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Our Evolution~ A Progress Report By Chris Thomas

Here is page 1 of an 8 page pfd. If you want to know more, click on the download link at the end of this page...

"The Galaxy Song

Whenever life gets you down, Mrs Brown

And things seem hard or tough

And people are stupid, obnoxious or daft

And feel that you’ve had quite enough

Just remember that you’re standing on a


That’s evolving and revolving at nine

hundred miles an hour

It’s orbiting at ninety miles a second, so…


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Little Sweeties And The Golden Age By Mark Further.

Now What?

What do you do after you wake up and you become aware that at least some of the most-alarming conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy facts?


            Write letters to government…

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The Great Awakening ~ Free E-Book from Bill Ballard

Bill’s eBook “The Great Awakening” describes the process undertaken by…


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Top 10 Worst Breakfast Cereals By Melissa Breyer

Would you eat a Hostess Twinkie for breakfast? How about feeding your children three Chips Ahoy! cookies for their first meal of the day? Environmental Working Group (EWG) reviewed 84 popular brands of children’s breakfast cereal and found that the most dastardly of the bunch packs more sugar than a Twinkie, while the rest of the wretches…


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The Ego Is Sneaky : 5 Ways To Know When It's In Charge By Christina Sarich

If you are reading this article, it’s probable that you have read dozens, if not hundreds of books and articles on spirituality. You may have studied numerous traditions, and sought the help of a master from any number of traditions. Or, maybe you’ve stuck with just one, diligently. The truth is that you have probably succumbed to the amazing maneuvers of your mystical ego, and fallen right into some of the…


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The Timelessness Of Aging And The Self By Linda George

Time, in our corner of the universe, seems to be running the show. Our lives are controlled by the clock. Everything we do is dictated by the time – of the day, the week, month, year. We look in the mirror and see the physical effects of time on our faces. When we hit the 50 mark, life suddenly seems to be running out. Along with our youth, beauty and virility, opportunities and the excitement of wondering what the future holds , seem to be fading fast.

I’m not wanting to put a…


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How Time Is Changing By Owen Waters

Part of The Shift involves a change in our experience of the passage of time. People often comment on how time seems to be passing much faster today than it did just 10 or 20 years ago. It's not because we're getting older; it's because our experience of time is changing.

This is occurring because the frequency of human consciousness is rising, so the experience of the passage of time has…


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Who In Their Right Mind Freezes A Lemon ? By Hesh Goldstein

When I got this from a friend, I was in utter disbelief. So, I go to Snopes and they back it up. So, In answer to the question, everyone should freeze lemons.

All kinds of people are saying that the entire lemon should be used with nothing wasted. How?

Simple, take a lemon, wash it, and then put it in the freezer. Once it is frozen you get whatever is necessary to grate or shred the whole lemon without even peeling it first.

Then sprinkle it on your salad, ice…


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Australian Telegraph newspaper endorses medical child abuse: Unvaccinated children should be condemned and raised as monsters By Mike Adams.

In a new low for even the mainstream media, the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers in Australia are pushing a campaign of outright medical child abuse they call "NO JAB NO PLAY." The campaign demands that unvaccinated children be barred from all social contact with other children and condemned to the life of a social outcast where parents are presumably supposed to raise them in cages in dark basements. The paper has launched its horrific, anti-human-rights…


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Ten Civilization-Shaping Trends For 2013 That Are Driving Us To Social And Spiritual Crisis By Mike Adams

Most people feel that a time of great change is upon us. But what kind of change is unfolding, exactly?

To answer that question, we must examine current trends and attempt to understand where they are headed.

Here's my look at ten of the most sociologically-charged trends that I believe are leading us into a spiritual crisis (followed by a spiritual awakening, as you'll see below).

#1) The rise of human engineered genetics

Abandoning the seeds of…


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An Update On Our Evolution By Chris Thomas

Here is Chris Thomas's latest essay.....all 39 pages of it in pdf format.

Here is the list of contents followed by page number.

