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Hey Charles:

This is super......we need to all get this out and make it happen.

Thanks as usual for all your good work in your end of the world.


Lynie :)

Many Thanks Lynie!! I have placed the original Global Strike on a few other sites. one site had a huge response!  So the message is getting out there.


Thanks again Lynie!

Love and Wishes


I  suggested same over a year ago.  List of Illuminati products or vendors and their subsidiaries needed.  Also includes medicine for some.  Realize their plans for financial collapse to bring in the North American Union money at possibly 10% of buying power.  Also read Nesara also needs collapse to back money up with precious metals.  People need to join and I really feel stop buying or using their products or businesses is a very peaceful way of doing it.  The gov't is continuously trying to regulate now what consumers use, especially saying we are not to use healthy foods attempts in legislation.  They are lining up on these numerous issues now.  Health care bill is another example.  They are putting the final pieces of the jigsaw together.

We must ensure that they do not do what they want to do. We have to change the way things run on this planet.  We cannot allow government and the dark cabal to control us any longer.  Change will happen and they will be removed from power. 


Thank you Melody!




I am all for this, however, this is only targeting certain corporations. What about the

Pharmaceutical, Medical and Clinical Laboratory Corporations? I keep asking questions

to you, Charles, but you never reply back.

Sorry if I have not come across your previous emails yet, I am still far behind in the emails.   We must bring back all natural medicines!   We have to stop buying anything made by pharmaceutical companies.  If we Strike for that one week, it will affect all companies Victoria.


I hope that answers your recent question.


Love and Light


Thank you Shelly!   I will have to do a reminder closer to the day!


Love and Blessings


This is not the answer nor the solution. It has to stop with people who buy stocks -of these corporations to stop supporting them. If I own stock in say Clorox, then obviously, I'm going to support and buy Clorox products. The same goes for over the few million other products and those people who own stock from many of these corporations. So boycotting a little here and there, really doesnt do a whole lot because their accounting is already set to take the fall, if and when the stock goes down. In other words they have reserves be able to hold the game without much fanfare. Unless someone targets them as they have targeted McDonalds then not much is going to change.


Also, growing your own vegetables, I'm not so sure about that not when I see them spraying our skies at night and the planes are flying over head in circles all over the area.  I dont have enough light indoors to set it up either. Not an excuse just the facts.

I do understand your point of view Gysette!  But to do nothing is far worse.  If you have any better suggestions, I would like to hear it.  We need something that is so big and effective that it will be an end to these misguided and foolish idiots that support the dark cabal.



Love and Light



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