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Due to current events I thought I'd make a discussion on how one can stay healthy. I know it depends on things such as age and lifestyle but I'm talking more general.

Like right now I take a One-a-day vitamin(V) along with V-C, Omega 3, V-D3, and a Baby aspirin

I try to eat well, fruits, veggies and grains. I'm trying to get more exercise in, atleast 3 days a week I ride my in-doors bike.Oh and I drink more water than anything else.

For being in my 20's whats a good health routine? Should I be taking more supplements (or less?) and why? Is there an actual number of each food category that is recommended for one to have in a day? (cause sometimes I have to force myself to eat). How about exercise? How much exercise would be best? Because I don't get to do alot of walking around.

Feel free to share what you do and any info that may help. I'd really like to keep healthy and make sure my body doesn't shrivel up at an earlier age because I wasn't taking care of it.

That's it for now,
Many Blessings ~ Luna

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I was just Really inspired by the documentary "Fat, Sick and nearly dead" (on netflix *nudge**nudge*) I really think starting off the year with a cleanse like that would be good. What they do in the documentary is check to make sure you're healthy enough to do the cleanse by a doctor (but their examples were two overly obese men) and juicing fruits and veggies everyday for their meals. They go over the numbers (because they periodically check up at the doctors) for cholesterol and all that, not to mention the weight loss. I So wish there were a juice bar in our town :(

Anyone had any experience with this and willing to share the process of juicing? Like what are good juicing mixtures and all that? I'm interested to know! :}

Hello Luna.

Well I have always belived in multi vitamin at least one a day. Im 45 btw.

Today I also drink colloidal silver water and I started drinking copper too recently and my gray hair is going black again. Oh I also do the 6 aproicot kernels a day for the last two months or so Vit B17 (Anti cancer)

I don't do enough Cardio but I do sit ups and push ups and stretches every day I can. I am the only person I know in my community who can lay my forehead down on my feet for a rest. I must do more cardio though. When I mow the lawn my breathing picks up remarkably LOL

I recently Aquired an Aspuragus plant that is giving off aspuragus but I am still nurturing it to full yeald. I plan to eat at least one asparagus freshly picked a day.

Thank you for starting this. I think we can all learn from each other.

Now, I think I caught a glimpse about drinking silver on here some time ago - but you may have to explain this some more cause it's strange to me lol.

I'm not sure how it works with other seeds and such, but I know if you swallow a whole nutmeg you will die because your body can't process it and it becomes toxic. So you may have to explain that one too :P

I don't like sweating, so I have a problem in getting to do cardio as well. I've recently noticed the lack of muscle-mass in my legs (from when I use to have to climb stairs and did my belly dancing) and am actually quite disappointed - so I'm going to have to change that. I do keep rather flexible though, always have been.

Oh, about my last post. I guess I should watch what I say, cause I said "I wish there were a juice bar" and my mate stopped me in my tracks and said that it can mean strip club lol. I certainly do Not mean strip club lol.

When it comes to nutrition, I know there are so many things your body needs and all. But you'd think it'd be easier to get all the vitamins and minerals you need rather than doing some of this and some of that and Alot of this and so on. I think I may have found something close though, I have been having some fun with wheat berries and as I was looking things up about them I came across this site:

Which explains that wheat grass is just wheat berries that have been sprouted for so many days and "contains the entire range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients that your body requires." So I'm really interested in trying to sprout some of my own. If I decide that I can do the cleanse at the start of the new year and wish to continue doing it every so often I'll probably add some wheat grass in there for the added punch.

Thanks for posting! :D

Colloidal silver is expensive so I found a way to make my own. I can drink as much as I like but the required dosage is a glass in the morning and a glass at night.

I use the same process to make copper now and in the last three weeks my hair is going from silver grey to black again. I cannot say anything about density yet because I was on my way to become a baldy but it really looks and feels better. I got you this.

