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Wave X - What it is, what it does, how it is affecting you and why all this is happening

Background Material: Read these first if you are not familiar with the phenomenon.

1. X-wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (definition, physics…


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BENJAMIN FULFORD -- 27:07:2015


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A note from Mike Quinsey + "Earth Ascends"


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The Zen Garden~ A Poem By Simon Welsh.

The Universe is calling you.  It’s calling you today.

So, whether you ignore the call (if you don’t want to play),

Or whether you are leaning in with joy and open heart,

Your thoughts are now reality – we’ve gone beyond the start

Of the end game of Humanity: the ripe eleventh hour.

Minute fifty-nine is here.  Will we claim our power?

It’s brewing in the heart of the dragon as we sleep,

And if we want to make it through it’s time to quantum…


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“Two True Stories - One of Love - One of Fear”

There was a man in his mid 40’s who had traveled the world, visiting just about every country on the earth. He was also an artist and did paintings and sculpture, and people loved his work. Yet in the background in his soul he was full of pain, suffering, anger, and sadness. For he had grown up in a household with a mother who was mentally ill. Yet his mother was never really diagnosed with mental illness, and his…


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“18 Health Benefits of Calypso Beans”

Caribbean Calypso Beans and sometimes called Orca Beans or Yin Yang Beans are great food. They are easy to grow, and they taste a little bit like potatoes, and have a creamy texture like potato which is very interesting… plus they have lots of great health benefits. Calypso Beans are black and white and thus the nick name Orca Beans.…


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The One Divine Presence: Spiritual Insights by Dr. Max Hammer


In this two part audio recording, the late Dr. Max Hammer (1930-2011) discusses his inspiring experiential insights for finding inner peace, happiness, true love, and spiritual fulfillment by acknowledging that we naturally abide within God, as the one and only reality presence, power, and intelligence. This audio was originally recorded by…


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“Boldo — Great for the Liver and GI Tract”

Boldo is a wonderful herb for all kinds of health challenges including: stomachaches, gastritis, it calms GI spasms, helps with constipation, a good liver detoxing agent, great for gallstones, it boosts our immune system, a powerful antioxidant, it’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, helps with arthritis, a good diuretic and more.…


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“Spiritual Growth or that Numb Feeling”

There was a man watching a movie about a young boy having a hard time learning calculus in high school. No matter what the young boy did it was almost impossible for him to comprehend calculus. He would go home and study, dig through his books, and become frustrated that he did not understand calculus at all. Even his teacher was unable to help him, and so you became very sad. And the man watching the movie had the very…


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12 Hour Warning for Preparation Against a Solar Storm

Now this warning is coming out in Mainstream News. So, what do "they" know?

Earth could get just 12 hours' warning of damaging solar storm

UK Cabinet Office report sets out risks of coronal mass ejections from the sun causing power outages, and disruption of GPS and communications…


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“Wave X” Is Not A Mass Ascension Event, It’s A Step In The Entire Process Of Evolution By Lisa Rising Berry.

As many of us know, there is a energetic event occurring and it will be increasing in the near future.  I have been seeing what is known as Aether move in and around our planet for almost a year.  This entire process is like baking a cake, as it occurs in stages, and not in just one big event.  Right now there is so much talk about Wave X, and it is getting out of hand and unreasonable, just like in 2012.  There are so many posts on the internet describing this wave as a mass Ascension…


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How Weird, Little Synchronicities Can Actually Be the Bomb!


Written by …


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“Protocol for Healing Varicose Veins”

Varicose veins are a challenge that can open the door to other health challenges such as phlebitis, which if not taken care of can even lead to death. So it’s important to take care of ever part of our vascular system thus making sure our body stays in perfect harmony. Here is a great process for preventing and healing varicose veins.…


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“The Three Power Centers of Man”

“By Focusing on These Three Power Centers — We Will Heal the World”

There are many energy centers of the body, but there are also power aspects of man that should be used for creating heaven on earth. These three powerful centers of man that can heal Mother Earth, bring about peace on earth, and create harmony among all…


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“Kinesiology and our Bodies Wisdom about Eating”

It seems that people have lost the ability to listen to their body. Especially when it comes to food, and this has a lot to do with making science more important than intuition. We have become so dependent upon science that we have forgotten the innate wisdom of our body. We have billions of never cells in our brain and we have billions of nerve cells in our gut. So when we have that gut feeling that something is not…


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“Four Ways to Cleanse Negative Energy”

When we are around toxic people, when we are around toxic environments with lots of negative thinking. When we touch people who have negative energies, and when we interact in general with those who are angry, greedy, and full of hate, we pick up negative energy. Negative energy can make us drag, feel depressed, and can start mind altering changes in our persona… and even cause challenges with our electronic devices…


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Believe It or Not: This Amazing Tree Grows 40 Different Kinds of Fruit

This is going to blow your mind.…


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Posted by Joni Lynn on June 20, 2011 at 6:49 pm

This is only a fractional part of a very long document about the parasitic murdering reptiles know as the Royal Family of England and what princess Diana discovered about them.  Some people may find…


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A-I, Morgellons and Black Goo - Harald Kautz-Vella - Bases at Woodborough

Harald Kautz-Vella presents his detailed lecture on the two types of Black Goo, Morgellons, and Artificial Intelligence at the Bases Woodborough conference held on June 20th.

He will present a further lecture at the Bases International conference on August 1st, see details at site,

This conference presents cutting edge data of such importance some has yet…


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“Wise, Loving, and Full of Spirit”

We have men with knowledge, 

But what we really need are men who are full of wisdom, 

Men who are loving, 

Men who are full of…


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