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Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary


 Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary


Marijuana Must Be Made Legal Today! (Share This Video)


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I agree. Especially, "Hemp Oil" is proven to be a miracle drug for fighting cancer, etc...

In fact, the real question is - is there anything that hemp oil cannot cure?


It is the Biggest threat to every zionist industry. Pharmaceutical, Oil, Paper Mill, Fertilizer industry, Plastics Industry and every other one to boot!  That is why it has been Demonized!  It has over 50,000 applications!!!  It is the Truth wonder plant!!!

It would save any country that uses it and smash the Big corporations!!  That is the world's greatest problem!  Big Corporations and Banks which control our governments!

I have been reading a lot in the media lately how this person smoked some weed and their brain tumor dimished, or their lung cancer vanished.  I thought wow could it be true then I recalled in our family a truth.  My husband's cousin Rob had cancer he smoke before the diesease hit him  and during guess what he still died of cancer.  So I don't believe this is a cure all just maybe some hype to promote the legalization for the drug.   The tar from the THC still coats the lungs gives a person smoker lungs, thus problems an inlaw suffers from this. So although I am sure it has it benefits  like any drug prescribtion or natural there are risks involve mainly is addiction, not having a clear head and pure temple.

Sally, I'm sorry to hear your husband lost his cousin. The most effective way is hemp oil taken orally. Not smoking it. Here's documentary about it:

RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version

 Full transcript:

For more info Learn about Rick Simpson, the man who rediscovered the cure for cancer and shared it with as many people as he could Recently while traveling from Canada Rick had his house raided again for the third time, and while Rick always admitted with pride that he had grown medicinal hemp and cured people with it... the police fabricated this "raid" and found no marijuana and actually stole other things from the property, and all without producing a warrant. The police force that broke into Rick's home and destroyed the inside stole the very security cameras that proves what they were doing.

Rick had no marijuana on his property, yet he has been charged with the best the police and prosecutor could come up with. Rick tore himself away from his heavy healing work to pick up the the Cannabis Cup Award in Amsterdam and due to this horrible turn of events many people will probably die without their medicine. rabbitholecentral tv is trying to throw as much light on this story as possible as the plight of these patients today maybe be yours tomorrow and of all the most valuable things to acquire in life knowledge is the greatest. Learn about hemp oil.
Finally in its entirety the should-be-award-winning documentary by Christian Laurette. If you haven't seen it before here it is on Paula Gloria's old director's account so you can see and share it on youtube more easily.

The best way to take this is the Pure Hemp oil, which is kept in Needleless Syringes. It is a greeny Black Grease and taken daily would cure virtually any illness!

Sally Ann  please watch  " Dad gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana " on You tube
I think I saw that video.  Dad cured toddler's brain cancer when doctors couldn't is what it should have said.  A child's brain is still developing and no drug as marijuana, alcohol, etc., should be given to a child unless for dire reasons.  But in this case the doctors had given up and the father lovingly knew how to possibly cure his child, did it, and it worked.
Legalizing this would bring such huges revenues we could balance our debt/budget quickly.  You know this is how alcohol was legalized after the first depression...the states gained huge tax revnues from it.   I have no problem with people that partake in this  it just very well may have some medical benefits if pure.  Today's weed,  isn't organically pure most if not all is laced or bred with other plants to make it more potent thus to give you different highs.  A nation of pot heads yeah, what an easy way to control the masses , make sure you buy stock in medical obesity, fast foods because getting stoned gives you the munchies , inpairs your judgement and for some addiction ....thus pros and cons

I'm a very firm believer that marijuana should be legalized.  I've only skimmed these videos due to time and the length. 

What some people don't realize is that some of the Very TOP political people and some judges are reported as being part of the sales.  It's also known that during the Vietnam War, the CIA was smuggling narcotics into the bodies of the dead vets being brought home.  It's also known to be one of the ways the black budget is paid for.  Of course much money made in the prison system with cheap labor and prison experimentation.  The jerks have a financial interest in the subject. 

In Colorado they are trying to properly figure out how to tax it and treat it like alcohol, not sure but I think it's Aspen where it's totally legal now.  The problem is Fed. won't accept the States vote approval on the medical marijuana subject and Fed. law usually supersedes state law but the States are lately saying screw the Fed's on many issues, they have overstepped themselves.  (AZ and the boarder not being protected by the Feds is a good example on this one.  Obama even took that situation to the U.N. yet he should have been doing his job of protecting our borders.)   

