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We Sleep No More!

This is a long watch but it is worth the watch. Jam packed full of information that runs by at such a speed that one needs to watch it again and again to get it all. We saw No: 12 Before on here and it was AWESOME thank you Charles Magus. Now we have the full 1-15 part movie. If ever you want a crash coarse in where we come from and where we are heading, this is it!

Spirit Science full episodes 1 - 15

Watch and enjoy!
This video series was done by jordanduchnycz, atlantis king & friends. please check out their yt channels for more information on this topic and for links provided in the video

Stonehenge ley lines golden ratio mayan calendar Dec 21, 2012 awakening
illuminati freemasons skull and bones jahbulon annunaki life after death

Fair Use 2012

This weekend I had time to hunt all the rest down and found us these wonderful videos.


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Celestial Applause! I cant wait to get down to business and start watching this stuff! Another great one is the ancient aliens series. And done for non-profit, now that is what I like to hear. thanks Eugene, peace

I have the ancient Aliens series downloaded from Sattelite that a friend did for me. It is awesome. Years back when Von Danichen was the first to speak out there was also a documentary made "Mysteries of the Gods" Hosted by William Shatner (Captain Kirk Star trek)  It was just as awesome.

Splendid!  Can't wait!

I watched it over the weekend and I added some more.

It is so easy to just ask someone to educate themselves here so they can know what one is talking about. It saves on long "lectures"

GREAT VIDEO!!! Eugene, i think i needed to see this video.

As you can see I found some more. I find it short, precise and agreeable.

Charles, I bow to your brilliance.

Your mind is stupendous and incredible.

I have been telling people what is in this video for many years.

You have helped so many people that you have no idea, and maybe you do my friend.

Amazing Charles, simply amazing.

Blessings to you and your great mind.

i think you mean Eugene...:)

Thank you Rick.

In the greater sceme of things it does not really matter who the messenger is. This is all God speaking to God.  I am just too grateful that some God went through the trouble to put all this information in a crash coarse curicculum.

Yes thank you Rick.

I  meant to say Eugene.

I read so fast sometimes I jump right past who posted something and rush to the post.

Sorry Eugene. Had it not been for Rick, I would have continued to think that Charles posted this.

Peace and Happiness to all of my brothers and sisters who help to keep my mind right when I am doing 20 things at one time.

This is all down to the Fantastic Eugene, Reginald.   We all work together to awaken humanity and we will Brother!  Unity, Respect, Compassion, Freedom and Love for your fellow soul is what it is all about Reginald!  The 1% do not have Compassion or Love, that is why they would eventually destroy each other.  Evil ends up eating itself!  That will be their fate no matter what we do or don't do.


We need as many solutions as possible to see how to bring this cabal down.  This is where your mind  will come into its own!  I can see where the problem is, but you would be better at coming up with solutions to tackle the problem.  :-)


Many Blessings Brother! 



Thanks Charles. You are absolutely right about me coming up with solutions to the problem (global) Here is what I ponder, and please make suggestions to anything that I say. From what I have learned in the last few years, there is a sinister force that has had control of our people and planet for tens of thousands of years. Today we call them the Cabal. I suspect that they are offsprings of others before them called Pharoahs and Emperors, Kings, Queens, Rulers, Overseer's and all of the many controllers of this world that we are'nt even aware existed. Teachers and Professors and Social Engineering Stradegist and civilization specialist through out history have all had one tool that worked for them. In the corporate world, there is an event called corparate planning and it has worked miracles for those who rule over us now. In fact without some kind of plan, it is doubtful that there can be very much progress at all. It seems to be a powerful tool for being able to plan entire civilizations as well as agends for the future. I have heard learned people say many times that although someone may have an idea of how something works, they need a plan to be able to impliment their intentions. Another thought that I have is that what plans are in place now that our world can use to be able to start to change the corruption and terrible things that the present agenda has in place that will help to completely or partially stop or change and make a better world for everyone ? I have some ideas, but a good sound plan eludes me due to the massive amount of problems that the current system has created for everyone in the world.

You are excellent at showing what is wrong, and I salute your awareness of our current circumstances. However, I believe that the problems at hand is so large that unless some kind of celestial miracle occurs, we are left to our own designs once again to be able to solve the problems that we created by being so dumb in the first place.

The best lessons for me are those lessons that I teach myself. One of the things that I have learned from is the banksters greatest lesson to me. The lesson for me is, don't trust someone else with my money. The other lesson that I have learned is that although people smile at you while I am making a financial transaction, it is up to me to be intelligent enough to make sure that I am not being cheated by the small print that I may have neglected to read before I sign it. I now read anything that I sign that concerns money, If I don't like the small print and it is not crystal clear as to its intention, I do not sign it. For me, being dumb is a thing of the past. I think that is a good business plan for me to start with. I know that coming up with a plan for solving all of the woes of the world is important, but I also understand that I need to start with me first, and as I learn more, then I can make a difference in a world that is topsy turvey out of whack.

In some ways, I am the problem, because I never saw all of this crazyness coming.

Finding crooked people and getting revenge because of what they may have done to me is not on my agenda. I am spending my time finding out what damage they may have done and then making sure that the damage they have done to me is not so overwhelming that I can't recover from it. I have debt up to my eyeballs because I sent 2 daughters to college and still have a $50,000 debt left to pay back. I always thought that to get a good job, a person needed at least a college education or a technical career of some kind to insure a decent income. Guess what ? I was wrong. A 4 year degree is now like a high school diploma 15 years ago. So as you can see, I have my own house to put in order before I can say that I have a suggestion or plan for helping to address the financial and corruption problems of the world. However, without you informing us of some of the schemes and deceptions that others subject us to, I might not have ever tightened up my mental belt so that I could see what was really going on in it. I am grateful to you and everyone in OV who are aware, and help us all to do the same.

Your brother from another mother.

Peace and truth is what we need more of for now.




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