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The agenda behind chem-trails is to transform us into something else. The people developing Morgellons disease in their bodies are the people who's bodies reject the transformation. The rest of us are being transformed without our knowing.

I watched this and I found it hard to believe but the research and findings compels one to believe it

I dare you to watch this video to the end but also to keep in mind that we are energy beings and all of this is purely the manifestation of our dream. When we keep our spirituality the "bad" part of this story will not become our personal reality. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.


Many of us will grow beyond this and remain unchanged by it. Never give up your faith in something greater than us that we can tap in at any time.

"When you remove a man from his God you can own him" Ramtha

So remain un-ownable



I would like to hear thoughts on this.

I know this is upsetting and I therefore implore you to watch this short video on where we come from and what we are. HERE is the video that removes these fears.

Namasté my dear fellow saints.

Be the love you believe in.

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Come TOGETHER People!!!

With Nanotechnology and releasing of microbes in out atmosphere either through spray cans or chemtrails we are utilizing our brilliance in science for an agenda to control. 
We need to offer alternative solutions to the level of research in defining what life is all about at that nano level. Replicating resonance of natural things not hybrid pathogens.

Hi Harry

It appears that you have been observing this for longer than I have. Do you believe it will improve our life quality or degrade it?


I can't get this to link to my Face Book page....

This is the message I get trying to link it to face book: 

FBCDN image is not allowed in stream:

Im sorry Victoria

I have no idea how to fix that but I have a conspiracy theory that a lot of information is now being scanned and blocked from the public.

This breaks my heart......and humans just look up, never bothering to know why

or investigate the reasons and what it is that is being sprayed... and they don't

care. They just don't get it.... their grandchildren and grandchildrens' children

will be unable to reproduce or think beyond what they are programmed to do.

Humans are as guilty and the dark energies controlling the planet.

I sincerely hope that the earth changes happen before they can complete their plan and makes it impossible for them to complete it.

 Its not allowed on facebook,the stream their saying.   And yes the Ascention will happen before this i complete,its a good thing and scientific.  Believe in God and never let go and youll be fine.  Bless All. Love,Love  marion

That is wonderful news Mark.

I am sure they can cure morgellons disease then too.

Can you cite some links or quotes on this?

Thanks Eugene. I watched the video through to the end. Most interesting, frightening, sad to say the least. We can hope and pray that the earth changes are completed before the lunatics change the world and the human race.

They are all playing God.

We need lots of help from above.


We need to realize our own potential now. We need to know that we are source energy and that source energy manifests as directed in all its perfection.

This event is only a mind distortion and will fade as soon as we access our true potential and create wonderful new realities while ignoring this.


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