sights are noted +uplifted

illuminations commence


3 different sets of activities ongoing at antarctica in this …now...

1 = the ark of gabriel moved from saudi arabia to russian 

federation base in antarctica = 

2 = political leaders suddenly visiting a secret 'last resort'base =

3 = ancient artifacts = cities +giants in stasis in antarctica =

strange happenings in saudi arabia

sphere alliance #216 = the arc of gabriel = 2016°11°18

russia begins transport of saudi arabia's mysterious 

'ark of gabriel' to antarctica

patriarch kirill performs bizarre ritual in antarctica over

'ark of gabriel' = reading a secret text given to him by pope francis

+immediately thereafter this mysterious artifact was transported

into the vast interior of this cold +foreboding continent by a highly

specialized spetsnaz =special=forces=unit to a destination

+purpose = not identified by the 'mo'd'

barbara marciniak +her pleiadians wrote about a very ancient 

+evolved civilization whose remains are buried under the polar ice 

cap in the antarctic = this civilization existed more than 500.000 

years ago = what is really happening there today? = perhaps this 

ancient civilization had advanced nuclear technology for their base

= probably for their communications beacons +this equipment may 

now be leaking +threatening the entire region = this ancient 

civilization was from another galaxy +was non'human but similar 

to us = the civilization existed half a million years ago +left about 

300.000 years ago = when new cosmic wars broke out over 

the control of this planet = the base was abandoned +has been 

under the ice ever since = information about this base is again 

being kept secret from the people to perpetuate the denial about 

our ancient history +our connection with other cosmic races = 

in early march see page 4 of her book = entitled =

Earth = the pleiadian keys to the living universe

lady kadjina speaks about hidden bases around the world

in early march 2001 = an  u.s. channeler known as lady kadjina 

replied to a series of questions regarding the mystery of lake 

vostok = regarding the nature of the magnetic anomaly = she 

declared that long before the antarctic became icebound = 

the continent had been used as a landing site by extraterrestrials 

= the ever'benevolent aliens built what we would call an 

observatory = explained the channeler = equipped with a signaling 

device capable of broadcasting coded messages = more +more

such observatories would be discovered in coming months +earth

governments would try to seize them = lady kadjina added that

the observatory contained vast crystals which put forth a certain

kind of magnetism = which had been employed as a guidance system

= so that large spaceships could land at that location…

the purpose of these great observatories +they were much more 

than that = was to create time +space warp zones for 

the admitting of craft which were of a 5th dimensional frequency 

= with full knowledge of this equipment = a human could time- 

travel +access information stored in many distant places = but you 

will be prevented from doing this until such time as governments have

an arms treaty in place +become of a more peaceful state of being = 

question = 

what is actually creating the magnetism at the vostok site?

it is that observatory = there are huge crystals that are 

emitting certain types of magnetic emissions +this creates 

the homing device = it is a similar type of energetic to that which 

is transpiring in bimini = where the energy can actually draw into 

itself crafts +ships +sink them = it used to be that great spacecraft

not quite the size of a mother ship = but of a cargo ship = would have

equipment that would be lowered into this region on a magnetic beam

somewhat like a magnetic elevator +from this region the equipment

would be disbursed as needed to other locations = these magnetic

beams could transport heavy items to far distant places +energize

those objects somewhat like the operation of a hover plane

'not precisely the same' but similar +this gives a little bit of an insight

into the construction of some of your pyramids +other massive

edifices such as the great sphinx = for this magnetic'sonar system

also can emit sound = both audible +silent = so you may ask =

how can sound be silent? = it is of a frequency beyond the range

of the human ear +so your secret service is wanting to harness

this energy for their own purposes = they think it can be beamed

to your telstar or other objects in space = they also believe that

it can be used as a weapon of destruction if need be = so they are

hoping to reactivate this equipment = they will not be allowed

to do so = beyond a certain point =

question = 

is this magnetic anomaly and the entrance into the underground 

realm at this location related to admiral byrd's experience

of going into the inner earth?

yes indeed +when he did = he found himself in a totally different 

dimension = for these are also portal type of energies = the purpose

of these great observatories-and they were much more than that = was

to create time +space warp zones for the admitting of craft which were

of a 5th dimensional frequency = with full knowledge of this equipment

= a human could time'travel +access information stored in many

distant places = but you will be prevented from doing this until such

time as governments have an arms treaty in place +become

of a more peaceful ...state of being...

