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How can I post my profile pic like everyone else has?

How can I do

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Herbal Tip - July 20, 2011

Health Benefits Baldo Tea

Baldo helps cleanse the liver... and also helps when your kidneys are not working well riding the body of toxins. And if you have too much bile in your gallbladder causing you problems... then Baldo Tea can help. Plus it's also a good anti-inflammatory for the kidneys and the bladder... especially when passing kidney stones and some like using Baldo for arthritis. And Baldo Tea can help those who are constipated and need to get their GI tract stimulated and… Continue

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The Relaxed Soul - July 20, 2011

"The Relaxed Soul and the Wise Man"

Developing wisdom takes time... and books only tell you which direction to travel... it's the experience of life that develops wisdom.

Remember knowledge is not wisdom... and to develop wisdom you need discipline and humility... for any fool can acquire knowledge.

And after you've acquired great wisdom spread joy and make everyone happy... for that's the divine nature of being wise.

Dr. Paul Haider

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A great love… Continue

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Densities and Dimensions

By Candace

Sep 10, 2010 - 10:37:10 AM


Ok, I give up, here's the basics. There are Densities first, and then the dimensions are vibratory frequencies within the densities.

First Density, is suns,…


Added by Melody Henriksen on July 20, 2011 at 3:08am — 1 Comment

We HAVE the technology


Q. Is there something you see happening in the world that you would like to see stopped ?


Q. Is there something you see NOT happening in the world that you would like to see STARTED ?


Q. Do you have a great idea that would make this world a better place ?


Q. Are you fuming, incensed, angry or otherwise just plainly cheesed off at what some government, organisation or individual is doing ?


If you answered yes to any of…


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Ive Had This Feeling

So i read this article about a man named Ted Owens (The PK Man) And I found it all rather interesting. I posted before about THE JINN CONCEPT I suggest looking into it. Its a very interesting…


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Herbal Tip - July 19, 2011

Health Benefits of Sunlight

I think a lot of people need to get out in the sun more often. And there are a lot of benefits to playing in the sun such as producing Vitamin D for healthy bones, lifting up your mood and having lower blood cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, improved immune system thus keeping you from coming down with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, cancer, MS, arthritis, flues and colds. Plus sunlight is also good for your cardiovascular… Continue

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The Relaxed Soul - July 19, 2011

"The Relaxed Soul and Your Life"

You may think you are sad but most of you are just pushed and pulled by life so much that you disconnect to all the gifts around you.

Remember that the whales still sing; the birds still chirp, the caterpillar still crawls, but you have to awaken to those blessings of Mother Nature like a child.

And you are not old ----- remember Frieda Birnbaum at 60 gave birth to twins, at 70 Benjamin Franklin drew up the declaration of… Continue

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Christ Principle #2: Steps of Forgiveness

Prayer Before Principle of Christ #2

Our Father and Holy Spirit,

Rescue me from me. Your will be done in us. Teach us to love and accept your will today as in your purest consciousness we pray to be evermore like thee. Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit, In these latter days, speak again to your children. Let your voice be heard in us and through us as we offer ourselves to be living temples of your Spirit. Make our hearts, and minds, and lives ONE in…


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What is a Light Player?


Hey all you light players out there, you know who you are!!  The “work” we do is full of Light!  I am ready to stop calling it (Light) “work”! How bout you??

Please add to this list as you please, as you resonate, this is just to get the ball bouncing .  ..   ….    … . …. 


You know you are a light player when:


you know that there is power and healing in smiling and laughing

you’ve done serious and are ready to move on

you eat the…


Added by Rashida on July 18, 2011 at 9:40pm — 27 Comments

Herbal Tip - July 18, 2011

Health Benefits of Summer Squash

Summer Squash are abundant during the summer and are full of vitamin C and A plus calcium and iron. Plus they have no fats, no sodium, and a good amount of fiber to help you stay healthy. Summer Squash help lower your blood pressure, thus preventing heart disease and strokes. They are full of lutein and other nutrients that prevent macular degeneration and lots of great anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene that prevent cancer. And Summer Squash are full… Continue

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The Relaxed Soul - July 18, 2011

"The Relaxed Soul Feels Deeply"

In order to have great joy one must open up all the feelings including great sadness.

For great feeling creates great passion, and with great passion amazing people change the world.

Every great leader has had their ups and downs... and those times of sadness only create more power to move forward... more momentum to create change.

Feel your feelings... and power up your soul!

Dr. Paul Haider

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Dr. Temple Grandin

Link to her web site:

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messages of love and peace July 17, 2011

A channeled message from the Elohim.  I had been wondering about a post on facebook where there was much discussion about justice and what do we do to respond. This was the message I received:

"wisdom teaches that there is always greater truth at the end then at the beginning. what does this mean?  that you will understand all after it has happened instead of before it does.  this does not mean to not (want)home or dream or plan or intend.  this means that the full impact of…


Added by Rashida on July 17, 2011 at 4:30pm — 6 Comments

Dreaming Or Near Death Experiance?

I've been wanting to ask someone about a dream I had when I was 16 years old. I've only told a handful of people because the reaction I got was one of harsh judgement.


I'll have to give you a brief back ground on my situation at the time of this dream first. Ill spare you the personal details.

At the time I was extremely depressed and wanting a way out of my life...right down to a plan to get out. I was in an abusive situation. And this one particular night I was…


Added by Brittany on July 17, 2011 at 1:26pm — 17 Comments

Faces In The Mirror ?

Ok so last wednesday night I was having a really rough day and I was talking to myself in the mirror like I usually do to work through things. I find it helps me communicate with my self.

After my melt down in the mirror I was looking at myself and my face  looked to be aging till I saw my face as an old women. It happend so quickly... my instant reaction was fear... my heart was racing. I decided to try it again after gathering up enough courage and it happend again...this time I was…


Added by Brittany on July 17, 2011 at 1:45am — 19 Comments

For the first time remarkable photographs reveal hidden charms of ordinary SAND

Beauty in every grain
Click above to read article

Look at the grains of sand... wow!

Added by Joni on July 16, 2011 at 7:12pm — 1 Comment

The Beginning Of The Fourth Night Of The Ninth Wave Of The Mayan Calendar By Carl Calleman.

On the Gregorian date July 13, 2011 begins the Fourth night of the Ninth wave. To me this night really seems like the last time period available for us to prepare for the relatively dramatic scenario that will lead up to the culmination of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011. I have outlined some of my basic views of what This transformation towards unity consciousness brought by the Ninth wave, with simultaneous consequences on many levels of the universe, I have described…


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