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Mary Rodwell research on the new human the proof she presents is captivating.

 arount the twelve minute mark this interview gets amazing

second link is actual starchild talking about their abilities  I hope this will stimulate discussion of the dreams you maybe having ....I have been having many dreams of being on board crafts it's time to share your experiences



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What this video reveals is happening to me dreams of being on crafts,  a third child dream multi times, seeing a mother and father on a craft sadden I left them for an experience plus so many more so how many of you are having these dreams /experiences now is the time to share  around the twelve minute mark is when the interview gets really interesting ....
This is very interesting because not that long ago , I too had a dream where I was laying on a bed or table and there were i think 3 beings around me , and the one with his hand sectioned off  apx 6 or 7 inches of my arm, with his fingers like he was marking my forearm , then began to explain something......    I' don't know if this being was explaining to me or the other beings standing observing,  but what i got out of it ( i only remember because it was upon waking)   as soon as i got up in the morning,   and what this being was saying was  to explain the multi layered information involved in the cells of my skin 

HI i too haVE Had three bearded men visiting me whilst in a paralysed state,this has been happening since i was a very young child, whilst i am paralysed they work on my body and i find i know the answers to life ,death and why we are here,when i come out of that state i remember that the answers are  so simple but cannot remember what they are. love to hear more about your experiences

hugs Helen

shelly this is great check out the second link talking about the children
Butterfly just ask yourself for the right frequency until you achieve it.
Fabulous videos Sally thank you, especially the exoploitics one.It has definately stirred up some memories in me I did some drawings of strange faces along with some odd writing some years back I feel I need to dig them out and review them
With my dream I was also an observer/

Here is a dream that I had completely forgotten about , until last year it came back to me,  I know I was only about 8 or 9 yrs old when i had the dream because of where my family and i were living at the time,   in the dream I am observing and i am seeing 4 or 5 aliens running up and down the stairs of our home , to my bedroom,  i remember they were not very tall, and they were the peverbial little green men ,  they had the traditional big eyes, no hair and they had long fingers, and they could move really fast .....  i was in bed but at the same time i could see them go up and down the stairs , from the kitchen to my bedroom that was at the top of the stairs..  


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