▲question = 

is this portal used today for entering°exiting craft that have been 

seen going up +down west coast of south america?

this particular site can be used as a refuelling station = if you 

would = many of the craft = especially the small ones = function 

from a magnetic standpoint +it would work somewhat like the need 

to recharge a fuel cell in some of the vehicles you have now = or 

refuelling your electric cars = many craft operate on magnetic 

energy systems +these magnetic energy beams can serve to refuel 

or recharge many of these craft = the 'portal' is not on the earth 

plane =but is created in the atmosphere where it allows 

for admission of beings +craft from other dimension = 

we have mentioned before that the nadial connectors are on 

the earth plane = but they are also out in the galaxy as well 

+these nadial connectors are also portal entrances to access 

the next connecting point = if you recall we spoke of these 

nadial connectors being somewhat like tinker toys so that when 

you connect with one of these nadial hubs = you then would 

follow a certain energy pattern to the next connector  = 

also i would add as just a side thought = the more you are able 

to function in the 4°+5° dimension = the more you are able to 

transmute the chemical compounds that you find in the chemtrail's 

+also in the foods that you eat +the water that you drink = as 

you become permanently in the 4°dimensional body = no longer 

will these things of the 3°dimensional realm affect you = 

the government through its experimentation with the tesla°type 

technologies = has discovered this truth = hence the spraying 

of the populace to prevent them from going 4th dimensional = for 

when you do = the government has lost its control of you = 

so = in a certain sense = you are being vaccinated or inoculated 

against the 4°dimension = this is why we have told wayne +kay = 

even though they are giving forth of this information at a time 

when each of them is dealing with physical challenges = even 

though they are not functioning 100% physically = when they are 

able to function at all = they step into this particular 

4°dimensional frequency +fill their bodies with this light = which 

in turn transmutes the difficulties in the 3°dimensional body = 

through the use of their wil = they determine that they will not 

be stopped 'slowed down' at times = but not stopped = by taking 

command of your personal fields of energy = you can overcome 

many things = whether it be a deficient immune system as in kay's 

case = or an aggressive form of cance = as in wayne's case = 

the more you step into the light +move yourself forward 

+do those things that you are qualified to do = the more healing 

light you bring in to your physical body = greater healing will come 

to you ...than would come through the use of radiation therapy or 

chemotherapy or immune stimulants = 

the purpose of the government using the chemtrail's is to stop you 

from going 4°dimensional = so every time you are able to enter into 

the 4°dimension = you overthrow the government's plan = i realize 

= i am side'stepping the topic = but this is so important = entering 

the 4°dimension during y'our times of meditation is one thing = but 

actually using those energies in a co=creative way with your soul =  

is a whole different energy = if you do not access information that 

you can use in a creative way during your times of meditation = 

then all you have accomplished is entering into a relaxation mode = 

when you meditate = it is important that you create something 

specific = one way would be to use visualisation = another would 

be questions +answers directed to your high self. = communication 

with your eternal self should be the goal of meditation+not simply 

stepping into the light +relaxing in it = you should focus upon 

establishing you nadial connecting systems +your chakra systems 

internally +then in your etheric field +then on out into the grid 

systems of the galaxy for the purpose of accessing workable = 

useable information +all information that is being given now

...should be shared information...

secretary kerry travels to antarctica = new zealand = oman = 

united arab emirates = morocco +peru

vostok = the lake of shadows =

the most outrageous rumors emanated not from the u.s. 

