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The Rise Of One Nation Under God By Lauren C Gorgo Channeling The Andromedans

One Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.

There is a coming a cosmic event capable of elevating human consciousness to a state of near sanctity.

The power that has been realized through the subjugation of so many Americans has caused quite a stir in the cosmic realms. Those who have realized that the fight is over are soon to surrender to the greater good, though this… Continue

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Just Around The Corner Is A Whole New Reality By Amanda R Ryan Channeling The Pleiadians

A reader posed a question of sorts, seeking clarification on our intent and also remembering to say even the most unanswerable question can yet be asked in faith that an answer will be given in the spirit of truth and love of all. Here is his note to us:

Dear Pleiadians,

Your presence is undeniable for me, but not for all. Faith is fragile and has been shaken, nearly destroyed in the heart of many humans, to such a point that for certain creatures of this planet tomorrow… Continue

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The Conspiracy Of Light By BrotherGee

The following is not fear-mongering. There is no "negativity" in this message. Any "negativity" that one may feel is a result of one's own fear-triggers being tripped by one's own self. There is nothing negative about examining an adversary's position and/or planning. For those who may be concerned about experiencing a fear-based reaction to this post, skip directly to the "SHOULD WE BE AFRAID?" paragraph further down.

If you have been paying attention, you will notice that the… Continue

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The Vibrations Of Pure Love Overcome All Negativity By Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, never forget, you are eternal and immortal. Your physical body is a temporary temple in which God dwells. The Sacred Heart is the temple of the Soul; therein is the Essence of life where true love resides, and where your awareness of Infinity begins. The Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart contains the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness which are etheric crystal prisms of refracted Light called Rays that beam forth the Essence of Creation.

Death is a… Continue

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The Butterfly Of Freedom By Lynett Leckie-Clark Channeling Kuthumi

My greetings of love and unity to each of you as I come into your presence to speak with you once more. Some have asked " with what authority do you come to speak and teach?"

My friend, I come with the authority of God. For I am part of God, as indeed you are part of God. I work in His service. My love for each of you is great. So great that I pause my on my path of soul evolution to help you understand the true Light of God, to understand you all carry a spark of that one great… Continue

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The Past Of Even A Moment Ago By Gloria Wendroff

Regret and rue and remorse are all from the past, and this is why you don't want them to stick around. They hold you to the past, and in the past, beloveds, in terms of the relative world, you were less than you are now. It's that simple. And so I adjure you to leap out of the past and leave it behind forevermore.

The past simply isn't any good to you. Yes, the beauty you are now came from the past. Yes, it contributed, but it is like last year's soil all dried out and drained of… Continue

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UFO Landings In Chicoana, Argentina ?

Strange, deep marks left on three wheat fields. Hundred of witnesses reported the event to the police, but law enforcement gave it little importance.

The marks left on the fields measure nearly one meter deep and are geometrical in shape.

A series of strange geometric marks – circular and rectangular – allegedly left behind by UFOs that landed on three wheat fields in Chicoana: at Quebrada de… Continue

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Who Were The Nephilim? By Michael Mott

This is a subject I know very little about and after searching the net, this article seemed to be easiest to read on the subject, but still leaves me with many questions !

Who were the Nephilim? The heart of the matter lies in the ancient accounts of the Nephilim and their offspring--who and what they really were, what they did, where they are now, what their agenda is, and so on.

Well over twenty years of research has led me to this conclusion. Those… Continue

Added by Christopher STM Admin on October 30, 2008 at 12:43pm — 3 Comments

The Truth About Nature- God Calls Us To The Natural World By Yael And Doug Powell

Today I want to speak with you about Nature and all the beauty that you see before you as the natural world. Nature is a perfect and sacred geometry. It is My living song of Love and Light to you. In the Real of Love it is spread before you and all around you constantly in a living Light show of song, Light and movement that sings to you of My Love, My Love for you and your Home in Me and the beauty of our intimate connection. It speaks to your being continuously of all the ways that Love… Continue

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Weaving A Tapestry Of Radiant Light By Celia Fenn

Humanity accepts a New Consciousness and a New Path forward as the 11:11 Gateway approaches.

