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We Sleep No More!

In the early hours I felt the urge to leave my bed and transcribe the words flooding my mind.


You wonder what will happen in the future and we stretch our arms far and wide to give you sustenance. We break down the barriers that keep us apart and sanction a renewal, allowing further trepidations to materialize as we cast down our veil of remembrance. Penetrating the mists of time we embrace you, trembling with excitement at this breakthrough, this evolvement of the soul that has enabled free expression. We are forever in your debt, allowing this discourse at this unearthly hour! We have great regard for those compatriots who rise to the challenge and we rely on you to set the record straight. We are spellbound and issue these guidelines as a warning of what is to come. We tread most carefully and thoughtfully, betraying our emotions with a tear or two in the proceedings, giving vent in extraordinary outpourings of the soul under duress. We challenge you to a thought provoking and time consuming study. Please allow us these anomalies, for we predict in a year’s time we shall have climbed out of the pit of suffering and despair, raising awareness on a grand scale across the world. We have forecast these measures as an acceptance of the population as a whole, and with great trepidation we follow in the footsteps of the esteemed, marching as a ‘Family of Light’, broadcasting our messages to all who will listen. We come armed with ‘LOVE’ . . . purely and simply . . . a guiding force to be reckoned with in its supremacy; unchecked, unbridled ‘LOVE DIVINE’, spreading light across the Earth, searching out the darkness and despair, leading the way to greater clarity and freedom of expression. Love is the answer . . . Love is the key . . . Love is the answer to save humanity! We brighten your day sending out rays of Love . . . preparing for your homecoming.


Do you mean my life on Earth is ending in the physical sense; am I going to die soon and leave my family behind?


No my child . . . hush now, we simply prepare you and those like you, who are wanting something more than this existence on the Earth plane. We prepare you for a new venture, opening up on the horizon in all its glory! We accept every man, woman and child into our domain and protect you from yourselves. It is with great reverence that we descend amongst you to bring you our blessings. We motivate you to accept the impossible and to learn our ways. We transcend the impossible and fulfil our expectations of a new lease of life in a new framework of time and space.


Are you in a parallel dimension to us?


We are in keeping with the laws of the universe and allow you to ponder on this deliverance as we negotiate a plan of assistance that will set you free. We have no doubt in our minds that this will cause some concern but we have vowed your safety in all aspects, replenishing you with a vibrant life force that shall sustain your energy field, revitalizing your life forms to coincide with ours.


What do you mean, can you be more specific? 

We mean to take you on a great expedition and we raise the frequency of the planet and her inhabitants, forestalling negative emotions that hold us back from salvation. We are all knowing, all seeing, and we expand your senses to accept the impossible, to sustain our frequency and be restored in mind, body and spirit. It is by no mistake that we have taken the reins to guide you, our most beloved brothers and sisters. We tend to your needs from afar and register your hopes and desires. We fulfil our destiny to shine like the brightest star and we will not hold you back from becoming ‘Homo Luminous’ beings, recovering your rightful place beside us, and your birthright of life eternal! 

Afterwards I raised my arms up, thanking the energies, which were very tall, sensing they were the Earth Keepers, those who watch over the Earth and her inhabitants. 

Earth Keeper’s Rite: This is the seventh rite from the Munay-ki (a Quechua word that means ‘I love you), it connects us to the Archangels who are guardians of our galaxy. The Earth keepers are stewards of all life on the Earth, and come under the direct protection of these Archangels. They can summon their power when they need to in order to bring healing and balance to any situation. This rite connects you to the stars and to the sun, our local star. It helps you learn the ways of the seer, and to dream the world into being. It was Dr. Alberto Villoldo who founded the ‘four winds society’ to bring the teachings of Munay-ki to the world.


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Comment by Lola Reinhart on March 15, 2012 at 10:22am

Please keep writing them down Eileen.  I also loose ALot of sleep, they wake me up to pray for someone in need.  Rainbows of LOVE and Blessings

Comment by Dorothy Peer Promiscuo on March 15, 2012 at 2:15am

Very uplifting, Eileen, thank you for sharing this--Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot

Comment by Faith Lubitz on March 14, 2012 at 7:24pm

great message, thanks for getting up in the middle of the night to write this down! for some reason early this morning I woke and couldn't fall back asleep but felt inexplicably happy...

Comment by maryann moon on March 14, 2012 at 6:56pm

These Spirit Beings sound very much  like the people of Lemuria who, when Lemuria sank,  just as Atlantis did, chose to live in 5th dimensional reality underneath Mount Shasta.   When I was very recently at a lovely gathering in Monterey - it was a Kryon group,  I bought a book

called Telos, which is the name of the area underneath Shasta where these sweet Lemurians

live.  Invisible they are,  but loving us and longing for humanity on the surface to join them in

their very beautifully evolved way of living.   maryann

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