but from australia = where a website = fortress australia outpost 

= indicated = or ranted = more properly = that the total population 

of nazis in antarctica now exceeded 2million +that many of them 

had under'gone plastic surgery in order to move about with 

greater ease through south america +conduct all manner 

of business transactions =

...antarctica has nearly 90% of the ice +70% of the fresh water

on earth = the 3°largest continent = it is one +a half the size

of the u.s. nations including the u.s. = britain = australia =

new zealand = france +argentina = carry out experiments

at bases dotted across the continent …enough of the ice cap

has melted in this region to allow for the emitting of a certain

signal = before there was ice = there was land +there was a large

landing port for extra'terrestrial craft +the extraterrestrials put

up something comparable to what you would call an observatory =

it contained a signaling device that could transmit frequencies in

a coded pattern = even after the ice cap began forming = at this end

of the lake there was still an entranceway into the inner regions

of the earth = now this inner region is not completely underground =

it is under ice = but not totally under ground +with the melting

of the polar cap = the signaling device has been picked up +as planetary

grid systems are reconnected with great earth crystals +being that

the technology of this observatory is based upon crystal technologies =

its signal has been amplified = it is of a sonar'type of frequencies

+has a certain similarity to tesla technologies +the 'rife' technologies

= but is considerably more advanced than your understanding

of these technologies +these technologies = to those in outer space

= would be equated to a homing device = when a sonar energy

is emitted = it goes out in wave'like patterns +this is what is giving

…wavelike… patterns to surrounding areas of snow = 

over the next several months = more +more bases like this will be 

discovered +the various governments are going to want to seize 

control = it used to be = that governments wanted to seize control 

of those things going on in space = but so much is now being 

discovered upon planet earth = that governments are acting 

quickly to secure +lock up certain areas that contain information 

that would rewrite all of your histories +require tremendous 

rethinking on the part of many =

 when you take a look at all of the information that has come 

forth in just the last several months = civilizations in peru +parts 

of europe = the mediterranean = the pyramids = the grand canyon 

= florida = new mexico = missouri = virginia +then on top of this 

you have your visionaries who are able to see great domes over 

areas of the biminis = over areas of washington +then again you 

have the mysteries of the orbs +all of these things are not 

the doings of overworked imaginations = they are very real =

…as more +more of you develop 4°+5° dimension vision +hearing 

+mind = you will begin to see great devas in your mountains = over 

your lakes +oceans = communications with the fairy people will 

become commonplace +they will give forth much information as 

to the parcels of land that are safe to live upon +those that have 

energies that need clearing before construction +all of this 

information that is coming forth has frightened your world leaders 

= who are bent upon control = they are losing their grip

articles 2016°12 =

black sun redux

an ancient city discovered with ruins in antarctica = 

being kept from the world

researchers are claiming that they have discovered 3 ancient 

pyramids on the ice covered continent of antarctica = exact details 

are sketchy = but the team have released 3 intriguing pictures of 

their discovery = according to stephen hannard 'adguk' = 

the international team comprises researchers from the u.s. +several 

other = are from various european countries = 2 of the huge pyramid

structures were found approximately 10 miles inland = the 3° one

not far from the coastline = clearly visible from the ocean =

ruins of ancient city found in antarctica

the AtlantisTV production crew that shot the video is still missing

= reports gray… they said it showed spectacular ruins +other 

'things' they could not go into = an 'nsf' scientist reported =

attorneys for the beverly hills-based atlantis'tv' …stressed at 

the time that the company's primary concern was for the safety 

+welfare of the crew +stated they would vigorously oppose any 

attempts to censor material that is clearly in the public interest 

+public domain = the icy continent of antarctica = they pointed out 

= belongs to no nation = the u.s. has no jurisdiction there...

= government said it will seek to block the airing of a video found 

by navy rescuers in antarctica that purportedly reveals that a 

massive archaeological dig is underway two miles = 3,200 meters = 

beneath the ice...

