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 Hi to everyone on OV.  This is an old post that I have featured before on OV.  But it had been updated towards the end.  I thought those that did not see it before would have a chance to see it now.]" class="long" id="eow-title" dir="ltr">The Calling By Max Igan *Full Length* []

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Charles.....what the hell can we do to stop this bs? I post these messages and video

clips on Facebook, but no one ever listens or makes a comment about this!!! What

else can we do to wake up the people???

Hi Victoria!  What it would take to awaken the masses is the people that are awake,  to take over the TV stations and put a video of the real truth on!!  That would get people's attention!  There are key dates this year that will push many others awake! Just you watch.




Well I, amongst many others,  I am sure,  have turned off TV for a few years now - I live in a peaceful silence. I also do not use artificial sweetners, nor fizzy artificial drinks nor fluoride toothpaste - those things are easy to do. I love, respect and welcome  all races as my human brother and sister, irrespective of what they believe which is their right on their own path of development. It is the next steps that we need to focus on as a group in order to address, concrete solutions. There is truth in this idea of working on ourselves as individuals in order to have an impact on the whole - then the whole, in their sincere heart wish, together, can affect wonderous changes. There are also wonderous changes occuring also, for the better, on a daily basis and wonderful people out there, whom we hear little about - nor the great changes that area already occuring in groups worldwide. A correct balance is to research and view 'both' sides of the existing situation and not just one. Be consoled that if things seem 'darker' right now that it could possibly be a sign that things must be fairly 'bright' also  to warrant such an opposing force....May Light and Love prevail on Earth. Keep sending 'love light'  to those areas of darkness for miracles to occur. Everything is energy and energy can be manipulated for the positive results we so desire.



Beautifully put Anna Maria!  We must stay in the heart!  Stay postive and show Love and Compassion to others.


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