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  • Shadow Work

    112 members Latest Activity: Apr 2


  • Chakra Testing

    145 members Latest Activity: Mar 18 Get your chakras tested for energy levels

  • dreams

    115 members Latest Activity: Feb 5 what did u dream, was it strange, fun, showed the future and etc.

  • Stimulating Your Powers Of Intention

    228 members Latest Activity: 4 hours ago Can I create something just by the power of thought? Yes you can! You can change energies around you to create a more healing environment, protect…

  • David Wilcock's Disclosure Updates

    270 members Latest Activity: Mar 6 Are we on the verge of an official gov't disclosure of the existence and reality of ETs and UFOs? The evidence is increasingly compelling that this…

  • Past Lives test

    156 members Latest Activity: Mar 18

    Past lives test & Karma. Signs of reincarnation, past lives…

  • UFO Sightings

    275 members Latest Activity: Apr 2

    This group is to round up all the current and controversial pictures and videos and see what we make of them. Feel free to add all your favourite…

  • Space Brothers

    176 members Latest Activity: Mar 2

    A group for all those of you who believe we are not alone in the Universe.

  • Messages from the enchanted stone

    140 members Latest Activity: Mar 28

    We'll discuss some changes going on our planet right now and how they affect you personally and physically. It will be focused on moving from 3rd…

  • The Truth Revealed

    528 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    The men and other forces that are behind the Agenda that has been deceiving, manipulating and murdering mankind for centuries. Facing the truth is…


    206 members Latest Activity: Mar 9

    Whispers are messages from the   Divine, co-created with Carol Fazakas, to spark-le your day and speak with your Soul.…

  • Earth Changes

    334 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    A group to look at the changes to our planet both physically and spiritually.

  • Faeries and elementals

    147 members Latest Activity: Mar 28 A place to explore the world of faeries, elementals and nature spirits.


    185 members Latest Activity: Apr 13 The Ascended Masters will decend from higher vibrations and appear to you and guide you to a higher knowledge and comfort you in times of stress

  • Ascension Support Group

    255 members Latest Activity: Mar 28 This group is a community for people who are experiencing shifts within their consciousness, physical bodies and social experiences.

  • Ascension Awakening

    226 members Latest Activity: Apr 8

  • SelfHEALTH

    329 members Latest Activity: Feb 25 To Encourage, Educate & Support Individuals that want to Take Control of Their Health. Sharing Natural Therapies, Remedies, Articles, New…

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