the lost city of antarctica

shock claims massive ancient civilisation lies frozen beneath mile 

of antarctic ice = antarctica's secret city was apparently confirmed 

by an ancient map called the piri reis map = compiled in 1513 from 

military intelligence = the theory alleges = that movements in 

the earth’s crust = called crustal displacement …meant that large 

parts of antarctica were ice'free 12.000 years ago +people could 

have lived there = archaeologist jonathan gray claimed 

that the u.s. government is trying to block the video from being 

seen because it reveals there is a 'massive archaeological dig under 

way' …two miles beneath the ice = with several online websites 

claiming that there is a city in antarctica +hitler knew about it =  

making it a secret nazi base = the nazis claimed an area 

of antarctica as german territory +sent an expedition there =

piri reis map explained by graham hancock 1929 = 

a map was found on a dusty shelf in a library in constantinople = 

this piri reis map shows features of the earth that = nobody in 

1513 should have been able to know = how is it possible that piri 

reis managed to accurately draw the geographical details 

of antarctica in 1513? = with details that were not discovered until 

1952? = but that is not even the most interesting part of the piri 

reis map = inexplicably = the piri reis map depicts antarctica without

ice = yet the antarctica has been frozen for at least 6000 years = how

is it possible that piri reis drew antarctica without ice? = where did

he obtain this level of details? = no one has been able to answer

the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic ancient map =


massive swastika found under ancient lake in antarctica

a ministry of defense report on russian media about a massive

underwater structure shaped like a  swastika discovered in an 

ancient lake in antarctica = the russian scientific team that has 

successfully drilled 3,768 meters into the world's largest 

submerged lake on the continent of antarctica = believed to be un-

touched for over 20 million years = states that the underwater 

video camera discovered = the 'striking image' of a 'golden'like 

swastika' = estimated to be no less than 100 meters in height 

+width = according to this report = the discovery of this under-

water swastika was made late january '2014' followed immediately 

by the ministry ordering the scientists who have been working on 

this project for the past 20 years …into silence =

there is also being advanced the theory that the newly re-

discovered 'golden swastika' belonged to very ancient civilizations 

that was here before modern man = the idea that these under-

water structures predate the nazis is further bolstered 

by anomalies such as the finaeus map =1531= +piri reis map =1513= 

of antarctica used by western explorers to 'discover' the new world 

+showing it to be ice free with flowing rivers +a clean coastline =

strange government movements in antarctica = was some sort 

of lost ancient technology found? =officials with the national

science foundation 'nsf' have launched a medical evacuation

flight to 'nsf's scientific station at the geographic south pole = 

after comprehensive consultation with outside medical

professionals = agency officials decided that a medical situation

at amundsen-scott south pole station warrants returning a member

of the station’s winter crew to a hospital that can provide

a level of medical care that is unavailable at the station

= the patient is seasonally employed through 

the lockheed martin antarctic support contract 'asc' the prime 

contract for operations +research support contractor to 'nsf' for 

the u.s. antarctic program 'usap' = nsf' is not releasing any further 

personal or medical information to preserve the patient's privacy 

=please?= lockheed-martin has a contract for scientific research in 

antarctica? = the same lockheed-martin renowned for advanced 

aerodynamics = the same lochheed-martin that is a key corporate 

defense contractor +player in the u.s. military-industrial complex?

ancient ruins found in antarctica on google earth

+by russian satellite

high strangeness 

in antarctica tunnels as tall as the eiffel tower discovered

2 underground bases found in antarctica = what are they?

waring’s comments seem to point towards a possible connection 

between the 2 entrances +the alleged crashed 'ufo' found in 

the melting ice on antarctica =


what is going on down there in antarctica? anomalies found...


14 mile long 'thing' buried in antarctica? = how to find using 

google earth =


antarctica mysteries 1+2

antarctic 'ufo' mystery deepens after researchers 'find tanks 

guarding alien crash site' = evidence of military vehicles 'guarding'

a mysterious 'ufo' crash site ...discovered in the antarctic

antarctica strangeness = people associated with antarctica

now includes the following very bizarre list = 

rudolf hess = nazi party reichsleiter = 

hermann goering = reichsmarschal +founder of the luftwaffe = 

both of whom played sponsoring roles for the nazi expedition 

to the continent in 1938-1939 = 

admiral richard byrd = who = incidentally = had been flown 

to nazi germany to brief the expedition on conditions it could 

expect +who led the operation highjump in 1947 = the outcome

of that expedition +admiral byrd's strange remarks at the end

of it to the chilean newspaper 'el mercuio' = need not be rehearsed

again here = then = in the past few months = we have see added

to this list patriarch kiril 3 = the only christian bishop +hierarch ever

to visit the continent = followed within a few months by john kerry =

the highest' ranking political figure ever to visit there short

of a head of state +now buzz aldrin = moon astronaut =

sleeping giants in stasis chambers ready to awaken whistleblower 

claims of the videos dates to a discovery in 2008 following

excavations for a building in the kurdistan region of iran = a google

translation of a russian article about the discovery follows =

...according to data obtained from the presumptive enough reliable 

data source = photos show found the sarcophagus +find in it

the body of an ancient magician = all information supposedly

obtained verbally = i have not been tested = detection time = spring

2008 = as a result of the displacement of ground tomb came to light

+the cultural layer of the remnants of the ancient city = 

…a poster on a discussion forum was able to find a russian article 

that discussed the discovery of the bodies in the videos released 

by goode = the article gave a revised estimate for the age 

of the sarcophagus …on the territory of iran = formerly persia =

even earlier perunova rus = the above'mentioned artifacts

discovered by accident = when building a house = the builders

found an underground mausoleum built 10-12 thousand years

ago ...with 3 sarcophagi...

welcome 2017 +basic news


˙·٠. mm.٠·˙ 

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Comment by heidi wachter on January 14, 2017 at 9:07pm

episode of deep space on gaia = free to see all weekend…

covert colonization of space

Comment by heidi wachter on January 8, 2017 at 9:24am

haw=note=thanks to our starry family +crews = which are 

assisting humanity to unfold truth°CORE°transparency = 

truth …in spiritual legacy +founding principle of life...

