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Benjamin Fulford's Latest Blog Mirroring Information Said by Drake/Wilcock.

Ben’s report this week mirrors what is being reported by others, including Drake. Very likely we are at a “tipping point” where once the tip-over has begun, nothing will stop what is coming. In any event, read on and enjoy this week’s Ben.

“In the US, the Pentagon has begun asking citizens to stock up with 72 hours’ worth of food because of possible disruptions associated with the imminent replacement of the US dollar with a new Treasury dollar, according to CIA sources in California. This move is also expected to be accompanied by a massive clean up operation aimed at draining the corruption out of Wall Street and Washington D.C. in order to restore the US to its former moral and economic greatness.

“Another sign that something big is about to happen is that a European CIA source asked the White Dragon Society for the names and addresses of members of the following organizations: the committee of 300, the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the European Commission. These have been forwarded.

“Message to the members of this group: ‘please do not get in our way.’”


  • …the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner.
  • In what may be a related development, there appears to have been a regime change in China…
  • In the US, the Pentagon has begun asking citizens to stock up with 72 hours’ worth of food because of possible disruptions associated with the imminent replacement of the US dollar with a new Treasury dollar, according to CIA sources in California.
  • This move is also expected to be accompanied by a massive clean up operation…
  • Any new treasury dollar will initially have much lower international purchasing power than the US dollar now being used.
  • …it will take a couple of weeks to set up the 1000 trillion yen fund.
  • …there are no goons available now the [to(?)] Kissinger, Nakasone, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Koizumi old world order people so their removal from power in Japan is a given.
  • …the new international economic planning agency…, tentatively named LIFE (Long Term Investments for Everyone) will finance European and US economic restructuring as well as promote massive development projects in the rest of the world.
  • The BRICs nations will, for their part, set up their own, independent fund as announced at the BRICs summit last week.
  • Getting back to China,… Premier Wen Jiabao, President Hu Jintao and Le Keqiang are being prominently featured. No doubt he was promised the job of dictator of China and the world in exchange for his cooperation.
  • We also know from various sources that the Chongqing party boss Bo Xilai was backed by Henry Kissinger and the old world order cabal he represents.
  • Memo to Kissinger and the committee of 300: the world does not want a dictator.
  • When the dust settles, the world will have harmonious collective leadership.


"This week’s newsletter was delayed for a day because of sensitive ongoing negotiations involving the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and US governments among others. The negotiations are still going on as of this writing and there is much we still cannot report. However, we can confirm that the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner. The problem now is how to sort out the massive geopolitical repercussions this fund will create.

In what may be a related development, there appears to have been a regime change in China because Xi Xinping, the man widely assumed to be the next president of China has not appeared on the official Chinese Xinhua news site since March 31st, while his erstwhile rival, Li Keqiang, is being given massive coverage. This is only one of many signs of massive changes in planetary governance."

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Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 5, 2012 at 9:10pm

Sally Jane.

Your mind is quick and extended.

You are also very gifted and I have come to really respect your opinions a lot.

You have done an incredible amount of thinking and your conclusions are very interesting.

In fact, when you mentioned mirrors in your last response, a light went on in my head and I thought of how much thinking you have already done.

Your observation of dreams and mirrors are so on the money.

Don't think of those dreams that you think do not make any sense, because truthfully, your subconscious mind knows exactly what those dreams mean.

Your mind is very sharp and it has much to teach us all.

I value your opinion and your comments and register many of them as deep insight and you have a lot of respect from all of us on OV.


Thanks for saying whatever you say, because whatever you say, always has a lot of intelligence intertwined in it.


Thanks again for all of your input.

I have learned a lot from you.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 5, 2012 at 8:59pm

Gary, your conclusions and knowledge is more than above average and I would like to exchange some of my research with you, but as you say, it will behove us to do this away from OV.

I anticipate that our scientific exchanges will more than benifit us to a point where it is hoped that we can excelerate each others scientific agendas.

Let me know how you want to proceed and I will make every effort to comply.

Thanks for your input on this subject matter.

We will see what we will see.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 5, 2012 at 8:53pm

I admire your unyielding curious mind that seems to propel your mind into new levels of what if ?

