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The Artifacts On Mars

Equally Spaced Objects

Here’s an image of Mars taken from the Opportunity camera in Jan 07.

Opportunity Sol 1070
Courtesy: NASA/JPL

There are six objects you can clearly see that I’ve marked in red squares. They are all equi-distant! Can this be possible in nature? Are they just stones lying around, or are these artificial constructs? (There are more objects in a straight line in the original Opportunity image which I have cropped).

Here are three strange objects exactly 800 feet apart on Terra Meridiani!! Natural stone formation? You be the judge!

MOC narrow-angle image M00-01661
Courtesy: Marsunearthed

Original Image

This next image is near 86.8°S, 341.3°W. This is an area termed ‘Anomaly 502’. Note the ‘craters’ on the upper right of the image on the left. The B/W pic on the right which I’ve reoriented to match the image on the left, is purportedly a radar contour image of the same area where one can clearly see the ‘craters’. But they all seem equally spaced! Rare for a natural phenomenon!

Helmet hill

Here’s a very strange structure that resembles a helmet! Notice that the lower edge overhangs the cliff. Looks like an artificial dome-like construction!

Courtesy MSSS.

‘Cities’ on Mars

And here are a couple of images of what look like alien cities on Mars! There has been a lot of discussion on these images, with some contending that this is the result of pixilation, compression, 3D overlay artifacts etc. Some image experts have contended that this has nothing to do with any of the above explanations. It could be the real deal!

Courtesy Joseph Skipper

Below is an image comparison decorrelated by Keith Laney. On the right is the IR image with false color enhancement in the Cydonia area. Does the IR image look like a city scape? You bet it does! No pixellation/compression artifacts here!


Here is a nighttime infrared image of a portion in Hydaspis. The lighter areas are heat sources. Considering their geometric design, it seems to be an artificial layout!

Photo credit: NASA/JPL/Arizona State University

The Golf ball

Another interesting image is the crater with a golf ball like structure inside. This one defies the usual explanations….

And here’s the Amundson Scott South Polar Station on the left. Notice the resemblance with the Mars ‘Golf Ball’ structure on the right?

Tracks on the Moon and Mars

In the image below that I have cropped from the original image in undo’s web site, I discovered what look like parallel ‘tracks’ that run up the mountain from the valley floor, following the contours of the terrain in Candor Chasma. Though it’s a 3-D overlay, it does not explain why these have formed. The image joint which is in a straight line is also clearly visible below the ‘tracks’. So these ‘furrows cannot be the result of a joint.

Compare what look like ‘tracks’ on Mars as well as the Moon. The Mars image (below) is the Mojave crater in the Xanthe Terra region. The second image is as viewed through the IAS viewer. Notice the almost perfect arc of a circle formed by one of the objects!

Highlighted portion of HiRISE Image PSP_001415_1875

From IAS Viewer
Courtesy: LPL

Note that these semicircular ‘tracks’ are going up-hill. The tracks seen going across are on the top of a ridge which is more or less flat. Not enough incline to make a stone roll across loose soil! Zorgon had showed these images to his source at NASA who said that these may be rolling boulders but he wasn’t too sure, but nonetheless were pretty intriguing!

The two images below are what I found whilst studying the Lunar Orbiter images from Prof Robinson’s collections. Note that these ‘tracks’ were photographed in 1967 BEFORE any probe landed on the Moon! So these cannot be explained away as tracks made by a Lunar Rover.

Artifacts On The Moon

Moon Towers

Here are four photographs from the Lunar Orbiter showing what look like towers.

More New Moon Anomalies

Here’s an anomaly found by ziggystar60 in one of the images from Dr Robinson’s collection of Lunar Orbiter images.

Moon cities?

Shown below, colorized, are two images containing weird land forms that look like they have been designed as such. Natural geological formations having such geometric shapes are difficult to imagine. But then again, we aren’t sure as to what natural processes could have produced these on the Moon.

So can all these be explained away as just rocks and shadows? Or geological formations or processes on Mars and the Moon - of which we haven’t the faintest clue? Or could they be vestiges of an ancient ET civilization? I leave it to you to decide!


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Thanks Christopher--- these are great photos!! I have to chuckle to myself..... Britain and France have released their documents about UFO's. The US hasn't done this yet.... but they are now releasing photographs and testing the waters on how people will react to this. I have also seen a government photo of a REAL Annunaki (Lyran?) female that was released on Youtube. This is great! It all means contact is inevitable. :D
Do you have the link that you could send? Thanks
Yes, that would be useful........I'll see if I can backtrack to get any of the co-ordinates.
These are great shots. I am certain we are not alone in this universe. I do believe we are the idiots-dummies of the universe though. I expect contact to be make soon. Much of what I see and read supports my thoughts and these photos point to civilizations eons ahead of ours in time and hopefully knowledge. thanks for sharing.
Dear Juan, I so do enjoy this site and all involved, Thank you for sharing your incredible wealth of information and the love of all contributors. Always Your Friend Wolfie
The artifacts on the moon were discussed on the "Disclosure Project" from 2001, youtube. The gentleman that discussed these details was sure that by exposing these truths, the world would know WE ARE NOT ALONE.
But nothing happened.
We are still waiting.
All very well. We know we can handle disclosure, but what about the other 87% of this world's population? Would they freak, ala War of the Worlds? What about our religions? Yes, the time seems to be drawing nye and I know those of us who have awakened will cherish the moment. It's time to move on.
Cool pics, if what is true from all the stuff I have read LOL, have you ever read so much junk you can't remember half of it? Any hoo there is suppose to be trees a domed structure, buildings and earth people living on Mars? Think about this Nasa puts a probe on earth takes pictures of only the desert areas and tells people there's no life on earth. I don't know about you but we have been told so many lies I just don't buy it all. I sure hope something soon breaks open and our star brothers openly show up, I'm tired of being laughed at.


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