CORE ...while eternal home +source of =all that is +ever will BE=

transparency …of the = inherent cosmogenetic beauty +fruition = 

▼during these last 2 comments …elaboration... my crystals

present in my room did often… i am innermost thankful

for the CORE°connection with their presence +eternal CORE

+with both i relate hearty = when this happens... in order

to co=create with them the best outcome… for the spatial +global

...common good of all… the ...unfolding energy =

the below insider talk is very challenging = while clearly some

challenging temples are most sensitive instruments +the fact

that all the most?important ...stuff has been removed… shows

the disrespect of 'that' spiritual legacy +territory… which then

furthers all these incidents +loss of lives = today we should be

truly careful to ...near such a collective treasure… which is

evidently 'alive' shown CLEARLY the net inbetween

these projection chambers = spawned all over the globe =

+first = we chose

to ...stabilize a contact... +interact with the originators of these

buildings = before = any form of other interaction may be allowed

to take place = in order to gain a transparent communication

+relationship = where the necessary steps will be made by common

consensus +respect… +inter'communication = 

every temple... is a metaphor for the human vessel +soul shrine...

+naturally = as how we call into the forest… the forest calls back!

we know that +thus we care for our all ...EVOL'ution… BEing our

...spatial +global +cosmogenetic... beauty +fruition… 

we are all related!


insider talks about antarctica = 4chan bulletin board = 


it should be noted that this 4chan posting may be part 

of a disinformation campaign to create division in the alternative 

media about the secrets of antarctica = or maybe it is a troll =

who just wants to create confusion = possibly a true story passed 

on by a friend of a 31st degree mason = it is presented for your 


haw=note= with time we learn to re=cognize a mixed polar speech

so here i picked up what i already am aware of… this synthesis is 

freely adapted… for full text see link =

…he = the 31°mason insider =

went into great detail about how big +complicated those temples

are = he calls it a big giant city… expanding across the entire

continent = from one temple… where you enter = there are 100's

of rooms = hallways = traps = all types of symbols +more 

on the walls… large books of ancient text no one can read = vials 

upon vials of random liquids = which they can not even remotely 

identify = most contain living organisms in these vials… +they are 

protected behind large traps = but they are in disagreement 

of what to do with all these random vials they keep finding… each 

other may have random living organisms inside of it +it is bacteria 

+viruses we have never seen before = such as to make apples rot 

in minutes = or monkeys with unstoppable diarrhea till death… 

so they are scared that there are beasts hidden deep down in 

the temples = normally they would use imaging +radar +other tech 

= to map out the temples = but they can not look through 

the walls = these ones just appear as one giant black blimp with 

all tech they attempt to use… they are like mice in a mouse trap 

making their way through this maze = piecing together lots of info 

+hoping to get lucky...

+the walls are covered in symbols +images = events which 

supposedly happened = events which has not happened +others no 

one knows what to think about = he said these images have 

predicted many events recently = he said these pics look so life 

like = even though being drawn… they had to release them in a 

game = because these events were coming true over time +they 

keep do it = he explained the game is a game of cards +every card 

is a picture from the wall +nothing is made up = many of these 

cards did happen in our life +there are cards they think will 

happen soon… he mentioned 9°11 was in the temples several times 

+they did attempt to prevent it= but somehow there was a group 

in the govt. which made it happen because of interests +were 

hinted on the simpsons +several other shows = that this may 

coming = but most of the public can not make the connections = 

he says the more they release the less likely the majority 

of the population believes +only focus on their working +supplies 

+making money...

