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When your energy field is clear and balanced.

Do you hear the collective sigh of relief of humanity as your world has just passed through some pretty heavy energetic times. These are glorious times indeed, are they not? Yes, yes, these are beautiful and wonderful energetic times and you are the Ones that have made it through. Well done, good job and now it is time to get on with the show.

Have you been doing your spiritual practice of clearing yourself of any toxic energies that you may have absorbed from others or cleared away… Continue

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Dr Simon Atkins Talking About CERN And The September Wave.

After I posted the last two of Dr. Simon Atkins radio shows here, I e-mailed him with one specific question about CERN and how any of us can prepare for this "Wave X" in September.

Here is his reply...

  • Yes, I confirm that CERN's intention, creation and scientific ability is to block Humanity's awakening, full stop.  However, the Love Light Wave (LLW), a 70s-ish way to call "Wave X" (or the intergalactic energy wave) is more than very likely actually going to…

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“Health Benefits of Breadfruit Leaf Tea”

Lots of people have heard about Breadfruit, that is what the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” was all about. Giving water to Breadfruit trees instead of giving water to the sailors. But Breadfruit Leaves also have great healing powers such as lowering blood pressure, it’s great for inflammation, preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and much more.…


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“Mastery Over Self Leads to Liberation”

To truly be Divine we must create mastery over self. To take control of our senses and see things are they really are. If man allows his senses to have complete control he is unable find the True Self. He becomes a servant to his senses and never breaks free. But if the Light of Love, the Light of God, the Light of the Universe, and the Light of the One and Only are able to find a crack in the armor of ego. Love…


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“Dr. Haider’s Healing Tea”

Here is a powerful healing tea that will do the body good and will help with just about everything… it’s pretty amazing! It’s flavorful and has lots of healing abilities. It contains powerful herbs that will help a person become healthy and stay healthy. Plus it’s very easy to make and have on hand for a wonderful tasting tea either hot or cold. …


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“A True Story of Destiny”

There is a man who has not taken care of himself his whole life. He ran from one relationship to another, never saved a dime, and what money he does have in the way of pension and social security he loses in one way or another. He has never taken care of his health, and he eat’s anything never thinking about getting sick. 



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We know that nature has great power.

We can connect ourselves with a basic force of nature by focusing on the essential element of air during a wind meditation. We begin by centering ourselves on our breath. We inhale the life-giving force, feeling it fill us, and then releasing it into the world to let our breath mingle with the breath of nature. If we cannot feel the wind right now, we can recall times when the wind has sent us gifts of caresses on bare skin, ruffling our clothes and playing with our hair.


We can… Continue

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“Being an Apple in a Sea of Oranges”

“Being an Apple in a Sea of Oranges”

When we concentrate on Love (God), 

When we meditate on Love (God),

And when we…


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We can flourish in this time now.

Right about now, I’m reaching a place of realizing that everything, in every moment, is alright. Perhaps some of you could find it strange that it has taken me this long to reach such a point and I would say that it hasn’t; rather, I’ve been realizing more and more every day that everything is great and that neither I nor we have anything to worry or be concerned about.


One of the main reasons this is so is because we’re undergoing a temporary and finite human existence. We are… Continue

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Cosmic Awareness on Jade Helm Situation via Will Berlinghof


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The 2015 Frequency Update By Michelle Walling

September of 2015 promises to bring extreme change to the planet. Many things have been predicted including a financial economic collapse, earthquakes, and civil chaos. In a dualistic Universe, there is an energetic opposite and equal reaction that will also occur in order to bring great positive change for those who are attuned to receiving it.

According to Dr. Simon Atkins, planet Earth has been receiving bursts of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that…


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SaLuSa 3 July 2015


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“Organic Garlic Hemp Seed Salad”

“Here is a great crowd pleasing salad that’s delicious… it’s easy to make and full of wonderful nutrition. In 10 minutes this great looking hemp seed salad is ready to eat, and it’s full of lots of healing greens and immune boosting agents.”…


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“A Story of Liberation”

Once there was a man by the name of Ajan who had everything. He had a great car, a wonderful wife, lots of obedient children, and a business that was very successful. His life was good and everything was thriving. And so he was happy and he didn’t give a single thought to God, the Universe and the One and Only.

Then one day…


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US Distracted by Rainbows & Flags as Global Banking Meltdown Begins By E.Hanzei.

Rainbow Confederate Flag

Waking Times

When it comes to the news, where we choose or are guided to focus attention is critical as it…


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BENJAMIN FULFORD -- 29:06:2015


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Planetary Alignments For July By Frank Hoogerbeets.

July 1, 2015

Earth Key Dates

July 3, 12, 21, 30

unless stated otherwise, all time stamps are UTC

On July 1 at 08:05 Earth, Venus and Jupiter will line up, followed by a Full…


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“Hops - Great for Stress, Inflammation, and More”

Hops flowers are the bitter agents used in beer, but Hops tea and capsules have great healing abilities. Hops are great for stress, anxiety, insomnia, liver disease, preventing heart attacks, it’s antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and helps fight cancer. It also works for getting rid of inflammation, menopause, calming the GI tract and for weight loss.…


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“How Can It Be”

The Cosmos was created by God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

And if everything in the Cosmos was created at the same time,

And if every single living being including the bird and insects, …


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No doubt, when you tell others you get "Energetic Stress Management" on a regular basis, some eyebrows will raise. After all, it isn't part of our present paradigm. Problem is, our "present paradigm" seems to be a disaster, both in terms of outcome and…

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