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Free Energy [HD] Hijacked Governments Crimimalzing Solutions - - Time4Truth!

Free Energy [HD] Hijacked Governments Crimimalzing Solutions - - Time4Truth!

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I would take a few of them down with me if I had an invention like the ones you mentioned Chewbit and I refused to sell, as I would refuse!  You know me.  Take no bull!

Over the years I have heard of so many people being killed in 'accidents' who had built energy efficient devices and vehicles. They would not sell.  I know you take no bull, Charles, that is what I like about you.  But watch your back please.♥


I will Tammy!  I have made no inventions, so they have no reason to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get rid of me.  But if they did come for me, they would wish that they hadn't!


Love and Blessings


To get past the government control, EVERYONE should learn how to create and install

the magnetic engine into their cars..... whats the government going to do then? They

cant arrest every person in the US that has a free energy device!  Heck, I would use

this if I new how to make it.

Me too! I could do with one now! :-)


neat idea Victoria! :-)



Great video.I hope he develops the concept.

Check this site out if you are interested in alternate sources of energy.This is a new discovery in physics ,slightly beyond my understanding.Maybe we have some on OV that can comment.

Sure sounds like we might soon understand what Light actually is all about.

Thanks for sharing Guy!   Interesting talk about the core of the Earth.  Thank you Guy.


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