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This website is dedicated to spreading a message of goodwill amongst all its members. We do not discriminate between belief systems so if your particular beliefs clash with those of others, please respect their right to believe what they want and refrain from arguing.


These actions will result in a Single Warning and then Removal from OV site

1. Spamming, advertising, or soliciting

2. Posting links to external sites without prior agreement from admin

(except on your personal OV page)

3. Rude behavior or 'flaming' of other members

4. Using the OV Badge on other sites without prior permission of OV admin

5. Using a profile picture that advertises a business

These actions result in Immediate Removal from OV site

1. Posting nudity, or obscene images, language, content anywhere on the site
2. Personal attacks on any OV admins, guardians, or other members


PLEASE upload a profile photo or avatar at your earlest convenience

We will give you sufficient time to do this.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact Admin.

Feb.23, 2010.
Subject; Event posting Guidelines.

We want to thank you for sharing your events here on OV, and we wish to continue to advertise them on our front page. Connecting to like-minded people is vital to personal growth as well as brings a community closer in friendship. The size of our group has grown to bring about the necessity to create some guidelines for advertising of events. It is important to keep things active and energetic. The advertised event needs to take place with in thirty days of the posted advertisement. Please remove your advertisement after the event. All events remaining on the board for more then thirty days will be removed. I thank you all. OV admin

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