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History Denied : UFO Secrets Of The US Government ~ A 6 Video Presentation With Sgt. Clifford Stone

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Same here. Chris... all blanks.
I was able to open them, more smiles! These voice overs really suck! I mean really!!! This guy doesn't even talk this way. Check out what he was saying at the press conference to the content of the videos. Obviously he was talking about personally handling bodies etc at the press conference and does not even mention that in his video series. You have the same bobble head moving in each video. Obviously it's hard to find good help
anywhere you go even in the cover up business;-)
Love and Light,
Dear All,
I am not hiding anything, like the Governments , but media simply ignores these amazing events I have been experiencing, so I'd like to ask you:
Would you like to say something about my book CALLING UFO's _ A TRUE STORY> my amazing experiences with God's miracles (what we call UFO's). The truth means nothing in this world, only whom you know and weather you have money for your good marketing. I, as an emigrant from former Yugoslavia, has none of those!!!

You are welcome to read :
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Momcilo Radovanovic
Hey Christopher, I also attempted to view these and only got small bits of information. It cuts out after 5 or 6 seconds----very choppy. Is there a direct Youtube clip we can go to??
No afraid not ....these videos are "exclusive" to


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