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Many judgements and slanderous comments have been made here on OV about my friend Blossom's character with her having no way of defending herself. How can we judge anyoue who we know absolutely nothing about? Fortunately I do know her and here's what she has posted on this very subject. I am not trying to "convert" anyone to believe as she does... just to bring insight and knowledge of her fine character.  
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Feb 17, 2012

Is it W'EARTH it?

Hello peoples.
Over the time I have been in the ’public eye’ I have received many emails telling me to be very careful about ‘who’ I am channelling.(quite a bit lately ... hence why I bring it up) All over this web that we weave there is much speculation as to what is and what is not of the Light.

Well, first of all EVERYTHING is of DIVINE LIGHT ENERGY.

Now then , before I prattle on … of course what I have to say are MY thoughts on the matter and certainly not set in stone. Others … for sure … FEEL differently to the way I do … but I would just like to clear a few things up … regarding my status if I may.

When in school I did not chat to the careers officer about becoming a messenger for the Star People. I knew that all I desired to do was go on the stage. I had no interest in all this ‘stuff’ what so ever. Fast forwarding … here I find myself at 54 years old delivering messages to many thousands of people from an energy that is ‘beyond me!’

This however, as I am sure you appreciate does not turn me into something I am not … and what I am not … is a rocket scientist, or indeed a high intellectual. I am not slagging myself off, just pointing out a fact. Many topics in this universe are ‘out of bounds’ for my brain it seems. I appear to have a button that shuts down when it comes to maths, politics and anything that is just PLAIN COMPLICATED!

Therefore, let us acknowledge the fact that many that chose to get in touch with me, have completely different minds/brains/thoughts/opinions. This indeed is what makes the world go round.

I AM ME. How I chose to conduct my life is because it FEELS right for ME. I know that many who offer their opinion are very well educated on certain things and hold fast their way of considering subjects such as duality/polarity/ lightness/ darkness and many other subjects of the universe that I don’t even know what the title means let alone have studied it in great detail.

Yet I have MY KNOWING. Of course … I am eager to learn … I KNOW what I KNOW and I don’t KNOW what I don’t KNOW … and so it is. It seems at times that people ‘out there’ assume they know me well, due to my ‘openness’ perhaps , and yet with all respect they know not of the life I have led and the experience there in it.

So, back to my point … Let me make it known to all that I am aware of the darkness. I experienced very nasty stuff in my early 20’s when Miss Ego ruled and I was lured into spiritual energies that were up to no good. Did they invite me into their den by being spooky and evil and such like? Of course not.They were very experienced con artists. They lured me in by pretending they were something they were not. I.e. …nice!

That was way back when … and I learned a great deal from that experience and it took me many years before I TRUSTED my ‘destiny’(?) And let’s just throw in for good measure the entire Oct 14th 2008’s little experience shall we! Energies of dark that were thrown my way from all corners of the globe attacked my soul. Am I coming through ‘clearly and distinctly’ that I KNOW what darkness is … and quite frankly do not enjoy its company at all. Again, may i say ( I'm going to anyway ... you know that) ... I dont know what I dont know about darkness ... and not really that keen to find out.

2012 is upon us. Do I consider The Federation of Light to be conning me and by doing so misleading many thousands into the fires of hell? NO … I do not. For surely I would stop if that was the case. How do I KNOW for sure they are of Light and who they say they are … I DON’T!

I do know however, the way their wisdom makes me FEEL. The way their wisdom when put into practise has made such a difference in MY life and those around me. I do KNOW that what they offer us is a way to look at things that I have not come across in other ‘religious’ offerings etc etc.

It is an individual’s choice as to what they desire to think/read/ dwell upon. As I have said many times … IF the words of The Federation do not resonate with you … find elsewhere , words that do.

And … IF IT SHOULD BE … that The Federation Of Light turn out to be nothing but nasty beasties that want to eat me up for tea ... Then ‘OOOPS a bloody daisy!’ As I lie there on their plate with their long tongues licking their snouts, dribbling over the gorgeousness of me … I will offer them the HP source and say … ENJOY ME !

