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Five Natural Emotions By Neale Donald Walsch.

Our discussion today has to do with the Five Natural Emotions. These are: grief, anger, envy, fear, and love. And within these, also, there are two final levels: love and fear.

While the five natural emotions include love and fear, these two are the basis of all emotions. The other three of the five natural emotions are outgrowths of these two.

Ultimately, all thoughts are sponsored by love or fear. This is the great polarity. This is the primal duality. Everything,… Continue

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Eckhart Tolle On Manifestation

Often people ask questions about manifesting and the power of intention, and how that relates to the power of Now. One person asked me about the difference between the continuous wanting that I write about in A New Earth and intention - the intention to create something. What is the importance of manifesting things in your life, or creating, or is…


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The Restoration By Lisa Renee

As the very famous and socially impactful Libran Indigo known as John Lennon once sang decades ago - "Nobody Told Me there would be Days like These! Strange Days Indeed!" The multidimensional arrangement of his music and the written lyrics are just as influential to us today as they were so many years ago. Accessing Multidimensionality is within "timelessness" and the scope of this musical achievement is an example of transcending time by accessing the "spiral of consciousness" which goes… Continue

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The "Gift Of Pain" By Kazi Kearse

Why would a soul sign up for a painful lesson? To understand truly that, we need to have a new vision of how a soul would see a particular physical incarnation. We must remember that we are eternal beings. Energy never dies. An eternal being knows that pain, and loss are teachers, just like, love, and success, are also teachers. Change is the great teacher in the universe. We need to see we are all pupils, and our classes never end…..

There is a story about two mice that fell… Continue

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Intensifying The Shift To Cystalline By Meredith Murphy

Meredith Murphy

NASA Image 10 Nov 10 - Gamma Ray Emitting Lobes

Has it occurred to you, in your glorious I AM-ness, that YOU and I are collectively creating…


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Ice Meteorite Found With E.T. Life Forms ?

Ice Meteorite Found with Extraterrestrial Life-Forms

Ice Meteorite


Boney structure part of a life-form ?

SOUTH HAVEN, MI, November 21, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Duane P. Snyder will

announce the discovery of the first and only known ICE METEORITE

containing… Continue

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A New Ancient Crystal Skull Discovered ? By Philip Coppens

A New Ancient Crystal Skull Discovered!

The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is no longer unique! Out of Africa – by way of California – emerges another ancient skull, “Compassion”,

with a detachable jaw. Already, this skull is re-carving the crystal

skull landscape!

Philip Coppens…


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Numerical Downloadings By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Everything on earth is defined by a numerical configuration. Master numbers accentuate the meanings of single digits. They are considered to be some of the most powerful vibrations known. They are thought to symbolize raw untapped potential. This numerical energy is waiting to be harnessed by those who have the eyes to see. The numbers are an optical downloading....the eyes are an extension of the brain and when the eyes see these magic numbers an encoding is activated in the brain. As the… Continue

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The Secret Power Of UNasleep ~ 3 Videos

If I told you that with one simple little action you would call forward a power that would recreate your world from top to bottom and begin to make everything in it anew, would you believe me?

Maybe not.

But it's true.

And the funny thing already know about it. It isn't some insanely deep concept or question to ponder. The only question to ponder is this: How many watching today will choose to use it until it becomes habit, and how many will not? Or in… Continue

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Hey You, Get Off My Cloud ! By Jennifer Hoffman

Yes, the title of this article is from the Rolling Stones song but it is what I heard when I recently shared a success with someone, only to be met with a stream of criticism and doubt that made me take a step back. Was I looking at my situation the wrong way? Was she seeing something I had missed? Should I ignore her comments or were they true? I had been happy on my cloud until she stepped on it and brought rain into my sunny day.

Have you ever shared a success with someone and… Continue

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What's A Healer To Do ? By Sarah Biermann.

What’s a healer to do when the whole paradigm of healing is going away? How are we to be in service when there is no more need for our service? Who are you if you are not a healer or in service?

Am I speaking blasphemy?

Most of my clients and friends are healers, whether they are technically working in the healing arts or not. Everyone is in some way or another dedicated to serving the planet and working toward our ascension.

So the question is… what do we do… Continue

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Taking Back The Power By Scott Rabalais

Perhaps as long as humans have inhabited Earth, the prevailing perception of reality has been that of separation consciousness. Largely, we have viewed ourselves as apart from an external existence. We have accepted the perception that we are isolated human beings in a vast and unfathomable universe.

Out of separation consciousness we have created various societal institutions and, in many cases, given them the power and authority to determine the course of our lives. We have turned… Continue

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Resistance Is Futile By Dean Noblett

Everywhere I turn people seem to be struggling to make sense of what they are feeling and the extreme challenges they are faced with in their lives. We appear to be so inundated with just doing the best we can to survive that we have lost sight of what is important to us and our most cherished values and desires. In a strange way, life appears to be interfering with how we think it should be, and so we fight against it. Ironic, really.

The thing is, in order to move into the life of… Continue

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Hope While Waiting By Christina Lunden

This is my favorite time of year in sharing with others. I find people to be more hopeful than at any other time of year. I think it is because a new year is coming and it is easier to think that change will be easier because of it. But this year it is different. We have had so many personal, work and global setbacks that people are losing hope. I have expanded my work this year to include an Internet call-in radio program called “Angelic Guidance.” The last few times I have been sharing with… Continue

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The Great Cosmic Balance Begins By Emmanuel Dagher

We have now collectively arrived to a monumental point of cosmic balance that is changing the landscape of how we co-create and live as a society forever. It is because of our continued willingness, effort, and dedication to doing our inner-work that such transformation is manifesting so quickly. The personal and global breakthroughs we are now co-creating is a cause for celebration!

Many of us have come to the understanding that if we want change to happen externally, we must start… Continue

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Latest Planetary Energy Message From Karen Bishop

We had a massive release beginning in late August and continuing through most of September.

We were done with the intense cleansing process of the summer

(which left many of us acutely depleted, as it was like receiving

chemotherapy treatments in an attempt to remove as much of the

darker and denser energy as possible).

So then, after we were complete with this lengthy and challenging

process (where it felt as if there was no light anywhere), we… Continue

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The New Day Has Dawned (Dawn Of The Seventh Day) By Lauren C Gorgo

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The New Day Has Dawned!

Dawn of the Seventh Day

"...and God rested upon the seventh day from all His works." Genesis 2:2.

So here we stand (sit or sleep ; ) on 11:11, the next to last stargate portal of 2010, and at the entrance of the Galactic 7th Day…full of anticipation, excitement, bewilderment, and a childlike curiosity of what's to come.

Mixed in with those feelings, may be a hint of fear for the unknown and some… Continue

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Showdown At The "This Is Not OK" Corral By Jennifer Hoffman

Everyone seems to be getting lessons in dealing with people who seem to not only disregard their needs but who do the exact opposite. What do you do with someone who appears to deliberately oppose your wishes, stand in your way and block your efforts? Their behavior is not OK and they force you into a corner. Do you come out fighting or walk away? And how do you decide what is not OK and what to do after that?

Any time we are faced with a situation where someone is not… Continue

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