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spiritual technology
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✨rabbi avraham sutton in…Continue

Tags: ov=unity=consciousness=service

Started this discussion. Last reply by heidi wachter Sep 16, 2016.


✨SCHOOL CHOICE WEEKLY #149 = =…Continue

Started Sep 1, 2016

the earth pulsation
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i love this video showing how the earth pulsation creates new life > this is my current study+learning process… while i cognize this to be so vital for our own water*BEing… which canmodify our…Continue

Tags: earth=pulsation, +, earth=changes

Started this discussion. Last reply by heidi wachter Aug 26, 2016.


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a ...collective journey...

✨our collective journey...✨the sacred #wombman  = the placenta = is the = tree of life =the #placenta  or the tree of #life  begins its amazing existence as the ...first…See More
May 4
heidi wachter posted a blog post

the ...golden sparkling +spiraling flower song...

✨music +rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul plato✨if the parasite can not harvest you = it will shrinkcath austin fitt✨yes we are informing us up to date= even about what is phantomed = in our collective spatial +global community +related timelines = we know intuitively = all what relates with war economy…See More
May 1
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Mar 21
heidi wachter posted a blog post

the global +spatial reversing of illness +corruption...

✨the global +spatial reversing of illness +corruption...✨when i wake up i sense the message the …eternal°CORE°self… is waving… as to match up... within my psychosomatic°organic°extension +to sound that frequency in ...unison°love… i sensed the contemporary state of consciousness of bothentities = the…See More
Mar 15
heidi wachter posted a blog post

the council of 9 = 2 councils of=5+4=alien=races

✨the council of 9 = 2 councils of 5 + 4 alien braces super soldier talk = our…See More
Mar 7
Dr. Sohiniben Shukla left a comment for heidi wachter
"Dear Heidi, I could not find the link of the message you have sent to me... Sending you Love, Light, Peace and Blessings... SohiniBen."
Mar 6
heidi wachter posted a blog post

discern a living organism from a mechanism

✨its intelligence concerns its ability to discern a living organism from a mechanismto …interact… with the former... the one that physicists call 'electro=weak' its light side is the = nuclear light = the physicists call 'weak neutral current' +the ancient sages = the 'river of life'… we use the nuclear light = to…See More
Mar 4
heidi wachter joined lars walentin lundmark's group


Find serenity, inner peace, and light, spirit, body healing through daily meditations.Thank you and bless you, Lars.  See More
Feb 27
heidi wachter posted a blog post

earth = sun = galaxy connection =science=of=cycles=

✨earth = sun = galaxy connection = science of cyclessomething is happening with earth's core = new findings suggest a series of current events are weakening the earth's magnetic field = above the liquid outer core is the mantle = a solid rock composition which can be molded or shaped due to the intense heat +high pressure =…See More
Feb 20
heidi wachter posted a blog post

= it was healing = to help water protectors =

✨= it was healing to help water protectors =this is the right war = right side = finally = it is the u.s. militarycoming on to sioux land to help = for the first time in history =instead of coming on to sioux land to kill natives = i do not wantto see ...a 20something =…See More
Feb 13
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Feb 11
heidi wachter posted a blog post

2017°2 = global +spatial news =

✨2017°2 = global +spatial news =✨2017°2°6the 45th president of the united states resigned at cent-com in florida today =  where he was being held on house arrest since saturday night = announcement date still unknown = 'gesara' implementation period = this makes mike pence the current acting 46th…See More
Feb 7
heidi wachter posted a blog post

= dividing our kind in half =

✨dividing our kind in half✨why do you religious leaders = men of the human kind = wear your long robes +skirts = not knowing why?✨= no=more=bifurcation=of=time = the bifurcation of time is the result of rejection of a polar co-creation = as i learned circa a decade ago with the teachings of alex collier = at the illumination…See More
Jan 28
heidi wachter posted blog posts
Jan 26
heidi wachter posted blog posts
Jan 23
heidi wachter posted a blog post

comprehension about the nature of conflict >leads=to=peace< lester b pearson

✨the gaia hypothesis = cohabitating with the earth = a sentient living organism...the idea of the earth acting as a single system as put forth in the gaia hypothesis has stimulated a new awareness of the connectedness of all things on our planet +the impact that man has on global processes = no longer…See More
Jan 17

Profile Information

Why are you here?
to help end war°economy on ~earth+~secret~space~programs~
fe+male in a female body

the true sun ° the earth's inner sun

two earths coexist +both are linked to the earth’s crystal at their center 

= spatial probes have actually observed the 'plasmasphere' that is composed 

of plasma +maybe of dark matter too = it is 4>5 times larger than 

the visible earth = rotating more slowly than the visible land 

=25-27 hours to make a full turn= 

what if the 'plasmasphere' were the 'promised land? 

