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Was wondering if any one here saw this video?  I found some very

interesting things about it.  Raul Julia was one of my favorite

actors of all times and when he died at age 52, I was quite

shocked.  He is mentioned pretty prominently in this video and

it looks as though he knew something that he wasn't supposed

to know.  

Also the pyramid sculpture found inside one of the pyramids is

exactly the same as the one on our dollar bill. The inscriptions

on the bottom are an ancient (and very familiar language)

from Orion.  I know this is nothing new to many of you here

but I do find it confirmation.  

There is also something very familiar about one of the artifacts showing

the sun with a large black triangular shape on it.  This is exactly

the same shape as I saw on a photo of the sun last week.

The triangle is inverted, but exactly the same otherwise.

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Could the image in stone be of a future event that is happening now?  Especially with the strange massive triangle in the sun that was shown recently on OV.   Thank you for pointing this out Phoenix!  Well Spotted!!


I think that may be the case Charles.  I read yesterday that the large

triangle that just opened is a stargate to our new sun Solaris. If that

is the case then I think it is wild, because I would have never spotted

it in this video at all. 

Charles, I just saw this on Rumor Mills Reading Room.  Looks like

someone made the connection there as well.  Also he has done

some more research on the rockets to be fired from Virginia, that

was supposed to happen today and was postponed until tomorrow.

CGI's RubiconR5a: The Triangle on the Sun, Mayan Artefacts and 5 Nasa Rockets immently being launched...

Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 18-Mar-2012 12:18:38

Hi, This is my first post.
I have been looking into the recent solar flare with the alleged triangle appearing inside of the sun that was recently released by the NASA sdo satalite:
the above image was observable on the NASA SDO website a few days ago but since has passed as the data has been updated (note as of 18 march there is alot of 'missing' data on the site now).
after doing more hunting on youtube i came across this video presentation from Nassim Haremin...
If you skip to 11:50 you will see what is supposed to be a Mayan artifact depicting a sun with a space ship shooting out of it.
notice the black shape in the sun.
in doing some research into the launch of the 5 NASA rocket's (which has now been postponed) they are going to be releasing Trimethylaluminum into the atmosphere so they can trace little understood solar winds...
I did some searching on the health effects of Trimethylaluminum and came across this...
I searched for the logo in the above pdf and it lead me to a company called sigma-aldrich as i wanted to varify that the data in the pdf is actually real...
[EDIT] i have been provided additional information from @Ashley on another forum:
"In Response to Craig and the NASA Rockets:
I found some very interesting information about the sounding rockets, specifically named "TERRIER"and "TONOPAH"
I have the links below:
Test Rockets used to "Conducted launches in support of US nuclear weapons development programs" "
I have also noticed when checking the official Atrex NASA site that now for a 3rd/4th time the dates have yet again been moved back for launch, the information on the website has remained the same but every time it reaches the deadline they state, they simply change the days back one day, this is now the 3rd/4th time this has happened:
"The ATREX mission has been rescheduled to no earlier than Monday night, March 19, because of the high probability of unacceptable weather on March 18. A decision on whether to proceed March 19 will be made Sunday evening."
I am new to this forum and am merely posting some findings have have 'accidentally' come across, if anyone has more info please let me know.

Thanks Phoenix!  Great images in the links!  There is tons happening everywhere!! I saw something today that opened my eyes about the GFL.  Will post it soon!


Oh good!  Having those discussions right now as well!  

Look forward to seeing it!

Did you see the videos that I posted on the GFL?


Here is the link, you may have seen this.



I saw the last one and it was very good.  I have only solar

energy and can't watch too many videos at one time. 

I think we have gotten some very good information just in 

the nick of time!  I did see that they showed that same

Mayan artifact in these videos.  Please share anything else

that came to your attention from these too!

The Maya were incredible star gazers, and by that understanding of the stars, knew the concept that 

says "as above so below"  or  As in Heaven so on Earth.   Their pyramids were similar to the Egyptian ones. 

The pyramid at Cheops was built to reflect the stars of Orion.  and there were people at that time who understood how to move the pyramids' great stones by sound vibrations and other vibrations. 

We, who continue to hold grievances against others   deny the openheartedness needed to endow our

minds with the wings of Light that  men such as one named  Thoth, who was one of the builders of  the pyramids in Egypt.


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