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No Wonder It's Like This ! By Neale Donald Walsch

Have you ever wondered why the world is the way it is? Why there is so much violence, why there is such competition, why life seems to be so hard for so many-and to seem so hard to nearly everyone?

It is because of our cultural story. It is because of what we tell each other about "how it is."

Currently we are telling each other (and our children) something along the lines of this story...

"We are born into a hostile world, run by a God who has things He wants us to do…


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So, So, sad...why do this?

A 900 pound gator was caught this week by a Massachusetts woman fishing in South Carolina. Mary Ellen Mara-Christian caught and then killed a 13-foot long gator in Lake Moultrie this week. WLTC reports that the Massachusetts resident successfully got a permit through South Carolina's permit lottery system for the one month long alligator season. "He was right there at the edge of the bank swimming on the edges," Mara-Christian said. She hooked him with her fishing pole and…


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Herbal Tip - Sept 17, 2010

The health benefits of eating white clay. Yes I said clay, clay has been consumed by people for thousands of years in other countries like Africa. Kaolin Clay is full of minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, and magnesium. Clays, especially white clays, are made of kaolin and all those antacids you have been taking are full of kaolin too, and of course this white clay is bacteria and parasite free. And some say Kaolin Clay strengthens the immune system too. And then there are… Continue

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The Relaxed Soul, Sept 17, 2010

"The Relaxed Soul and the Shield"

Love is the sword of the unselfish, love is the helmet of the understanding, love is the shield of the compassionate, love is the armor for those bearing truth, and love is the greatest support of them all --- for love heals all wounds.

So it is that love overcomes all obstacles --- especially those of the heart.

"Oh God, I will love and keep loving,
it is my way"

The Relaxed Soul

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10-10-10 Stargate - Lightworker To The New Human By Meredith Murphy

The remaining aspects within the year are for reminding you of your inner glory and awakening your multidimensional eye to light (information). This inner eye is held in such high regard, that its availability is entrusted to those whose frequency has already elevated to love and compassion. For the knowing that accompanies the activation of this inner eye is expansive and precise. Clarity begins to permeate your experience in a way which is transformative and liberating; which might also be… Continue

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Herbal Tip - Sept 16, 2010

Did you know that Jalapeno's are full of Capsaicin and help clear the sinuses and combat congestion? It's true and Jalapeno's also inhibit a key brain neuropeptide "substance P" which helps control pain. And in a new issue of Cancer Research -- Jalapeno's kill prostate cancer cells. Jalapeno's lower blood pressure, help you lose weight, are anti-inflammatory, and a new study shows it may help with inflammatory bowel disease. And Jalapeno's are high in vitamins A, C, and also… Continue

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The Relaxed Soul, Sept 16, 2010

"The Relaxed Soul and the Wall"

Looking for love will leave one empty.

But finding all the distractions and walls that keep love from entering ones life --- is our life long journey.

Once all the walls are taken down, everything is out in the open.

Like a book with only one page, so easy to read, and thus everyone understands the depth of your being.

"Oh God, I will tear down all the barriers to love"

The Relaxed Soul…

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<center><a href=" American" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="My Special Friend" border="0" /></a><br /><a href=" American"…


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Guilt And Shame By Jennifer Hoffman

The more the energy shifts open our hearts to the divinity of who we are, the more we become aware of the darker, denser energies we carry. And we see the connections those energies have to our limitations, unhappiness and frustration. Some of these are easy to let go of because we can detach from the experiences that come with them. Learning to not take others’ behavior personally makes it easier to release betrayal and disappointment.

We can even let go of abandonment issues when… Continue

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Even The Inchworm Eventually Arrives At It's Destination By Jennifer Hoffman

I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunshine when I saw a little inchworm moving up the side of my house. It moved slowly, drawing its body up and forward, one tiny step at a time. It did not stop or falter, did not look around, it just kept moving slowly, ignoring everything but the side of the house and its destination. Now my house is tall and I am not sure what the inchworm was going to do when it got to the roof but it kept moving. I watched it for over fifteen minutes as it continued on… Continue

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The Path of "The Becoming" Begins!

Stand up, shoulders back, brush yourself off and know yourself assured in the victory of light... it is time to celebrate! Our sleeping Splendor has awakened and we now advance into a brand new harmonic and focus of light activity.

This Equinox, September 22, inaugurates the Grand Opening of the PATH OF THE BECOMING! This is a new, awe inspiring journey of resurrection, the raising of the human self… Continue

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Herbal Tip - Sept 15, 2010

Vanilla Beans are full of chemicals that break down into Ferulic Acid and polyphenols that have anti-tumor capability. Research has show that mouse breast cancer cells are inhibited from growing when subjected to vanilla, so Vanilla might have anti-metastatic potential for human breast cancer. And Vanilla has great anti-oxidant abilities too and studies have shown that Vanilla might be able to help people with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and also septic shock. And another new study… Continue

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The Relaxed Soul, Sept 15, 2010

"The Relaxed Soul and the Voice"

I am empty, but filled with the infinite joy that is all pervasive. That which cannot be touched, tasted, seen, or heard explodes in my heart, charging the air that I breathe.

Senseless in joy I connect with it in the giggle of a little girl, the sea lapping upon the shore, and the falling leaves changing color for all eternity.

I am the stillness, "I AM --- THAT I AM."

"Oh God, I know YOU are here with…

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Ode to the One.


Ode to the One.

By Mark Stearn.

Burn with fire in my heart my life giving sustenance,

I have traveled a long road to find you once more.

Pick me up and make me whole oh story of my being,

who burns as a tale that never ends in my consciousness.

I am alive in gratitude, passion and compassion for all that is!

I don't want this moment to pass, guide me home,

Oh love of my life.

9th September, 2010.

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Paraprosdokian sentences (think Groucho Marx)

Paraprosdokian sentences-- A paraprosdokian (from Greek "παρα-", meaning "beyond" and "προσδοκία", meaning "expectation") is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe or reinterpret the first part.

  1. I asked God for a bike, but I know God…


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Herbal Tip - Sept 14, 2010

Rhubarb Root has been around for a long time and new studies show that it has some anti-cancer capabilities. Rhubarb Root is also good for diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and bleeding inflamed mucus membranes. Rhubarb Root is a good laxative and stimulates bile flow at the same time. And Rhubarb Root helps with gastric disorders, improves appetite, and has antibacterial, antibiotic, and antiviral properties too. Rhubarb Root can be toxic so use only under the supervision of a good… Continue

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The Relaxed Soul, Sept 14, 2010

"The Relaxed Soul and the Voice"

Buddha was finalizing his teachings and was wandering the world spreading the word when a negative voice came to him saying, "Why do you persist? These people will never learn!" And Buddha answered back -- "There will be those few!"

And eventually the few grew to millions.

And so it is that we too have that negative voice that comes to us once in a while.

And we have a choice to follow the easy path or to march forth…

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Energy Forecast ~ The Fog Clears By Emmanuel Dagher

I'm so excited to connect with you as we have a great deal to catch up on!

Are you noticing the textures, colors, sights, and sounds around you? Does something seem different about it all, as though you are in a completely foreign place, even though geographically everything still looks the same?

Something amazing is happening right now that can best be described as a lifting of dense fog-like energy that has been with many of us (especially those who have been on a… Continue

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Homo Sapiens : Our Time Is Over By Navajo

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (author unknown)

Beware! This is not a fluffy, light, new age message! Proceed to read if you are ready for some planetary truth! My friends have always been bemused by my presence- a blend of an indigenous soul as well as a light-fairy worker, earth and sky… in this post, my earth soul has taken over to speak.

This summer has… Continue

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