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GLOBAL STRIKE! 2011  A way to take a stand against the Banking and corporate System!  Share this all over the world!!!!
Time: Friday, July 1 at 6:00am - July 8 at 11:00pm 
Location: GLOBAL
 There IS a way we can collectively fight back against environmentally destructive multinational corporations. A coordinated global general strike and boycott, combined with personal preparedness, in sufficient numbers, can cause a great deal of economic disruption. The best tactic? Non-participation. A multi pronged strategy will be most effective:

...1. BOYCOTT: All corporate products, beginning with Coke, McDonalds, ADM, and Monsanto. Reduce to eliminate your consumption of gasoline. You can start this now. Lawsuits: The more of their resources are devoted to circular legal action, which is expensive, the more is taken out of their budget without producing anything. File lawsuits of every kind (class action, environmental damage, labor rights).

2. STRIKE: The first week of July 2011. Take your vacation time, sick leave, organize your union to strike at this time. Spend time with family at home! The main thing is: DON'T BUY ANYTHING FOR ONE WEEK. Continue as long as possible, buy the gasoline you will need for a week at least.

3. PREPARE: Learn what wild foods are available to you, identify them, and eat them. Start a garden, organize within your community to become as food self sufficient as possible. Store durable food a little at a time so you have a large supply by July. Plan many crops that will begin to bear by the first week of July.

A permanent boycott will cause price disruption and stock deflation. A coordinated strike will cause specific timed disruption of currency movement (ie it's not coming out of your pocket, and you are not causing any more to be moved or produced), and preparedness to become independent permanently from key industries (industrial agriculture).

The only way to level the playing field with 'the powers that be' is to take their money and make it valueless. Complete abundance causes a market economy to crash! When you have everything you need, what do you need money for? THEY HAVE AS MUCH POWER AS WE BELIEVE IN THEIR MONEY.

Together we can take one more step to bringing the machine to it's knees! Grow your own food! Stop giving them money!

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Absolutely excellent idea... I will pass this on immediately....


Thank you Charles......   :)



Thank you Lynie!!  Bless you!!!



It is imperative to remember that  the "they"  that we always speak of - are not separate

from us !   It's  necessary to remember we ARE all  emissaries of LIght  - each one.  

As it has been told unto us since time began,  we are gods !   Collectively we are ONE. 

Ambassadors Awakening to Oneness.     The thought God holds of YOU is like a star. 

Charles,this is great, but what about people who dont have any land in which

to grow food? I live in an apartment with no balcony or patio.


Think about it. Changes are happening as we speak. The city dwellers depend entirely on an artificial system to live. When the Paw-paw hits the fan they will suffer the most and probably be the first to die. Water and food..... energy. Can you imagine what happens in a city when those things dissapoear? It takes tremendous logitics to keep a city going.


The small towns folk will probably have to do away with a few luxuries but they will survive.



one Charles~~~We've been doing this! 

YES! Charles. I really do hope the world will join us in this Boycott. We must start now by having meetings in homes, schools and wherever possable to know who will need help to make it through this boycott, and be ready to house and feed those who would not otherwise be able to make it through a boycott. Help them so that they can not be intissed to work against us during the boycott. Those are the people who once again will be used to go against the boycott to survive, for they could be bought for inside information for food and such. People who are with nothing now but who beg on the streets or commit crimes to feed they're familys. We must know who they are and bring them under our wings so to speak.

A week could be tricky, worth a try anyway, as best we can!  It will be easier in the summer weather in our northern hemisphere.  It sure will send a powerful message!


Good Afternoon Shell:

Just stopping by to send hugs and love over the OV site....... lol


Love you tons,

Lynie :)



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