…they have no idea wether these stories happened or will be 

happening either = there is no order in how they appear in 

the temples = it is all scattered = 


most movies +books are representing what they think will happen 

= when this is discovered… with allusion to the zombie movies +all 

the discovering…

he said they have already lost over 500 people exploring +now 

they are using robots = sometimes it is so complicated you have to 

move blocks to open doors… solve riddles = he said it is truly 

a giant mouse trap… there are keys +legends on the walls 

+1 single room can contain up to 100's different keys for solving 

to open a trap +they have the smartest people working on it 

+they send in 3°world people to go open the doors = when they 

think they solved it = the amazing part he said of the temple = 

is how complicated it is constructed = from the 500 people who 

died = 400 are still missing = so through the puzzles +tests you 

do open the doors = actually open up traps +those 400 have 

disappeared into the temple = but they fear = once they reach 

a certain level = they will find all of those lost in a weird state 

= dead or infected or otherwise… +there is no noise in the temple 

= when you talk it is a very flat tone +there is no outside noises...

it is like a dead silence which makes it scary to some to work in = 

most of those which are decipherIng = will not enter the temples 

= under any circumstances = that is why they send the 3°worlders 

to go in +try to open these portals...

the most coolest thing he said was there = is a frozen giant 

skeleton = which looks to be over 30 feet tall = in golden armor in 

one of the temples = holding the skull of a giant reptile 

+the reptile head is roughly the size of a van = it is incredible to 

see +unbelievable… like a man holding up a dog by its tail = almost 

the full length of him = but the skull is huge…

all the most important stuff has been removed = they kept 

the fluff which keeps the people calm +going to church = every-

thing of the bible is true with many parts missing = he actually 

mentioned that noah's ark was based on antarctica +they expect 

to find some evidence of it = once the snow melts = a part was 

that the anti'christ was at war with god +that is why he got 

frozen = he said = god is not what we think he is =  he is not a 

man = but a living organism = capable of hive mind like thoughts = 

which can see the future = so this spirit mind hive warned noah 

of the flood ice age coming but did not warn the anti'christ = i did 

not comprehend what he was talking… but he said these 2 were at 

war for a long time +humans are just vessels which they use = 

that is why the christ + the anti'christ will be located near each 

other +he said that the film matrix told the story as the blue +red 

pill = one will be the anti'christ +bring about death +the other will 

be life = though he admitted they have zero clues = as to which is 

which +where they are in the temples = there is a giant power 

struggle in those working on the temples = because many are 

offering to be test dummies… thinking they will get immortality 

+many are scared of what will come about 

i =the writer= am trying to recall word for word what he told me 

+i am doing my best = he said =like the metaphor= where… 

the body is the temple +you are what you eat… like to consume 

a virus +it can control you without you knowing = he was trying 

to tell me = what the christ +anti'christ were +christ actually 

translates to 'body' +the anti'christ is the anti'body =virus or 

similar= something which goes against life = i do not have 

the answers you seek = just information from what is going on…

...a quote he kept repeating from the bible was = after 

the war of wars… +after the winter of winters… 

is when everything would happen… +they think this will be soon = 

haw=note= here by both i interpret differently as the writer 

after the war of wars …here i see the = 3°ww = they try 

to unleash… but have +will not succeed... 

+thewinter of winters …here they may speak about 

the already initiated mini ice age… which may have a 15 year time 

extent… +which has been covered up by the old powers that were 

= in order that the depopulation may continue = while the folks 

will then have no free energy devices to supply by power break… 

+foremost to tax the earth population with the global warming 

hoax = whilst the …warming up… is a symptom… 

of a beginningice age = furthermore = a collective spiritual 

consensus could alter even a organic weather timeline… into a more 

suitable clime ...for all to enjoy…

Comment by heidi wachter on January 8, 2017 at 8:14am

chapter 12 = the anunnaki branch grows =

allah created the sexes = the male +the female =
from a drop of ejected semen = he who is the lord of sirius =
sura 53 = the koran

the history of the anunnaki also does not take into account 

the fact that this race of reptilian°human hybrids are also 

the lackeys of the grander +darker races of both sirius +orion 

from who they once sprang = the jealousy = the often fatal 

attempts to supplant their own masters = reminds one very much 

of the klingons of star trek fame = the pirates +convicts 

of the galaxy = making do with whatever they can to enhance 

their own sense of self'esteem +value = in truth = they are little 

more than the archetypal galactic drug pushers +pirates

sitchin’s work = while groundbreaking in its openness

+the bringing forward of this very controversial issue =

is suspect at best = 

…sumer was an ancient country of western asia = corresponding 

to the ancient mesopotamia +babylonia of biblical times = it was 

situated in what is today the southern part of iraq = the history 

books speak of sumer as dating back to the 5th millennium 'bc' 

when the ubaidians established settlements in the area = several 

centuries later = as the ubaidian settlers prospered = semites 

from the syrian +arabian deserts began to infiltrate = both as 

peaceful immigrants +as raiders in quest of booty = after about 

3250 'bc' another people migrated from its homeland = located 

probably northeast of mesopotamia = from the colony we have 

known as 'aksu' at that 3200 'bc' mark in time +began to inter-

marry with the native population = the newcomers = who became 

known as sumerians = spoke an agglutinative language unrelated

apparently to any other known language = from the starseeding 

of language through genetics to 'aksu'

