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“Seeing John of God in Brazil”

We just got back from seeing John of God in Brazil… it was powerful. 

Even before I went to Brazil I had a dream and the Entities of Light that works through John of God came to me. Some of those Entities are St. Francis of Assisi, St. Ignacio, Dr. Agusto De Almeda, Jose Valdivino, St. Rita De Cassia, Sao Francisco Xavier, and…


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“How to Love Angry People”

We all have people that are hard to love in our life. And many find it very hard to love people they don’t get along with. Here is what I recommend in order to heal your karma and to bring about a better world and heal the angry people in your life. …


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“Zesty Mexican 3 Root Stew”

Here is a super fast recipe that will warm the heart and body of all the people in the family… they will love it. I’ve shared this stew with lots of people and they all rave about it. And it’s full of great nutrition of carrots, potatoes, and cassava. And this recipe will keep you going for hours with lots of energy. Along with a nice salad, this is a complete meal. …


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“How to Reach Higher States of Consciousness”

When a person starts to meditate there are physical changes that take place in their brain that creates changes in the world. Read more… …


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“How to Be Happy All the Time”

Here is a formula for how to be happy all the time. It can be done and it will change your life in amazing ways to the point that you will not be the same person. …


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“Forgiveness the Key to Spiritual Freedom”

My father was an angry man and when we kids got in trouble he used to hit us with his belt or slipper. And lots of people in this day and age have abuse to deal with. And the key to all of this… is to forgive. …


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“My Experience of a Loving Dream”

For sure, there are not that many super memorable dreams, but they do come along a few times during a person’s lifetime. Here is a dream I had last night… a dream that is super important to me. …


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“We Have More Than 5 Senses”

“We Have 360 Distinctly Different Senses”

If we go back in time to around 3,000 BC during the Golden Age those civilizations believed we had lots of different senses, more than just the regular five senses that everyone knows about. And this information was passed to them via Great Spirit. …


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“How to Love Yourself”

It’s very interesting that most people really don’t enjoy their own company. And we do things that we are not proud of… yet we do them anyway. But all that can change if you follow the process that I outline in this video. …


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“Healthy French Fries with Spicy Kale and Onions”

Here is a great dish that fills your craving for french fries but in a very healthy way. And it’s full of the spicy healing nutrition of kale, garlic, and onions. This way you can enjoy your fries and not feel guilty one bit. And this is a super simple easy to make recipe. Everyone will love this dish and I’m sure it will become one of your favorites. This recipe takes about 20 minutes from start to finish… another…


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“Since the Big Bang We Have Felt Alone”

“But We are Not Alone”

Way back before the dawn of the Universe, there was one infinitesimally small bit of energy… and everything was ONE. Read More …


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“How to Be a Better Person”

Everyone goes through life thinking about everything except how to be a better person… but here are 3 simple ways to become the person and enjoy life more. Read More …


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“Baking the Cake of a Great Life”

If we are to bake a great cake we have to add the secret ingredients that make the cake rise and become sweet. The same thing goes for making a great life all the key ingredients have to be mixed in…  in order have a wonderful life. …


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“Luscious Mango Upside Down Cake”

“Low Glycemic Index, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and Fat-Free”

Here is a super delicious cake that’s sure to please young and old alike. People love mangos and this cake is full of the goodness of mangos. And this cake is totally fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and has a super low glycemic index. That being said, this…


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“Why Should I Love Anyone”

On Sunday a young lady contacted me and said, “I watched your video about, ‘The Science of Heaven and Love’ but why should I love people when they are terrible to me?” And here is my answer. …


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“The Science of Heaven and Love”

We now have the mathematical formulas and the physics that show that passing over to the other side of the veil is a reality. And heaven is not something that we have made up it is real… and this passing over happens to all of us. Thus we can let go of the fear of death and allow grace and contentment to fill our lives.  …


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“Protocol for Healing Leaky Gut Disease”

Here is my protocol for healing leaky gut disease… it really works. We now have lots of new studies showing that leaky gut disease is an autoimmune process that attacks the body and produces all kinds of symptoms. Also, this is a lifetime protocol that will have to be followed for the rest of your life. …


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“What is Heaven Like”

Here are some experiences I’ve had, and others have had, who talk about Heaven and what Heaven is like. There is nothing to fear as we cross into Heaven. It’s a great experience and we will not want to leave… we will enter a place of unconditional love. …


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“The Miracle of the White German Shepard”

“This is a True Story of the Power of Love” 

This is a true story of a policeman having a massive heart attack and being rushed to the emergency room and a miracle taking place.  …


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“Our Spiritual Connection to Nature”

One thing that most people take for granted is the fact that we are truly part of nature and that nature reacts to our mind and spiritual development. There are many people who believe if we talk to plants that they will thrive, and there are lots of people who feel that everything on the planet is alive, even the rocks, water, and the air around us are alive. And everything contains a powerful vibrational energy that…


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