Also, if you look into the reality, the Fed's have set up asset seizure laws, they/whoever gets paid money and keeps what they take in drug raids and many of the raids are fake, a set-up.  Many of the seized assets are sold over the Internet.  It's the Federal Government's incentive to keep marijuana illegal in the mind of the States by them getting to enlarge their budget and keep peoples cars, houses, bank accounts, anything that person has that they want.  It's a scam. 

This subject could help balance out the counties budget.


Colorado weighs difficulties of pot regulations

Kristen Wyatt, AP

DENVER – What's in that joint, and how can you be sure it's safe?

Colorado is working toward becoming the first state to regulate production of medical marijuana. Regulators say pot consumers deserve to know what they're smoking, and producers should have safety regulations such as pesticide limits for plants destined for human consumption.

Right now, patients have no way to verify pot-shop claims that certain products are organic, or how potent a strain might be.

"You don't go into a Walgreens with a headache and put on a blindfold and pick something off a shelf. But that's what some people are doing when they buy marijuana," said Buckie Minor of Full Spectrum Laboratories in Denver, which currently does voluntary marijuana analysis for about 100 growers and dispensaries.

Minor and others in the pot business say industry standards are needed. But Colorado officials are having a tough time writing regulations for a product that's never been scrutinized or safety-tested before.

New Mexico requires marijuana products to be labeled by strain and potency, and is planning by the end of the year to allow health inspectors to review samples. But currently none of the 14 states that allow medical marijuana regulate how it's grown.

"There's no experience with this," said Dr. Alan Shackelford, a Denver physician heading up Colorado's effort to write labeling and safety regulations for medical marijuana.

Colorado hopes to have in place by early next year some sort of labeling and inspection standard for marijuana sold commercially, under provisions of a new state law. But it's a daunting task. Physicians, pot shop owners and state regulators all say standards are needed but guidelines don't exist. Some of the questions:

_Should marijuana sellers be able to attach medical claims to their products? What if no research exists to back up a claim that a certain strain of pot is best for, say, pain or nausea?

_Should medical pot be labeled by potency? Patients using over-the-counter and prescription drugs can read the medicine's ingredients, but no analogy exists for pot's active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

_What about chemicals, such as pesticides or fertilizers, used on marijuana plants? Should those be limited, as they are for food and tobacco?

_Agencies that routinely inspect farms, restaurants and pharmaceutical factories have no experience regulating pot. Can they be tapped to inspect marijuana grows?

_What happens if someone gets sick from medical marijuana? Should growing operations have guidelines to limit contamination, such as mildew and mold?

"Given the lack of USDA or other oversight of this agricultural industry, we're at square one," Shackelford said when introducing proposed regulations recently.

According to regulators and physicians on the committee to establish regulations under the new law, the recommendations are likely to include basic labeling requirements, including potency. The regulations are also likely to call for pot growers to submit random samples for state testing, and rules for labeling pot products "organic."

Shackelford says he'll borrow from federal tobacco regulations for limits on chemicals that can be used in material to be smoked or ingested.

The regulations will also likely include the nation's first guidelines for the safe production of hashish, which is concentrated marijuana. Hash production can be a fire risk because it's often prepared using butane, and sometimes hash is made using plastics that can leave unsafe carcinogens as residue.

Matt Cook, who leads the Department of Revenue committee considering the new regulations, conceded that state regulators face a challenge overseeing the state pot supply.

"How do I enforce this?" Cook asked Shackelford when the doctor was talking about limiting pesticide use on the plants. "I just don't want to create something that creates a regulatory nightmare for all of us."

But the so-called "ganjapreneuers" working in the marijuana business say that regulation and safety standards are needed.

"Patients are definitely interested to get as much information as they can about what they're ingesting," Minor said.



Colorado Department of Revenue marijuana guidelines:

Full Spectrum Laboratories:

Nov. 26, 20-10



Great information Melody!!  Cheers!! 


The new human being evolving will not need to be dependent upon  drugs  this is a 3D world mindset


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