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I know that you cannot interfere with a lot of what happens on earth, because we have free will to make our own decisions and mistakes, and learn from them, etc. That is part of the plan, and it is 

a good plan, a strong plan, a valid plan.

However, in recent months and years Galactics have been telling us that they have been helping us clean up chem-trails and nuclear waste, etc. (or so it is claimed) so why can't they, using their vast technologies, direct deliveries of rice and wheat and milk powder to the poorest villages on earth? These places where humans are daily starving are not near air-force installations, or highly secretive test sites that might be compromised or react in violent ways.

I cannot understand why the Galactics can't use their technologies to make sure people eat. It is so basic. Getting food into people's bellies HAS to be more important than cleaning up chem-trails, doesn't it?  I mean, where are their priorities? Surely they know about Maslov's hierarchy... how, until our basic physical needs are met, we cannot be expected to evolve in more spiritual ways.

It is things like this that cause me to doubt much of what is being channeled. Benign Galactics have supposedly been in our airspace for at least the last 50 years, and increasingly more each year. They are highly-evolved, compassionate beings, and yet they are watching some of their 'family' starve to death? Or watching them die from cancer and malaria, from infections and malnutrition...... and doing nothing except to track down members of the greedy elite. The Galactics are apparently able to justify contacting our various leaders in government, and members of the elite, to talk about MONEY, and to threaten them with financial collapse, but they can't talk to the people in Chad and Niger about how to distribute food. Do they really not understand that doctors and farmers are our leaders too? I feel there is something very wrong with the picture I am being asked to accept.

Either Galactics are choosing to interfere or they are not. Or do they get it both ways? Is it simply their free will to choose which problems they will help us with and which they will not? And if so, have they forgotten what it is to be hungry, or cold, or ill? Maybe they never knew? I have read that ETs and Higher Beings know already what is in our hearts and minds. None of you have to look far to see what is in mine. My life is an open book. No matter my failings and shortcomings, I have ALWAYS wanted EQUALITY for every man, woman and child on this planet. So I ask them to find a way to deposit a large sum of money into my bank account, and every cent will go towards the purchase and distribution of foods and medicine to those in need, and in the most efficient manner possible. If they don't fully trust me, they can put the money is another's bank account and make me available to help.

I'm sure I am not alone in this. I dare say that 92% of the people on this site would be happy to do the same. You ALL know this. If the Galactics and You have only been waiting for us to ASK, I hereby ASK on everyone's behalf. PLEASE. NOW. Make this happen before another child dies unnecessarily, before another woman bleeds to death in childbirth, before another soldier kills his brother, before another human becomes disabled by blindness or MS, Lupus, Malaria, Diabetes, hunger or AIDS.

To Sananda and SaLuSa, to St Germain and Metatron, to Gabriel and Michael, to Gaia, Horus, Telus Sekhmet and Ashtar, I say, PLEASE ....

Help us to help one another NOW. We are ready. I am more than ready! I do not want one more man,
woman, child, animal or plankton on this planet to suffer a minute longer. Let me (let us) help you to bring the suffering to an end! Now. Help the Galactics to get their priorities straight. Help them to see that bags of rice and beans are far more important that dollars and rupees in Swiss Bank accounts. Yes, we understand the need for transparency and honesty in banking and government, how that will bring about positive changes for all, eventually in a very big way, but right now our brothers and sisters in poor countries (and too many within not-so-poor countries) are in desperate need of our help for the most basic supplies. PLEASE, if it be God's will that we have resources to help one another, give us those resources before the end of April 2012. And thank you for listening to my heart. 


Star Flower

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Comment by Star Flower on April 29, 2012 at 4:15am

According to various channels, the Galactics are helping round up members of the cabal and have taken some of them off-planet. Other cabal members have been persuaded by the ETs to give up their evil ways. 

Comment by Rev. Kisharblaze on April 29, 2012 at 3:18am

In what way are they interfering with the free will of the cabal?

Comment by Star Flower on April 29, 2012 at 2:35am

Rev, K. you are not hearing what I am saying. The Galactics and Ascended Masters are interfering with free will regarding the cabal. If they can do that, why can't they interfere with the free will that causes people to starve?  

