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Latest Message From Montague Keen 30th October

Veronica, my dear, I told you in the past that changes could not happen until the man in the street woke up to what was being done to your world. When, and only when, those brave souls stepped forward and asked for truth and justice, could the Transition move forward. I warned that it would not be an easy ride but that it would expose the real truth. Now, you see religions…


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Ode To You By Meredith Murphy.

There is so much to appreciate in yourself. Today is a beautiful time to take it all in and smile. ♥ After all, YOU were made for this.

You realize in hindsight the immensity of it all, in the beginning you just knew something BIG was happening...remember?

Your sense of who you are becomes increasingly undefined, initially you feel scared and concerned about all the changes in your life. But somehow you have a weird, unexplainable sense that everything is actually okay. You…


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11-11-11 : Source Code Activation By Lauren C Gorgo

“We would open with this: Congratulations!  You are officially on the runway to new earth.”- The Pleiadian High Council

The Anticipation

So here we are…on the cusp of the long-awaited completion of the Mayan Calendar, the ancient and accurate “time”-keeper of 16.4 billion years of evolutionary consciousness.  There is so much going on all over the planet to support the emergence of a new evolutionary cycle, but the event that is really blowing my mind…


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Healing Cancer World Summit Begins Tonight ~25th October.

The Healing Cancer World Summit begins tonight, meaning this
is your last chance to register if you haven't already.
There's no cost to register and listen in to the impressive
lineup of cancer experts and natural healing advocates who
bring you a wealth of information in this unique, informative
cancer solutions audio broadcast.
This is a unique, free event that can help save lives…

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9th Wave, Unity Consciousness And the Return Of The Ancients By James Gilliland

We have spoken often of the 9th wave and Unity Consciousness. It began March 9th this year and is increasing exponentially. There is a time compression in which evolution goes into hyper-speed and things you thought would take years, decades are happening in hours and days. All that does not align with Unity Consciousness will be shaken at its very core. The separation game is over. Scientists tell us about the unified field in which everything exists and is connected. There are many planes and… Continue

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Disarm Your Inner Critic With This Jedi Mind Trick By Mike Bundrant.

The Jedi know better than to fight against criticism, as there are better approaches to verbal attacks, especially when they originate from inner voices that have strayed to the dark side. In fact, a properly trained Jedi understands that there are as many tricks as there are problems, for every problem has an underlying structure that holds it in place. When you know how to deconstruct it, the problem unravels right before your mind.

Here is a mind trick to disarm your inner…


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Latest Message From Montague Keen 23rd October





(Ephesians 6:12)

My dear, the horrific events of last week will awaken many more to the real truth of what is going on. It shocked all decent human beings to the core. When such evil is directed at the masses, and technology is used to incite them, then this is the result. Is that the path… Continue

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Protect Alternative Energy Researchers And Encourage Their Developments Petition.

A friend of mine created a petition entitled US, UK and EU Governments, national and international media: Protect alternative energy researchers, and encourage their developments., because I care deeply about this very important issue.

I'm trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.

To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:…


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The Waves Keep Coming By Jim Self


This article talks about two types of energy waves. One is an expanding wave of consciousness that is moving through the universe, through you, and through the Earth. This wave is bringing in new levels of light, knowledge and wisdom that will allow each of us to remember who we are. It is astonishing as I watch the expansion this wave is causing.

The second wave is destabilizing or dissolving much of what…


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CVS Pharmacy Promotes Flu Shots Using Grim Reapers !! By Mike Adams.

Finally there's some truth in advertising about flu shots. A CVS pharmacy is promoting flu shots using images of the grim reaper, the most widely-recognized symbol of death. In a photo snapped by a NaturalNews reader and sent to us, an adult grim reaper (complete with a scythe blade) holds a sign that reads, "Flu shots HERE! CVS Pharmacy."

The further push the symbolism of death, a child-sized grim reaper stands next to the adult -- oh look, it's a cute family! -- holding a flu… Continue

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By Cal Garrison.


I first heard about the Crystal Skull journey back on the twenty-third of July. At the time I wasn't quite sure how it would all come together because so many variables, both logistical and ethereal, had to be taken into consideration. Since that day many things have been arranged and rearranged. After…


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Latest Message From Montague Keen 16th October.

The World Awakens !

"Be prepared for a few surprises."

The evidence of this is heart-warming for all who have worked hard to bring this about. The minority, the psychopaths who control your world, now see their control slipping from their hands. They are being exposed. They have ruthlessly followed The Plan without compassion or even a second thought for those who have lost everything - even their lives - as these evil people waged war across your world. The puppets which they…


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Northern Lights And Milky Way In One Photograph.

This image is simply Aurora-inspiring - as an amateur snapper captures the Northern Lights and the Milky Way in the same frame.

The incredible once-in-a-lifetime still - taken in Ifjord, Finnmark, Norway - perfectly captures the out-of-this-world phenomena.

In one image, the whole of the frame is filled with our galaxy’s billions of brightly lit stars - with the…


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Could This Work ? Bank Transfer Day November 5th.

Occupy Wall Street has dominated headlines for the past few weeks, with advocates and critics jaw-boning over whether it was government or Wall Street that fueled the financial crisis (here's a vote for both).…


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Coping With Change By Chrissie Batten

When will we stop struggling and just let ourselves be who we really are? And when will we be able to see that happiness is already inside our heart, where we just have to remove our cloak of fear to let it shine through our mind and out into our world? There is only one answer to this, and that is... when we stop waiting for others to make it happen, and make the decision to do it for ourself!

Even though it may appear we have little control of the world at the moment, we have to…


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You Are Going To See Great Changes Between Now And November ~ A Pleiadian Message By James Gilliland

"You are going to see great changes between now and November"

There have been many meetings; which were multidimensional in nature in a consortium of advanced beings addressing the disturbance in the force called Earth. There is a unified field in which we all reside and express and Earth due to its millions of souls crying out for justice, the end of tyranny and deception has been addressed. There are councils and consortiums all discussing this matter. In ancient times the…


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Zombie training? OWS Atlanta turns into collective hypnosis 'One Voice' Weirdness By Mike Adams.

I cannot embed the video mentioned in this article, but please do click the link and watch it.....creepy or what ?



Occupy Wall Street protesters are undergoing collectivist zombie training in Atlanta, where a large group was caught on film engaging in a weird sort of "one voice" hypnotic chanting ritual that characterizes the key principles of both Communism and Socialism. Watch the video at:…


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What Will The End Of The Mayan Calendar On October 28, 2011 Mean? By Carl Calleman.

For some time there has been a discussion as to what is the true end date of the Mayan calendar, October 28, 2011 or December 21, 2012, and somewhat paradoxically this has raged without a definition of what the “end” would mean.  As October 28, 2011 is now coming close the definition of this “end” is something that may be important to clarify. The contemporary Maya no longer follow the long cycles of the ancient calendar system and so do not want to take a stand in the matter. The ancient…


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Should You Worry If Your Jeans Go Smart? By Katia Moskvitch

Jeans with a RFID tag
More and more objects are getting on the web

What if those new jeans you've just bought start tweeting about your location as you cross London Bridge?

It sounds far-fetched, but it's possible - if one of your garments is equipped with a tiny radio-frequency…


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