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Dreams - A Choice To Believe Or Not By Sol'Ara An

The last few week's I've been working with a thought which is: "My dreams are real... if I choose to believe in them."

I've always been able to dream and go to very far off places in my mind... day dreaming of places that defy the "gravity" of the Earth, so that I could fly everywhere I wanted to go. Not just as a child, but even now my "dreams" are in my meditations. I haven't really allowed the thought that perhaps there is some truth to the dreams that come up for me... the one's… Continue

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The Lost Mode Of Prayer by Gregg Braden

Modern prayer researchers currently identify four modes of prayer used in the west today. Does an additional mode exist? Is there a fifth mode of prayer that allows us to participate in the outcome of the events within our bodies as well as the world around us? Recent findings in remote temple sites where these traditions remain today, combined with new research into some of the most sacred and esoteric traditions of our past, lead me to believe that the answer is “Yes!”

Much of our… Continue

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Latest Message From SaLuSa By Mike Quinsey 30th March 2009

As events on Earth continue to move on, you are seeing numerous pathways opening up. Not all will fully manifest, but those destined to run along side each other are the last attempts of the dark forces to pursue their plan, and the emerging Light that is being established in many different ways. A multitude of different movements are rising up all around the world, and they are anticipating the need for more local control. Communities are identifying their own needs and often going back to… Continue

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The Way To Emotional Freedom By Rebecca Couch Channeling The Council Of Light.

Emotional freedom is always present; it is for you to allow it. It is like following the stream of life and the water in the stream is the emotion – the sensory system – with which you navigate the waterways. There are times when the water is calm, times when there is turbulence and debris in the water, times when there is flooding, and times when rage appears. It is most important to stay with the truth of what is occurring in the stream. Too often, by the nature of sudden change in the water,… Continue

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Channeling Your Empathic Gifts By Jennifer Hoffman

As we move through these tumultuous times the energy shifts can be difficult to process. There is a greater awareness of the energetic polarities, so while there is more light, there is also more fear, there is more joy but also more pain, and while we experiences glimpses of peace and hope, we also feel the fear of those who do not know what is happening. As empaths, the fear, doubt and confusion can be overwhelming and we do not know what to do with these energies. There is too much to… Continue

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Planet Earth By Jen Eramith

How will global warming affect the Earth's weather patterns? What is the likelihood of mass migrations as a result of the effects of global warming? How can we best prepare?

Global warming has already affected the Earth's weather patterns. You can think of this process through the lens of chaos theory, though it does not exactly follow chaos theory. The Earth's weather patterns are changing in ways that will lead to secondary dynamics and therefore secondary changes will then lead to… Continue

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Who I Am By Neale Donald Walsch

And so, it all turns out to be very simple. Who am I? What am I doing here? When am I going to do it? Where am I going? Why?

These are life's Essential Questions. Who, what, when, where, and why?

In my own version I like to expand the fourth question to: Where am I going, and who is going with me?

In the next several installments of this series, we'll take a look at all of these questions, and more. Let's take a look at the first of them now.

There is… Continue

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Diamond Shaped Orbs In Karbala, Iraq

'Karbala' is a place in Iraq, 100 km from Baghdad at the edge of the desert, surrounded by the beautiful greenery of fruit orchards and palm groves. Karbala is believed to have originated from two Assyrian words 'Karb' which means 'Sacred Place' and 'Ail' which means 'God'.

Some also believe the word is of Persian origin formed from two words which are (Kaar) which means work and (Bolo) which means the higher, thus meaning the 'Higher Work'.…


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It Is Time to Fulfill Your Promise By Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, everything in the past is stored within your memory and much of your memory is being transmuted or cleared from your inner Akashic records. The memories of pain, suffering, failure and negativity no longer serve any purpose. Only those memories which are beneficial and are of a mid-fourth-dimensional frequency or higher will be retained and stored within the repository of your Sacred Mind.

Everything in the future is presently a figment of your imagination. You must… Continue

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Latest Message From SaLuSa By Mike Quinsey 27th March 2009

You are prodigious when it comes to survival, and you have an inborn instinct that carries you safely through the most punishing ordeals. It has never wavered, and it is similar to your self-made challenges that are created through your sports and other activities. It is an indication of your powerful willpower, and it has helped you survive when the odds are stacked against you. This is why we have no doubt that you will not only face the dark head on, but will overcome their insidious plans… Continue

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Stand Up For What You Stand For By Lauren C Gorgo.

Happy Astrological New Year! (The astrological year begins at the Vernal Equinox, when the sun enters the sign of Aries.)