Today I spent the day in the old Spanish city of Toledo. It was a wonderful experience. Even though there was a cold wind blowing off the early snows on the mountains, there is a kind of gentleness and humanity about Toledo these days. The old city with its brown and sand colored buildings sat below a dramatic sky that reminded me of the famous El Greco painting "The Burial of Count Orgaz",… Continue

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Responding To Financial Crisis By Selacia Channeling The Council Of 12

Your world is in financial crisis, and you are likely wondering how long the instability will last. You may already be feeling the impact on a personal level, or perhaps you have concerns about how you might be affected. Regardless of how you are impacted by the world economic predicament, you will want to use the opportunity of this situation to develop new approaches to money. After all, the world's financial situation is in devastating disarray because of a need to totally revamp humanity's… Continue

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The Balance Of Ego And Divinity By Shelly Dressel Channeling The Goddess Of Creation

Note from Shelly: Hello All! ~ This is a quick note because I had some extra things I wanted to share with you. Recently I did a different kind of channel. This is from the group essence of all the divine feminine energies who have worked with us on earth. It includes the ancient Greek goddesses, Isis, the Celtic and the Hindu goddesses. It also includes a few I work very closely with; Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and of course the Goddess of Creation. They all came together and… Continue

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Questions And Answers With Blossom Goodchild and Her Channel.

B G :A question I would like an answer to please. I have tried to do a third you tube to let everyone know I am doing really well due to all the letters of Love and support I have received.. Many still feel I am sad. After about 8 attempts I am questioning whether I am meant to do it. But cannot really see why not, as it is a great way to let many know that I am fine. Would you happen to know the reason for this? … as to be honest I’m getting a little fed up with the whole thing!!

We… Continue

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A Roadmap To Ascension By Brigitta Keck

In discussions about the Journey to the Golden Age we are fascinated with the identification of the end date and what will happen then. I was always interested in another important question. How do we actually get there with 2012 only a few years away? In this article I present a rough guide through the final days of our journey to the 'Golden Age', based on my still limited, but ever expanding understanding as it is coming from my heart in July 2008.

I know various ideas exist… Continue

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Crystal Cave In Mexico

Until you notice the orange-suited men clambering around, it's hard to grasp the extraordinary scale of this underground crystal forest.

Nearly 1,000ft below the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico, this cave was discovered by two brothers drilling in the Naica lead and silver mine. It is an eerie sight.

Up to 170 giant, luminous obelisks - the biggest is 37.4ft long and the equivalent height of six men - jut across the grotto like tangled pillars of light; and the damp rock of… Continue

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Solomon's Real Mine ?

In a discovery straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, archaeologists believe they have uncovered one of the lost mines of King Solomon.

The vast copper mine lies in an arid valley in modern-day Jordan and was created in the 10th century BC - around the time Solomon is believed to have ruled over the ancient Hebrews.

The mines are enormous and would have generated a huge income for the king, who is famed for bringing extraordinary wealth and stability to the newly-united… Continue

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The Journey Of The Soular Hero By Jude Currivan

In ancient times the death and re-birthing of the Sun at the winter solstice was enshrined in myth by the birth of the legendary ‘solar’ hero. As we state our own intentions to be ‘better,’ ‘happier,’ ‘wiser’ through our New Year resolutions Dr Jude Currivan recounts a very personal tale to encourage us all to take heroic strides forward.

The solar heroes of the epic stories are often ordinary people undertaking extraordinary missions – and their journeys are as relevant for us today… Continue

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Honor Your Teachers By Learning By Jennifer Hoffman

Every teacher you have in your life plays a central role in your healing journey. Each of these souls has agreed to participate in your life to bring you face to face with your greatest healing challenges. Sometimes this challenge has been so traumatic that you forget that there is a healing component available to you. There are two paths available to you with difficult teachers, to accept the lesson and healing and release the teacher or to succumb to the trauma and step into… Continue

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Crystal Children By Stefanie Miller/ A Magical World

It has been noted that there is a considerable increase in the number of children being diagnosed as Autistic and Asperger's Syndrome. There are theories that it is due to a negative reaction to the immunizations required today. Others believe it could be the increase in toxic substances and environmental causes. Many have prophesized that the new children coming to this planet have unique characteristics to aid planet Earth in its ascension process. These children have been termed the Crystal… Continue

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The Multidimensional Crystal Heart By Mirri Rocks

We live in a 5dimensional world, where there are entrances to other dimensions, worlds and reality's everywhere. Did you ever consider that we humans are a vortex and portal ourselves? It is a coming and going of beings with different backgrounds. It is a constant integration, communication and letting go of different aspects of yourself. They life in other dimensions and make slightly different choices. Your aspects have their own life, but with the same soul as yours. That is why they aren't… Continue

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