The Situation Post 21/12/12 1

New World Order? 1

Agenda 21 2

Lack of Completions 3

Science 4

Gravity 5

Human Origins 7

Human Migration & Development 8

Lake Huron 9

Who Is Behind It? 11

Population Control 12

Wars 12

Medical Treatment 12

The Velon 14

The Annunaki Plan 14

The Annunaki…


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Your Body Is A Mirror Of Your Life By Martin Brofman


Martin Brofman, Guest Writer

Waking Times

Everything begins with your consciousness. Everything that happens in your life, and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your consciousness.

Your consciousness is who you are, your experience of Being.

You decide what ideas to accept and which to reject. You…


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Activating The Power Of The Higher Mind By Chris Bourne.

There’s much talk in spiritual circles about ‘setting our intention’; ‘envisioning the things we want’ or ‘manifesting our reality’. How easily such things slip into the psyche and collective vocabulary. What if though, we’re still being led astray by the ego, albeit a more subtle form of ego? What if instead, there is a reality that is shaping according to…


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The OPPT, The UCC And The HGF By Chris Thomas.

The OPPT, The UCC And The HGF By Chris Thomas.

In recent weeks, the Internet and some media has been inundated with claims made by an organisation that calls itself The One Peoples Public Trust or OPPT.

The OPPT claim that they have established a Trust bonded to the original American Constitution of 1776. They further bonded every single person on the planet into this trust and claim to act in the interests of every single person on the…


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Who Needs A Paintbrush When You've Got Magic Fingers?



You probably thought finger painting was just for kids, but Iris Scott is determined to prove you wrong. Wearing a pair of latex gloves, the American artist dips her fingers in color paint and wiggles them on the canvas to create beautiful work of art.

“I see the world through ‘finger painted’ colored glasses,” Seattle-based…


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10 Ways To Become More Conscious By Steve Pavlina

What does it mean to become more conscious? It is the progressive realization of conscious mastery over your mind.

The challenge is that it takes consciousness to grow consciousness. But you needn’t worry about this because you already have the seed. Think of it like fire. You have a flame, and you want to turn that flame into a huge blaze. How do you do it? You add fuel. The following list includes examples of how you can add fuel to your flame of consciousness to become a raging…


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Bhutan to Be The First Country To Go 100% Organic By Anthony Gucciardi.

bhutan organic 265x165 Bhutan To Be First Country to Go 100% Organic If there was ever a nation that could see the purpose behind organic, sustainable farming, it would be a nation that is composed mostly of farmers. Such a place does exist, and it soon may be the first nation to go 100% organic, paving the way for others to do the same on a global scale.

The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is known for a high level of citizen…


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Federal Law : Every Living American Can Be Arrested Right Now For Drugs Made In Their Own Brain ! by Mike Adams.

If you are reading this, you are guilty of felony possession of a Schedule I controlled substance.

This is not a joke.

You, like everyone else who is alive and breathing, can be arrested right now by the U.S. federal government, charged with felony possession, then proven "guilty" of that possession because you do possess a Schedule I substance in your own brain.

What substance is that? Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, sometimes called the "spirit…


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23 Amazing Ancient Sites.

Plain of Jars

 The Plain of   is a megalithic archaeological landscape in Laos. Scattered in the landscape of the Xieng Khouang plateau, Xieng Khouang, Lao PDR, are thousands of megalithic jars. These stone jars appear in clusters, ranging from a single or a few to several hundred jars at lower foothills surrounding the central plain and upland valleys.


The Xieng Khouang Plateau is located at the northern end of the…


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Spiritual Ego, Inner Sensitivity And Critical Thinking By James Gilliland.

This may sound like a bit of a rant but it needs to be said. We know the energies are intense and people are in process, some lashing out, yet what is being said makes us very sad considering the awareness of the masses. This includes those who pride themselves on their spiritual connection.

Did you know everything you judge to be unspiritual is God too?

Yes, it all came from one source yet the spiritual ego, smug as it may be, exalts itself over others, losing…


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