A milestone, for sure...

Next up...the new moon in Aries with its world debut on Thursday morning.

Where are we now?

Being S Q U E E Z E D through a new dimensional doorway so narrow that only the truest aspects of ourselves will make it to the other side. This doorway is acting as a spiritual sieve, filtering out all the illusions… Continue

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The Parable Of Fredrick The Falcon By Cathy Olsen

Once upon a time there was a young falcon named Frederick who lived among those of his kind in the ‘Forest of Falconry’. Now Fredrick was known to be quite a reserved bird for someone his age. He didn’t like the idea of squawking about like some of the others young birds that flocked close to home. In fact, truth be told, Frederick was quite insecure around his fellow birdlings. You see Fredrick had lost his parents to a wayward wind early on in his life, just a short time after his hatching.… Continue

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The Magical Manifesting Mind by Daniel Jacob

The key to travel within the Multiverse is found in a person's ability to detach himself from his current surroundings, by finding a state of neutrality, so that he can journey anywhere else he wishes to go. What keeps you all trapped in your current 3D context is your continuous *clinging* to outcomes (cause and effect relationships) that you imagine are in operation there. My Dear Friends, this is ILLUSION.

When something manifests in your 3D world, it arrives because you *called… Continue

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Moving Forward Through the Opening Of The Equinox By Karen Bishop


Becoming as free and clear as possible is what our souls are attempting to do, as we continue to prepare for a very new residency in a very new place. And even though many of us may be fairly clear of much that is vibrating lower than we now are, or was holding us down in the past, we still do not yet know exactly where we are going.

Here’s the situation and the divine plan, and as always, we are right on track:

In mid-summer of 2008 we began to get… Continue

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The Media In The Window Of 2012 By Selacia Channeling The Council Of 12

Today's humans are enamored with their gadgets and technology. The multitude of devices and communication networks has enabled storytelling to morph into a 24-hour phenomenon. People of diverse cultures can now communicate instantly worldwide.

Ideas that previously percolated amongst limited audiences, slow to manifest, today can ignite into tangible form with lightning speed. Messages that before might have gone out in only one form or perhaps a single time are now duplicated… Continue

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Message from Ag-agria By Mike Quinsey.

In spite of the chaos all over the world, there is an underlying movement towards finding the answers to the problems created. The answers are not always apparent, but with the emergence of people that are spiritually aware, a sense of direction is being found. The economic changes that must be made cannot be lasting, unless they are based upon ethical business dealings. There must also be transparency so as to prevent any attempts to introduce corrupt practices, and honesty and fairness will… Continue

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Your Soul Remembers By Jennifer Hoffman

Whatever you have forgotten about joy, peace, unconditional love and the blessings of spirit, your soul remembers. It remembers that there is a connection within you to a place where you are free of guilt, shame, and the energies that weigh you down and allow you to believe that you are less than perfect. Your soul remembers why you are here, your healing purpose and the tasks that you agreed to complete. And your soul remembers a time when you were free, whole, complete and living in unbounded… Continue

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An Important Reminder By Patricia Diana Cota-Robles

You have the ability to make a positive difference in the world. This has been a roller-coaster time of miracles and challenges. It seems as though these extreme experiences are being used to wake Humanity up at warp speed. No matter how hard people may try, their I AM Presence is not allowing them to push the snooze button in order to go back to sleep. It is time for people everywhere to remember who they are and why they are on Earth during this auspicious moment. Important changes are taking… Continue

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The Holy Grail Revealed By Lynette Leckie-Clark Channeling Kuthumi

I Kuthumi greet you on the matrix of Light, the web of Oneness which unites as though the portals of lateral time. Let us take a moment now to connect more fully our energies, to merge in a blissful moment of surrender in the Divine.

Now please settle comfortably as I come today with important knowledge. My brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood and some Andromedians join me. Their love and energy support my words and the energies you now experience.

You feel… Continue

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Latest Message From SaLuSa By Mike Quinsey 23rd March 2009

Do you know that your Guides and Angelic protectors have contact with you all of the time? Not in any intrusive way, but ready to come to your aid if you ask for it. They also join you when you have those quiet periods, when you are contemplating life and perhaps the problems that beset you. Michael is realizing that we often talk to him, and pearls of wisdom that seem to come from out of nowhere are from us. We find that if you do not make a point of remembering them they are soon forgotten.… Continue

Added by Christopher STM Admin on March 23, 2009 at 12:55pm — 6 Comments

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