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WE ARE THE WAY - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

26th April 2017 –WE ARE THE WAY

At the beginning of our group today we played our drums and rattle and sang some chants we had learned called ‘The Earth is our Mother’ and Cauldron of Changes’.

I opened in prayer and started to give a guided meditation for the two members present.  As I started to guide the girls on their journey I sensed a presence…


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PEACE TREATY - Eileen Zizecli Coleman


I attended a fantastic drum workshop yesterday and while drumming we did some chanting.  I asked about the North American Indian’s chant that I find so haunting, and it was said that the Indians of today probably don’t feel happy about us hijacking their culture by singing their songs and that we should rather chant our own verses.  I have just been asking Spirit how the Native American Indians of today…


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4th April 2017 – DISSENTION

Great Spirit help me plug into the main stream, the source of God’s Great Love.  Is there anything I can help you with today, are there any message for you to share, any guidance for those who work for the Light?

There has been great intolerance and dissention among those upon the earth plane, and we come now to assist you in…


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CHANGES - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

29th March 2017 - The rain is pouring down today but it is cosy and warm inside my sanctuary.  My friend very kindly agreed to give me a healing massage, which was wonderful and afterwards we sat in the heightened energies to commune with those from the higher realms.

The Love and healing balm has been registered with deep impact and we give thanks for this…


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VISITORS FROM THE COSMOS - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

15th March 2017 – Trance Group

Visitors from the Cosmos

There are three of us today. We started by bringing down the golden light into our crown chakras, flooding our bodies completely with…


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Talk and Demonstration of Trance Channelling - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

9th March 2017 – Talk and Demonstration of Trance Channelling

I was invited to give a talk about my Spiritual journey so far for a meditation and spiritual discussion group I belong to.  This was followed by a demonstration of trance channelling, where my Star friends and guides came through to speak.…


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THE SAP IS RISING - Eilee Zizecli Coleman

8th March 2017 – THE SAP IS RISING

At the beginning of this session we cleansed ourselves with Golden Light, sending the flame of Love from our heart centres around the circle, building up the energies and placing in the centre of the room as a flame of Love to be utilised. We settled back to see what Spirit had in store for us. Very quickly they came forward.…


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EXPAND and GROW - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

1st March 2017 – EXPAND AND GROW

For today’s session, there are three of us and I started with a guided meditation to relax the girls, sending Golden, Healing Light down through the body, releasing all toxins and negativity. We then sent our golden roots deep into Mother Earth, sending healing to all who reside beneath Earth’s crust. We then brought the golden energy back up to the crown centre and…


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23rd February 2017

The times they are a changing!

A group of friends have kindly agreed to sit and share their energies with me so that I may practice bringing through my Star friends. As it is our first time of all sitting together in this way I knew there would need to be a healing to balance the synergy within the group. Very quickly they came forward to…


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WE RAISE THE BANNER OF HOPE - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

21st February 2017 - A small group of like minded people sitting in the energy to bring through our Star friends.

A male energy drew close very quickly, a young Native American Indian.

Good evening friend and welcome!

Good evening sisters! It gives us much pleasure to be here with you this evening. We are glad of this association…


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I NEVER EXPECTED THIS - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

Lately during my meditations in bringing down the golden light through my body and into Mother Earth, I have felt the desire to explore the network of passages beneath Earth’s crust. Today before I explore, I’m making sure I’m centred and my heart is lit up; at this point I can literally see a beautiful green, heart shaped jewel. I can also see the figure of someone with long grey hair who looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, he is hovering, in…


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KNOW THYSELF - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

10th January 2017 - Tonight, is the first trance group session of this new year.

Immediately there were changes to Eileen’s face with a fluorescent glow around her head and a darkening of the neck and chin.

Eileen was aware of a feathered headdress and could see mountains in the distance, she held up her arms waving her…


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