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SYNTHIA - Is for targeting people, not oil - It was never about oil - Its legal Genocide


 SYNTHIA - Is for targeting people, not oil - It was never about oil - Its legal Genocide

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just one more thing used under the table  and now coming to light.  oh so much more that is be used done against the people,  some take hold and try to make changes others says it just aint possible until people start dropping dead from unknown sources. kinda like how the nucular hitting across the usa, cant happen but is being found CLEAR ACROSS THE STATE va. i have family fl i have family my question how so fast, it made it something more than meets the eyes


I would be very suspicious about Radiation found in the USA!  Don't assume that it comes from Japan!  The Insane Cabal could be behind levels being recorded in the USA and other countries!  What is clear is this!   Nuclear power is too hazardous to generate power with!  It must be banned now!!!  All nuclear reactors must be shut down now!  That is the only way to guarantee a safer world!  Nuclear free!!!  Ban all Nuclear Weapons too!!  Starting with Israel!  They have missles pointed at every country,  That includes the USA!!  


Israel is not you friend, but is using you in the most appauling way to take all the heat while it gets away with every evil under the sun!   Most of your Government officials at the highest ranks in government are Israelis, trying to destroy your country from the inside out!  They are controlling Britain, Canada and Australia too!   The dumb asses just don't realize it or are too yellow bellied to do anything about it!


Put Real American Patriots back in charge of Government in the USA!  Arrest all in the Federal Reserve,  CFR, the Top Dogs at NASA CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and other organisations that are known to have these Traitors!      Get back your Military Pull out immediately from Every country, Close down All US bases in other countries  Bring your forces back home to deal with the traitors within the USA!  Seize all Large corporations that have paid no taxes!  That have harmed the Environment and the people!  Arrest all the people at the top of large corporations and fine them with unlimited fines, Close these companies down like Haliburton, BP, Shell, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Big Agricultural,  Leaving only reputable companies that have paid their taxes and that never harmed the environment or the people the world.

This is so disgusting on so many levels.  There are no words to describe these evil and ignor ant beings
People have to become more political to get involved with their world!  The people are the law!  We tell Governments what to do, not mentally deranged vermin bankers and their large corporations.

This will not be as easy to clean up as the oil..... I sure hope the FOL can seriously

help humanity and the Cetacians survive this horror.  The destruction of the oceans

will mean the destruction of mankind.

There are some ETs out there helping us to a degree!  Not sure about the FOL though.
I did not want to be the one to show you this kind of stuff!  But I couldn't stay silent to such atrocities.  I don't believe in hiding these things, but we still have to remain positive,  maybe nature can come up with something that can deal with this.  Thank you all for your comments.  If this thing is lethal, then we must destroy Shell and BP for doing this!  Shell secretly works very closely with BP!    We won't take the Vacines, we will just take the assets of the companies by mass force if necessary!  Ever BP station, every Shell station will be raided by the people in every country.  We won't be braking any laws because the people are the law.
Charles, although it hurts me to see and hear these things, I am extremely grateful to you~ and all other people who can find this information and get it out to me and whoever else needs to see it. So thank you, I appreciate it very much!

I wish to give people good news.  Not this kind of stuff.  But people have a right to know what is going on.  Their plans will crumble into dust very soon!  They will turn on each other because once the brainwashed illuminati supporters realize that what the elite want is not for any greater good, but for the destruction of all life on Earth, including the destruction of most of the supporters of the elite!  They will turn once they find out the truth.   Let's hope it is sooner rather than later.


Just wait for the crap to hit the fan.  The illuminati slaves will surrender the elite to the people of the world, so that the illuminati members can finally be free for once in their lives.

Charles, speaking of crap to hit the fan, I'm waiting for the pope to hit the fan, lol! That day is also coming...

Oh the pope has a lot to answer for Tammy!




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