= the 'piri re'is' map = in a subsequent notation = explains how 

the map was drawn = he listed as sources maps made by arab

cartographers = the Portuguese = the 'map of columbus' = as well 

as 'about 20 charts +mappae mundi = charts drawn in the days of

'alexander = lord of the 2horns' = an arabic epithet for alexander 

the great = this statement alone suggests that 'piri re'is' saw 

+used maps from as early as the 4° century 'bc' maps that were 

once kept in the library of alexandria +survived the destruction 

by fire in 'ad' 642 =

= worse still, to trace the whole of human history over the past 

500.000 years back to the anunnaki +their presence on the planet 

= as sitchin seems want to do = is an attempt to nullify the history 

we have already covered in this book +to expunge from the record 

all the multitude of other planets = races +beings = who have also

interacted with earth during that period of time = it just is not true

= there are indeed some exciting ideas produced from the material 

with which Sitchin is presented +his translation of the material may 

partly be correct = however = there is no planet nibiru such as 

sitchin +the sumerian texts describe = the truthis however = 

that the anunnaki are a race of beings whose homeplanet is in 

the constellation of canismajor = their home planet being in 

effect the planet spoken of by the dogon tribe of mali = west 

africa = sirius b = the 'poorer neighbor' of the = sirians +sirius a = 

the dogon = are believed to be of egyptian decent +their 

astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 'bc' = 

according to their traditions = the star sirius has a companion star 

= which is invisible to the human eye = this companion star has a 

50 year elliptical orbit around the visible sirius +is extremely 

heavy = it also rotates on its axis = niburu = is a word of orion 

origin which i am told means the 'joining of two tribes' = 

apparently this original tribe was created as a marriage between 

a princess of reptilian-human ancestry from orion +a group from 

sirius of human origin = it was a marriage of alliance = millions 

of years ago = they moved into the neighborhood = occupying this 

mysterious white dwarf star known as sirius b = the wormholes 

+portals through which the nibiruans travel to get to +from our 

solar system are thus not always open as it were = the cycle of 

these portals opening +closing is along the lines of 3600 years 

+they remain open for periods of 2 to 300 years at a time = 

sufficient time for the anunnaki to come +go +still appear as 

the gods that everybody thought they were = it is the opening 

of the portals that occurs every 3600 years = not the actual 

physical planet coming around +traveling through the solar system 

= this is the reason for the alignment of most of their 'sacred' 

sites to the stars = for the calculation of these times = especially 

to the planet jupiter = 

while not the anunnaki per se = the draconians are related to them 

+their extraordinary lifespan is only 4.000 years at best = 

the average life span of the Draconians extends from 1.800 >4.100 

years of age = the ones that live as long as 4.100 years are 

the royal line of the draconians = the winged ciakars = 

as far as can be discerned = the nibiruans are a metallic biological 

life'form = with a blood system based on a copper = blue = just like

humans is = before exposure to air = they appear more like a 

reptile than a human = it is perhaps a stretch of the imagination 

to encompass a metallic force as being biological = the anunnaki 

are cold'blooded creatures = related in many ways 

to the crocodiles +other reptilian life'forms on this planet

the legends involving dragons originated with these 'winged' 

reptiles = the reptilian aliens who could fly =in spacecraft= when 

the anunnaki visit earth = they wear various costumes over their 

bodies = since otherwise they would look like reptilian metal robots 

= thus we have a race of beings 

who were created to be serfs +peasants +slaves. = these people = 

for their part = do not know anything different because they have 

no prior knowledge of anything different in their minds = they had 

no prior concept of religion or worship = until they were taught it 

= until the 'lofty ones' went = leaving their intercessors = 

the priests=in=charge to tell the stories about 'the gods' = 

the mind of a child is a very malleable thing = as the dark force 

already knows = train it to think like its parents +it will, from all 

likelihood = continue to behave just like its parents do = this is 

the archetype of our 'creator parents' = just as it is with our alien

parents = just as it is with our human parents = we are born to be 

a slave race +trained by our parents to be slaves = unless we are 

very fortunate to be taught to think for ourselves +encouraged 

to find that information that tells us different…

+at the time of adam +eve = there were 2 different streams 

of 'evolution' going on around the planet at the one time = 

in those days there were the civilizations made from star'seeding 

+the survivors of the mars°maldek wars +there were those as 

the original race living in simple societies... 