two earths = one is visible in optical frequencies = the other one can be 

felt as creativeness = will to participate in an extraordinary adventure = 

…there is no distance between the two = but a distinction between their

respective kinds of matter = the visible earth is spherical +it has gravity 

whereas the 'embryo shaped 'plasmasphere' has =no gravity= 

the = former appears as natural = the latter as supernatural =

all the atomic nuclei actually are confined into extremely tiny volumes 

+compose an unsolved mystery for physics = if we realize the human 

meaning of the two = weak + strong = nuclear forces = we can solve such 

a mystery = the former is able to = transmute the atomic nuclei = that 

compose our = human body = whereas the = latter is able to hold them = 

the former is evolution = the latter is conservation = the choice is up to us 

…it depends on our consciousness… that the …real reality… is not what 

has appeared +mainly = on our individual will = to transmute the suffering 

crazy matrix into which we have been imbedded for millennia 

= the earth’s 'crystalline core' is quickly changing = evident in the collapse 

of the 'earth’s magnetic field' …the same 'crystalline core' has generated 

up to now =nasa= +orthodox scientists diffuse panic = since they believe 

it is a 'protective shield'

space sciences do not observe the real universe = they observe a movie 

that mirrors their 'scientific' interpretations 

= the earth’s 'crystalline core' that doesn’t emit electromagnetic light = 

it can emit the =nuclear=light= …composed of =z=bosons= which can move 

the huge organic molecules = hence make all the organisms alive = if this 

=nuclear=light= is universal LIFE as i propose = we cannot see it = but can 

feel=it as consciousness=

= nucleaar=weak=force is one +trine = so meaning that it is carried 

by 3kinds of messengers that physics calls =w- = z = w+ = these compose

the extremely massive +copious river of life = w+ = w- = are electrically 

charged = whereas the third ones = named =z= are neutral +can instantly 

heal any living body

=z=bosons= could be the messengers of what some call =fifth force= myths 

+artists have painted as a golden rain = able to fecundate us +let us 

to reproduce ourselves = it is the living =weak=nuclear=energy= that also 

allows us to fulfill the resurrection of the body that is not at all a miracle

= it is the healing = natural event that the entire visible matrix is fulfilling

we are all invited to participate in it so as to evolve +contribute to the new 

era = the light side is the wondrous 'opera' composed +emitted 

by the =true sun= at the earth's center

this is not spirituality +not even science = it is our human ability to use 

this =nuclear=light= so as to generate the =alchemy of one's own body= 

+to be able to transit… from one world… to another one...

resonance beings of frequency 

documentary film

not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies our bodies are filled with

them too > our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies our brain

emits a constant stream of frequencies +our▼dna▼delivers instructions using

=frequency waves = without them▼we couldn't exist for more than a second...

water memory +the =earth pulsation healing frequency=

documentary of 2014 about nobel prize laureate luc montagnier


earth is an anomaly in itself = remember that the earth’s gravitational fields

= interact with all life > even non-physical beings = if they get close enough

+stay long enough = they can be =materialized= into this plane of existence...  

the fifth interview of dr neruda


dr neruda interview 5 = part 1 =

the true focus of the fifth interview isn't the scientific definition

of the hologram of deception = but rather =how we can free= ourselves=

from its pervasive +illusory presence =the =sovereign=integral= process

is defined in this interview in detail but you may have to read carefully

to hear +understand it = this process is truly the centerpiece

of the fifth interview = whatever philosophical perspective you wish

to attach to this information = bear in mind that it is shared in the spirit

of oneness +equality +that the =sovereign=integral= process is a decidedly

experiential practice


˙·٠. mm.٠·˙

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a ...collective journey...

our collective journey...

the sacred…


Posted on May 4, 2017 at 5:00am — 1 Comment

the ...golden sparkling +spiraling flower song...

music +rhythm find their way 

into the secret places of the soul 




Posted on May 1, 2017 at 11:30pm — 13 Comments

2017°3 = global +spatial news =updating=

2017°3 = global +spatial news =updating=



Posted on March 21, 2017 at 1:00am — 24 Comments

the global +spatial reversing of illness +corruption...

the global +spatial reversing of illness +corruption...

when i wake…


Posted on March 15, 2017 at 5:00pm — 5 Comments

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At 7:04am on March 6, 2017, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

Dear Heidi,

I could not find the link of the message you have sent to me...

Sending you Love, Light, Peace and Blessings...


At 7:46am on December 1, 2016, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

Dear Heidi,

I am very lucky to have a friend like you....

We are and will working for the easy Ascension of our Planet Earth and will bring Golden Age soon...

Sending you lots of Love & Blessings,

At 9:29am on September 16, 2016, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

Dear heidi,

Just now I am very busy...I  like your friendship...and please be with me !!

I am fortunate to have a spiritual friend like you !!

Just now I have to leave !

Love & Blessings !


At 8:32am on September 12, 2016, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

Dear heidi,

Just follow your Heart....


At 8:27am on September 12, 2016, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

Dear heidi,

Thanks for being my friend...

I also loves Sri Raman Maharshiji...

I have visited His Ashram at Tiruvanmali in South India...



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