(Also, there are many of us who contribute money and other resources through hundreds of volunteer organizations. Humans have been doing so for over a hundred years. I am sure we have reached 'critical mass' on trying to help the world's hungry. Also, I am asking out loud (by writing here and elsewhere) to help manifest my intentions. "In the beginning was the word..."  

I agree with you that there are still too many who only wish to purchase the next latest and greatest thing. I am only one small voice, but I yell as loud as I can to bring about positive changes. I am yelling now.  :)   O Hear Me Source!  

Comment by Rev. Kisharblaze on April 28, 2012 at 3:23pm

Star Flower,

You said, "Can you not ask the Ascended Masters to help us help them asap? Please. " 

You already have the means to help them.  Mankind must willingly put life ahead of things and status.  That is how you help the suffering.  The problem is that people want someone to jump in and do it for them, but people suffer because humanity as a whole would rather spend money on themselves buying things for themselves then they would spend money on those in need.  Your systems are unfair and cruel because mankind chooses it to be this way.  No one will interfere with Free Will and it is Free Will that has chosen to see the suffering continue.  So it is Free Will that must chose life and people over the latest greatest thing at the store.  Unfortunately that will not happen any time soon as so many still exist from a place of Ego.

Comment by Star Flower on April 27, 2012 at 12:43pm

Wise reminder about going with the flow, Elissa. I will try to do flow more often. I just got the thought in my head the other night that an Ascended Master might say to me at some point: "But you never asked. You do need to ask. In the scheme of manifesting for yourselves, you must voice your intention at some point."  So, I've asked. I've intended. And now I'll wait. And join in Eileen's laser beam. Thank you all for being Who You Are, and for being Here. Namaste. 

Comment by Elissa Mericle-Gray on April 27, 2012 at 7:04am

I hear your passion to know about these things.  I completely understand as I have been a seeker for what seems like forever.  I have stopped seeking and just go with the flow.  I take in info and if it seems plausible I will keep it in mind and move on.  I am always willing to throw something out if information changes, and it will.  As far as the star beings without going into details I would rather not discuss, some things you just know with your heart, and ultimately that is where all the true wisdom lies.  I just wish I could finally find a way to operate from that wonderful place 24/7.

Comment by Gloria Morotti on April 27, 2012 at 2:37am

I have suffered greatly all my life.  I understand that I set this up before I came into this lifetime.  Perhaps the others who have done the same have also followed that path.  I do know that suffering will be relieved in the future.  I will be so glad.  The Galactics ask what we wish to do to be of service.  I want to feed the children.  The starving adults as well. 

The UFO was the first one I have seen and part of it was an intuitive knowledge, because it WAS hidden by the cloud. 

We can certainly ask the Masters anything we choose.  I just have to remember that they have their own timetable. 

Comment by Donna Harcos on April 27, 2012 at 2:03am

Hi Star Flower - you have some valid points here - but perhaps from our 3D perspective it makes all things seem longer.  I've often wondered too why so many have to go without and to sift through the garbage dumps for scraps.  How sad!  Most of my friends have similar thoughts and we all agree one of the first things we would do is to feed and house the poor and hungry.  Interesting isn't it how we all would so much like to help the needy first above all else.  When one hurts - we all feel it on some level.  Blessings All

Comment by Star Flower on April 27, 2012 at 1:08am

In the religion of my childhood I was taught that faith without works is dead. I have faith, but to me it us of no value unless I can augment it with works. The New Age Movement has taught me that everything begins as a thought, then it becomes a word before it is an action or material thing. I am currently at the WORD stage of realizing a better future for the most unfortunate on our planet. 

Comment by Star Flower on April 27, 2012 at 1:06am

Gloria, I am happy for you that you saw a UFO! And a tad jealous. :)  Maybe my time will come. 22 years may be nothing in the eyes of Galactics, but the ascended Masters surely understand how long it is in Earth terms when a human body is suffering from hunger and disease. Can you not ask the Ascended Masters to help us help them asap? Please. 

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