hAw=from the =sasquatch=star=seed=origin=haw=end= 

=those whom the anunnaki toyed with during their genetic 

experiments = 

+frankenstein legacy = 

as with dr moreau = the creature calls dr frankenstein 'father'

in the same way we have made our alien creators into gods = once 

we called them father = then we called them god = they just 

created us for the mines or to be slaves = we still call them 'lord'

= the temples =

demi-urges = immortalized in the much of the greek +roman 

mythology +in other cultures around the world = the female gave 

birth to half human°half god children = a child of an earth father 

= in fact = at the time this was the only way to ensure that 

the children of nibiru would remain on earth = their earth fathers 

would force them to remain +build families = unfortunately = 

though = this need = also created the patriarchy +the patriarchy 

would later destroy the very 'goddess' culture that had created 

it =barbara clow= the demi'god' children had long lives = they also 

had many of the powers +abilities of their anunnaki half = as well 

as retaining much of their multidimensional ability = though 

they also had many of the physical +emotional attributes of their 

human parent as well = 

the archetype of the sexual abuse by the gods is one 

of the strongest archetypes we have = the violence against women 

today shows this = it stems not only from our cosmic parents = but 

also from those who have used us down through the centuries = 

man +woman alike for sexual experimentation +simply as 

instruments of their own pleasure = 

barbara clow = there is much energy that needs to be cleared 

about sexual abuse on earth +no one will really be free until this 

is done... but abuse is all the same = it occurs when we cease 

to control ourselves +become blinded to everyone else = if we are 

'nice' people in this life = then that uncontrolled aspect of our past 

lives is the part we keep the most deeply hidden = however = this

repository of guilt also keeps us separate from others = by not 

being able to love all that we have ever been = we can not be 

who we are now = in the present =

haw=note=we recover our memory by opening up our inner 

chambers to the multiverse… in pure transparency = meaning =

in order to become = 'read'able' communication = we need to allow

= to be read… so i stated clearly to allow… to be seen in 360°

transparency +that brings then ahead the starry family… helping 

us to know ourselves = as the 'extensions of source origin' 

we relate to with our 'birthing' legacy =origin=suns=COREs = which 

are our 'cosmogenetic inheritance'+memory=bank= +every =atom= 

within our =source extension=bio=sphere= is …talking… about our 

…quantum'dna'origin=suns=organism… we are all related +primarily 

= to our cosmogenetic life spawning originators =haw=end=

Comment by heidi wachter on January 8, 2017 at 8:05am

ramtha said he lived as a human being 35.000 years ago on 

the ancient continent of lemuria = his race +3 other races from 

different parts of the galaxy were on earth as part of a 'genesis 

project' to restore life on a damaged world = she explained = 

the lemurians were the giants of their time +ramtha appears 

to her as a 7 ft. tall being = she said…

ramtha’s description of his ancestors from beyond the north star = 
the lemurian race that colonized the earth eons ago = they were 
giants = 7 to 12 feet tall +more = with golden eyes = ramtha said 
they originally had beautiful pale'blue to deep'indigo skin tones 
because of their planet’s central blue suns = the lemurians were not 
technological people like the atlatians = but were lovers of nature 
who understood the interconnected web-work of life = similar 
to the'vi in 'avatar… 

Comment by heidi wachter on January 8, 2017 at 7:57am

preludes have finished

marshalls are released

statics are removed

gaia flows enrich the new earth

by éire'port


related = 

prelude harmonization in progress

system setup at omicron 9.2

long'standings are finished

continuities come only with discontinuic BEing

arcs of connection are finished

long'term constabularies have taken form in gaia energetic grid

'force' fields of peace are strengthening concomitantly

fendings of higher aligned spirit workers is ended

placements of planetary flight paths nears completion

arcs of connection are finished

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