At the end of the day … I am here having a wonderful life because of their wisdom. What you focus on ... you receive ... FACT! In MY heart I KNOW LOVE to the degree that I KNOW it NOW … because I don’t know what I don’t know … and with each passing day I feel more LOVE because of WHO I AM discovering myself to be … and I AM finding that out through the words of wisdom, put into practise that is offered through those that are KNOWN to us as THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT.

People speak also to me … of not recognising the dark ... only ever focusing on the Light and that this is indeed a world of duality … of opposites … and there has to be the balance … For who?

It is more than obvious to many that I simply chose not to ‘go there’ when it comes to negativity and uncomfortable stuff etc etc. It is NOT through ignorance or ego. It is through my own choice to keep everything within me and around me in as much Light as I am physically, and emotionally able … in order to assist this transition into the Golden Age , because in my eyes … I KNOW that is what we are here to do .

Of course … I respect others thoughts and they are not all so fortunate to have a platform to express them as I do. Yet I ask those who do not understand , to spare a thought for me … and put yourself in my situation … finding oneself in a very different ‘spotlight’ from the one that the little girl Blossom had dreamed to be in … And simply doing the very best I can under the circumstances!

Thank you for hearing (reading) me out. The TRUTH is that those of us who KNOW what we KNOW …. KNOW what we KNOW!! And as long as WE KNOW what we KNOW … then we shall continue forth as we have done … because our hearts tell us … that … it won’t be long now!
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom. xx

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Comment by Brenda Teagarden on February 21, 2012 at 7:59am
I attest to the knowing that Blossom is a wonderful Being of love and light. My intuition knows she is a person of integrity, balance and compassion.
Thank you Blossom for being you and for advancing the teachings of the Galactic Federation.
Comment by Dorothy Peer Promiscuo on February 19, 2012 at 7:34pm

Thanks for introducing us to Blossom, Ian. She sounds like a lovely person and very honest. Blessed Be--Love and Light, always, Dot

Comment by Star Flower on February 19, 2012 at 5:37pm

Thank you for my introduction to Blossom. She sounds delightful and I look forward to reading her blog. 

Star Flower

Comment by Donna Harcos on February 19, 2012 at 1:01pm

Deasr Blossom:  Your story - how wonderful to read your words.  It is a repetition of what has occurred in my life earlier on only I am still afraid to let down my guard and make another connection.  (Perhaps reading your story will help me overcome the fear.)   I'm an outsider not only with family but with friends as well.  We know what we know - I love that - so true.  Thank you for your story and I admire how you have trudged forward with doing your own thing - it is certainly not easy sometimes being the only one open and connected to what we ourselves love most of all.  For me it is the driviing force within that has kept me going, preferring my own company rather than that of those who are not yet aware of change.  For me I know I have this  power within and sometimes connect well while at other times it is so far away.  I am so delighted to hear that you channel and do what you love to do and have found your niche` - I'll never give up either even when others give me the message that I am weird.  We came different (I'm from Orion) and we are different and that is ok for me.  Sending much Love for you - stand steady and don't let the flack bother you.

Blessings Always


Comment by Victoria J. Scamehorn on February 19, 2012 at 10:42am


There will always be people that simply "don't get it" and will continue to disbelieve

ANY one who channels. As P'taah says, just bless them and walk away.... don't

waste your  energy trying to convince them of anything. I for one, love Blossom

and enjoy how she interacts with her contacts and am glad she got through the

distrust issues, which I must say, we ALL have gone thru at some point.

Comment by Christiane Morin on February 19, 2012 at 7:24am

Let's pray for Greece...  :-)

Comment by michael on February 19, 2012 at 7:20am

I am just one of those who just sits in the background and listen and learn occasionally I feel the urge to comment on things this being one!

I do not know Blossom but believe what she is saying,

do not judge anyone until you have walked in their moccasins a while!!!!


Comment by Christiane Morin on February 19, 2012 at 7:02am

LOVE !!! No judging!!!so we don't get judged...  :-)  Namaste!

Comment by Lola Reinhart on February 19, 2012 at 6:59am

Just keep on giving us what you get!  Rainbows of Love

Comment by Art Bosman on February 19, 2012 at 6:54am

 Hi all  I have been a friend of Blossom . For a few years now  ..  And she is a lovely honest person  ..  Ande i will always . be in her Corner . no matter what  .    Art . 

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