This is thirst for knowledge that you have is what propels all of us towards greater conclusions.

I commend your want for a better explanation of seemingly everything.

These are the people that I love to communicate with.

It does not matter to me if you have an opinion that others think is literally wacky.

All that matters to me is that I get to exchange ideas and concepts with people who question everything.

This is the temple that I dwell in.

This is the place that challenges our every fiber.

This is what will help us to propel  ourselves out of this moments dark ages into a brand new better and far more creative age of wonder.

That is why I come here, and that is why we continue to evolve.

So lets hear what everybody has to say about everything and we will get there.

No matter how bizarre any of us may think an opinion or personal view may be, one of us will surely break thru to a new level of understanding that is rarely observed by mainstream thinking.

I like to think of it as the accidental spill of a test tube onto something that no one had any idea would create such incredible results.

Believe it or not, many of the advances that we have benifited from thru out our existence is because of this kind of accidental incident, many good things have happened for us.

So if you have something to spill onto our canvas of opinions and views, then please have at it.

I definately want to hear it.

Our ability to open our minds occurs from a thirst for knowledge that can never be satisfied.

Greatness is in us all.

Comment by Star Flower on April 5, 2012 at 8:20pm

I have never thought of Fulford or Wilcock as 'bad' guys. Not even Drake, despite his name. I believe the first two are quite definitely on the side of 'good' but that they can be fooled or foiled like any of us. I wasn't sufficiently impressed by Drake to be able to make any judgment to be honest. He came across as a 'regular' guy who might think of himself as more important than he is. Sort of like many on this site... a bit too much ego. I have no way of vetting his character, except by my intuition and it's saying, at least for now, 'this guy doesn't know any more than you do'. I'll be happy to find out more about him, so I can view him better. Who is he? Where does he live? Who has he worked for? What sites does he frequent? Is he open to communication with people like me?  That sort of thing ....  

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on April 5, 2012 at 7:13pm


I'm with you on the holographic/fractal stuff. Been fascinated with it since sometime back in the early 90s when an incident propelled me to begin investigating the properties of the number 9. That led me to experimenting with English gematria, although I started out calling it CryptoNumerology (a term I made up) because, at the time, I hadn't heard of gematria. In any case, the results were astounding and ended up producing a number series that corresponded with Marko Rodin's "toroid mathematics". It seemed like more than just a mere coincidence. Then it became even more curious when I was introduced to the work of Lui DiMartino. He was working with the mathematics underlying music theory and geometry. When we combined our individual findings we found them to cross-correlate in several ways. Again, it seemed like more than mere coincidence. In other words, there seemed to be some interconnecting thread linking the alphabet, numbers, music and geometry together as part of a unified whole.

You mentioned you're experimenting with holograms, zero-point field, frequencies, etc. Sounds interesting. Care to elaborate further? Or is your work online somewhere? I guess this isn't really the thread for this discussion. Maybe start a new one?

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 5, 2012 at 5:06pm

Sally Jane, you always bring something special to our pondering and supposing.

I agree with you and recently I am finding that our reality is anything but what we percieve it to be and the evidence is amazing.

The only thing that we are in touch with here on this earth is our 5 senses and thats it.

If we look just a little bit more into our reality, we will find that mostly all of it is based on what we where taught by those before us and that is why we are so astonished when we think that we have either discovered something or someplace we recently found.

Our 5 senses backed up by our 5 senses seems to control our reality far more than we understand.

HEre is what I mean by that statement.

If we smell a fragrance that we really like, are we drawn towards it because we like it or are we drawn towards it because that fragrance has been stored in our memories and at the time when we first sampled it we actually did like it ?

Remember that the fragrance is actually stored in our memories and at the time of its so called discovery by us, we may have been in a place or situation that we liked at the time and we stored everything about that moment in our memories because of hundreds of other stimuli that was surrounding us at the time and to save time, our memories sucked everything up in one big ball and delivered a nice neat memory package that encased everything that happened to be present at the time.

