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Oppose PROTECT-IP Act: U.S. Government Wants To Censor Search Engines And Browsers

Tell Congress to Kill COICA 2.0, the Internet Censorship Bill

UPDATE:  Great news.  We don't always see eye-to-eye with Google, but we're on the same team this time.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt just came out swinging against PROTECT IP, saying, "I would be very, very careful if I were a government about arbitrarily [implementing] simple solutions to complex problems." And then he went even further.  From the LA Times:

"If there is a law that requires DNSs, to do X and it's passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president of the United States and we disagree with it then we would still fight it," he said, according to the report. "If it's a request the answer is we wouldn't do it, if it's a discussion we wouldn't do it."

Big content is irate.  The Motion Picture Association of America released a statement saying, "We’ve heard this ‘but the law doesn’t apply to me’ argument before – but usually, it comes from content thieves, not a Fortune 500 company.  Google should know better."

ORIGINAL: We knew that members of Congress and their business allies were gearing up to pass a revised Internet Blacklist Bill -- which more than 325,000 Demand Progress members helped block last winter -- but we never expected it to be this atrocious.  Last year's bill has been renamed the "PROTECT IP" Act and it is far worse than its predecessor.  A summary of it is posted below.

Senators Leahy and Hatch pretended to weigh free speech concerns as they revised the bill.  Instead, the new legislation would institute a China-like censorship regime in the United States, whereby the Department of Justice could force search engines, browsers, and service providers to block users' access to websites, and scrub the American Internet clean of any trace of their existence.

Furthermore, it wouldn't just be the Attorney General who could add sites to the blacklist, but the new bill would allow any copyright holder to get sites blacklisted -- sure to result in an explosion of dubious and confused orders.

Will you urge Congress to oppose the PROTECT IP Act?  Just add your name at right. 

PETITION TO CONGRESS:  The PROTECT IP Act demonstrates an astounding lack of respect for Internet freedom and free speech rights.  I urge you to oppose it.

Here is the link!  Please see it to sign the petition there.  Thank you!

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Charles I signed it and put it on my facebook page.  You don't have to be from the U.S. to sign it I was happy to see.  I know our government in Canada is trying to implement their own version of this here.  I already cannot  access some minor sites I used to go to.  Thanks!


Yep!  I was happy to see that you don't have to be an American citizen to sign the petition Tammy!  My latest post will reveal a lot more and help you see the bigger picture of the zionists are doing.





Charles, I think I already signed this, but was glad to sign it again, just in case I

didnt sign it.

lol! Thanks Victoria!  We need this medium to stay in touch, if we don't have it, we will have to go out in the streets and expose what is going on.
They are trying to stop us from finding the truth on the net!  I signed and posted on Facecrook also Charles!
Thank you Lozzie for sharing the info!!   They are not going to get away with this!!!


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