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Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary


 Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary


Marijuana Must Be Made Legal Today! (Share This Video)


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Humans will be able to heal themselves with their mind and there is not suppose to be diseases in 5D.  Marijuana is not addictive as you believe and stated on this blog.  It has numerous uses.  It has been known for healing.  I used to socially smoke it years ago but with the laws the way they are I can't afford to loose my home and belongings on the subject.  Federal Law still states it's a Felony. 

I would like to tell you a little story.  An old friend of mine quit because he became the boss at an oil industry job that paid much and they required drug testing.  His brother still sold marijuana.  His brother got a call, there was a party and they couldn't find their regular and needed him to make a delivery to the party.  He was led into a back room where numerous drugs were on display for the party people to use.  The party people were local politicians, lawyers and judges with others.  These same people prosecuted with long terms off of the bench or prosecuted on the subject they did.  

Another stories, when I was young and a partier, I was with my boyfriend where we took a friend of his to a mental hospital and dropped him off because he overdosed.  Another friend, she was a vibrant cute cheer leader at her old school, somebody dropped acid in her drink without her knowing it and she freaked out.  She ended up in a mental ward.  Another friend still sees her imaginary friend because her body was alergic to speed.   In reality weed can lead people to the harder drug world.

I don't believe hard drugs should be legalized.  I don't believe marijuana is a hard drug.  I do believe drugs like penacillan, tetrocyclene, should be as yeast infection and benadryl for allergies has been and they are legalized in Mexico with little problems on the subject.  The bottles come with instructions. 

I cannot say if any of the ET aliens use marijuana.  Maybe somebody should ask or look it up. 


Even though I have not smoked for over 15 years, the reason the government

does not want you to smoke is because it OPENS your mind, and helps your

psychic abilities! God forbid you might become "illumined" in some way lol!!!

I think you're right.  Thank you.  I hadn't thought of it that way but I can see what you are saying as accurate.

Thank you Melody for your comment.  We have definitely been lied to about this wondrous miraculous plant that has so many fantastic uses!  The big Pharmaceuticals saw it as a threat to their monopoly straight away!  That is why it was demonised!  That is why we must now have it legalized!  All the things you have herd about, things that are supposedly bad, especially when they are not.  Sudo-Science was used to discredit them and people accepted that from them hook, line and Sinker!   We are awakening to the truth!  I say that we spread this information far and wide!




Instead of Chemtrials, it would be better  to spray THC or LSD on us!  It would awaken humanity in one go!!!  Down with the Illuminati!!  They are not Illuminated!!! They have been fooled into going along with their own annihilating and that of the Entire planet!  How stupid can they be to fall for the Rothschild Bloodline B-S??  Incredibly STUPID!!!

It's a natural plant, it was given to us, that's that.
Exactly!!  It is strange how poisonous plants are not banned, They would kill a human being, but one plant that has not killed one human being is banned??  It doesn't make any sense!!!!
When something doesn't make sense, you ignore the law, for it is a Jackass!!!!   You don't obey laws that are wrong and against nature!!
Exactly!! :) We can ingest alcohol, have bars, drunk drivers, fights, stress, but we can't have a plant? Funny. We have receptors in our brain that accepts the THC, not every species has that.
Lets Get THCed!!! LOL!

The Plant can cure many diseases!!  That is why it is such a threat to them!!  I would not deny anybody this plant if it could stop them from suffering or even dying, so why should we allow governments do that to us??  The answer is, we shouldn't!! We have to fight back!!!


Thanks Astari!


Many Blessings


yep it is a big threat , many people say , if you have cannibis and aloe vera in your garden you shouldnt need any other herb other than for culenary taste. i am surprised they have nt banned aloe vera , so if they can use and sell that in shops then there must be an easy solution for them to make money from cannibis, although they ve pumped so much money on banning and saying no to drugs im guessing they dont want to loose face now . it will take someone really radical to turn the law about , blessing s ,deb


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