So neurologically speaking, we might not like the fragrance as much as we think that we do, but the enviorment around us at the time got snatched up into the moment and we think that we like a fragrance, but in truth, we don't because our memorys of good things override everything going on at the moment that it logs or charts or stores the initial memory.

I am not sure which one is actually triggered, is it the memory itself or the fragrance that is being remembered ?


Interesting and somewhat astounding at the same time.


What do you think ?



Comment by Sally on April 5, 2012 at 1:46pm

Interesting comment Reginald, just now as I was doing my daily chores my thought were not far from yours.  Our minds /HS  playing out many scenerios at once thus why my dreamlife is so busy and some confusing.  I have often in discussion said, we may not be whom we think we are if the veil was taken down.  What would you do if you looked into the mirror and saw soemthing/one other than you ....your true self.  Would you be terrified to see a reptilian looking back , a grey, a glowing being etc.  The possibilities are only limited to our thoughts on the ego level....Actually it's laughable all of it what we "think " we know --but with that being

said, we must venture out to open the mind , the heart .  I read recently in our reality there are many truths , that is to say the truth laced with lies.  In the spiritual realm there is only

ONE truth..that is what I seek the one truth.

Comment by Debby on April 5, 2012 at 1:17pm

Emergency Preparedness : Homeland Security News
Martin Jones
Emergency Preparedness - Planning Ahead Preparing for an emergency now, ... such as 911 and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, have ... Assemble a disaster supplies or 72 hour emergency preparedness kit.
Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 5, 2012 at 12:19pm

Thank you Gary.

I respect your opinion and your well earned credentials as well.

To look at any of it as junk and bunk, I think might be a mistake for me that is.

BEing a participant in this great experiment that we call life, has many twist and turns also.

I like to think about everything, and sometimes all at one time.

A friend recently introduced me to a new look at fractal science lately and I am trying some of the conclusions that I have arrived at lately.

A man of your intellect might find some of this very interesting.

Fractals are extremely interesting in that they present a new paradigm for me to experiment with.

I am presently experimenting with holograms, the zero point field and frequencies and a few other abstract ingreidents and have some very good results from all of them combined.

I have always been a proponent of subjects of the mind and the like and I think we are not what we think that we are so to speak.

Evidence that I have collected shows me that there is an infinite amount of information that pertains to us that we are not even aware of, but it takes our minds to figure it all out.

Mind is everything and everything is mind.

Hope you continue to analyse everything that you like.

Your mind is a needed asset in a world that is mostly made up of illusions and mysteries.



Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on April 5, 2012 at 9:59am


You pose a reasonable argument against what I posted. I've been following this kind of stuff for decades and have seen so much fraud and B.S. come and go that I've become a bit jaded. Add to that a sense of objective skepticism (instilled in me from my academic background as a student of social psychology) and you can see why I don't just jump on every feel-good train that comes along. But being an honest skeptic also means I'm open to changing my perspective if the evidence warrants it. I'm really watching all of this with great interest. I'd really like for it to be true. i know... some will read this and shake their heads and think, "Oh ye of little faith." LOL Yup, that's me. :-)

On another note, you said: "If those in power are trying to find out what we think and use that information against us, all they need to do is go to Facebook and start reading."

I had to chuckle because you'd be right if that's what I meant. :-) I should have made myself more clear. I wasn't really talking about the people on Facebook. I know you're just using Facebook as an example and it's a good example to represent what you thought I was referring to. Facebook represents a good cross section of the general public. As such, I'd guess 99% of the 50 gazillion people on Facebook have never heard anything about what Fulford and Drake and Wilcock are talking about. The same with the general public at large. The people I was referring to are not those who make up most of the population. I was referring to the people who frequent sites like this one and who are regular listeners to shows like the Jeff Rense program and so on. Basically the people who, for lack of a better term, could be said to populate the "New Age" community. They're the only people who have heard anything at all about this particular subject and, compared to the general population, that is a very small number of people. So if there was a desire on the part of some group to float what on the surface seems like an incredibly far-fetched Utopian idea, for the purpose of monitoring the feedback, then it would have to be the "New Age" community they'd be targeting as the subject of the experiment. Whether or not that's what is happening, i don't know. Might be, might not be. It was just a possibility that crossed my mind.

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