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Alien Interview
by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Alien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy.pdf
HIdden knowledg Matilda has kept for sixty years now she wants you to know this so she doesn't take it to her grave

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I have just begun to read this interview and will best comment once I have made my way through this. I can say this if this information is anything like the interview on the post Nibiruan and Marduk you are in for a treat.
I haven't read the whole pdf file yet I'm on chapter ten now. How I understand this life form is instead of a soul in a biologcial body like ours they chose artifical more efficient for traveling . Going out of their realm being in strange atomospheres and for operation purposes, like putting on a coat in cold weather if you will, they have the ability to shed their's not like us our bodies a prison. I get thus far just the oppoiste affect , yes, concerned about the planet first because of our distrespect for her exploding bombs, wars, pollution etc. Their respect and love for the humans or life in general by elimating the the old empire's grasp of mind control over us or trying to showing a compassion our controller do not have. By supplying us with our true history and not a version of made up superstitutions shows respect for our species. Now adgenda yes thus far what I am getting is allowing us to know the truth, remove controllors so we may remember and know our TRUE selves so that we can evolve naturally, respect the planet be free to go home if desired , mature if you will. becoming responsible beings in the universe, this is the goal I get thus far, we have nothing they want or need. Now from what I heard on the interview on the nibiuran /marduk council yes, many space brothers fighting one another , also mentioned in the interview as well, for control over this planet and us. My conclusion is thus far whatever they have done to us to forget to control us, we must be amazing beings of power . The planet itself is a gold mine of resources and a dumping ground for the universes' degenerates, criminal, renagades and freedom none conformaist fighters earth is the melting pot of cultures. These many different star nations fighting act no more advanced in that department than we do here on earth , they all seem to want something from us except for the the domain , interview alien. Now my conclusion thus far is this you and me being manipulated by our own, the old empire other off world entites taking from us our true identites and abilities we must be creator gods literally to be harnessed like we are. Until we have full memory abilities I do not trust none of them will be skeptical of all of them and strive to know who the heck I truly am where I came from and want my full rights of memory and abilities. So the quest continues the fight continues and I do believe all our incarnations upon this planet memories we have of off world helps us greatly and that the Source of ALL loves us without question just listen to your heart.
No story does have all the facts we won't either until we can remember let's hope that our memories haven't been wiped completely! I sure am tired of reincarnating over and over aren't you this negativity the world creates feeds some entity thus why we are controlled and kept in confusion upheavl wars etc.
I don't know either it seems I read somewhere a long time ago that if we knew better we wouldn't keep on reincarnating . That it was a lie we were told and we could then chose what state we desired to be in a carnated body again or staying in a spiritual state. Well heck how far some of us have come like me religion told me there was no such thing as reincarnation we get only one chance one life, so looking at this whole possiblity from that view this could be true ,my guess is this just another diabolic way we have been controlled. If someone of evil intend saw you were rich , power abilities and could snatch all that away by you never remembering then what a great scheme. Keeping the soul confused alive sucking it's essence using it's energy , power keeping it ignorant! This seem to play into what we have been learning on the grand scale to how it applies in our realm of reality now on earth, crap makes me mad and I want to remember ME.
Sally Jane, What "out there" do we allow to make us angry? It makes no sense. If the PRIME
CREATOR, which is Divine Love and lives outside of time, goes with you wherever you go, then
you are ONE with that Divine One. You are an extension of THAT WHICH IS ALWAYS AT PEACE
like the Peace and Calm that lives at the center of any storm. To GOD, the EYE, OR THE "I" AT THE CENTER OF THE STORM, there is nothing that upsets the ultimate STILLNESS AND PEAC in which God abides.
There are NO CONDITIONS that can cause the STILLNESS, THE PEACE, THE HUSH OF HEAVEN to change. IT'S UN -CONDITIONAL LOVE. Let's be like Jeshua who is like a cheerleader
I guess I don't understand your reply Marymoon concerning this pdf file.
Now that I have completed and had a day or two to digest it as I wrote in a private note I will echo here. With all materials on the internet (it being monitored,watched by the elitist) we must assume for safety sake , materials could be plants of half truths , half lies. The meat of the material message which we already are learning is self empowerment, we are the creators , gods. If we can take only this message to heart and grow from this everything else will fall into place . A lot of information in this piece made sense to me could be , maybe especially the amensia reference part , since no one can prove or disprove all I can do is file another read in my noggin of ???? I will say this just for reading purposes only found it so totally interesing would make a neat sci-fi movie.
I guess what we have to wake up to, Sally, is that no matter what befalls us, or what happens
all around us, whether there are truly aliens or not, there's a bright side always to everything.
Even heartache has its beatitudes or blessings . It must. I am sure heartache, if we're open to understanding it better, can whisper its greater meaning to us, if we'll listen. Creators are meaning
ful people. To say, "Thank you, God, for this heartache" makes better sense than sinking into
it and feeling hopeless. Even hope is sort of lackluster, mostly. Hope does let a little Light in
but perhaps Desire is brighter. Desire breaks down to de=of sire=Father. We are of the Father
Mother God, sent here to bring more BRIGHT hope to everyone.
Yes, life is full of wonderful lessons some of the best ones where the hardest ones. We are all progressing at our own levels and rate thus what a blessing to be able to share on a forum as this learning from one anothers experiences....thank you for you contribution.
yes, I agree it would be nice if someone that can either recall their past lives or had such an encounter would chime in on this .
Probably if we could understand that our Souls do live outside of time, then even past lives
would not matter much. I was told my last lifetime was during the Salem witch hunts
in Mass. a few hundred years ago. And that I was murdered by all the villagers I loved. But what is that to Eternity? Nothing. Jeshua said "The Father sent me." Well, the Father sent you, also!
To remind me, us, of the joy of the light that dawns every morning, and that all mornings are one
blessed and sacred morning. The sacred light of dawn says, "The dark is gone!" Truth is of the most exquisite SIMPLICITY.
It's a personal choice to remember to be free to remember is the key. I chose these memories they are mine to keep or disregard no one has that right to elimate them from me. In remembeing maybe I will recall many beautiful talents I may posses or abilities I have, not to know for me isn't an opition. To recall loved ones seeing feeling my history ,yes knowing me is my quest it is my right.
Perhaps to remember this: That PRIME CREATOR's desires for you are of THE PUREST INTENT.
God's pure intent is ABSOLUTE not relative.


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