Colloidal Copper (3ppm)

has been found effective when used internally, to strengthen blood, clean arteries and veins and boost the body's circulatory system.

Ideal for treatment of skin wrinkles and to improve the elasticity of skin; it also has been found effective against parasites. Through the ages many claims have been made in the use of copper to stop and even reverse the process resulting in hair turning grey. Is this the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH ?

Copper is an essential micro-nutrient. It is needed for red blood cell formation, protein metabolism, the production of RNA, enzyme activity, and hair and skin color.

If you take large amounts of Vitamin C, you need more copper. Colloidal Copper has been used as a remedy for grey hair, arthritis, parasites and viral and bacterial infections. We provide a fine quality colloidal copper solution for those wishing to explore its possibilities.

We employ the same custom electrical manufacturing methods to create our colloidal silver procedure. Self-made steam-distilled water and .999% ultra pure source metal. Our colloidal copper solutions are produced at a potency of 3 ppm (milligram) per litre.

Copper jewellery worn directly on skin has been used for hundreds of years, more as a remedy for many ailments, including arthritis. Aside from wearing copper, many other methods of copper therapy were applied including a ground copper. It's only recently, with the advent of Colloidal Silver and gold being manufactured electrically that a totally safe Colloidal Copper therapy is finally possible.

The history of using Copper for treating ailments is buried in the mists of time itself. There are a whole series of diseases that are caused by copper deficiency. A deficiency of copper can result in grey hair, skin wrinkles, including crow's feet, varicose veins, and saggy skin. It has been claimed that Colloidal Copper has been able to return gray hair back to its natural color. It is has improved the elastic fibre in the skin increasing skin flexibility, and can act as an anti-wrinkle agent when applied topically.

Old medical books stated that Colloidal Copper is effective against parasites such as typhoid bacteria and worms. It is also says that copper strengthens the blood and cleans the arteries. In addition it is reported to be effective against aneurysms.

The use of Copper in its Colloidal form is a comparatively new and major breakthrough because unlike earlier 19th century usage when copper was ground and used as a powder creating the potential for toxic build up, as a result of the colloidal breakthrough, the particle elements are smaller than the membranes of the human body and thus move freely throughout the entire system supplying the special needs that only elemental copper can provide without toxic build up.

We have observed that colloidal copper gently massaged into bruised or painful skin around sore muscles and joints will relieve the pain and symptoms. It can be used on demand topically.

Our observations also showed a marked clarity of thinking when the colloidal copper was taken orally under the tongue, speeds up the synapses in the brain.

Copper was reported as the missing link in calcified bones of people who had suffered osteoporosis. It seems from Dr. Robert O. Becker's experiments that it acted like the magnetic glue to hold the bone and cartilage together.

The observations on colloidal copper are scarce and it is interesting to see all the various benefits emerging.



HOW IT WORKS: The presence of Colloidal Silver near a virus, fungus, or bacteria or any other single cell pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung so to say. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies, and is then cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and waste elimination system. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which destroy beneficial enzymes, Silver is not disease specific, like synthetic pharmaceutical antibiotics, Colloidal Silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact, as they are radically different from the enzymes of primitive mono-cell. Thus Colloidal Silver is absolutely safe for humans, animals, birds, fish and plants (all multi-cell living matter).

We’ve all heard of Super-Germs (Staphylococcus aureus) that are resistant to most modern antibiotics. Single cell germs cannot mutate into Silver resistant forms, as happens with conventional antibiotics. Therefore no tolerance to Colloidal Silver can develop through mutation. Also, Colloidal Silver has demonstrated it will not interact or interfere with other medications. Inside the body Silver does not form toxic compounds or react with anything other than a germ’s oxygen metabolising enzyme.

While Colloidal Silver will not cure Cancer, Leukemia, Diabetes, AIDS, Tuberculosis, etc, but it will boost the body’s already weakened immune system by killing the germs entering the body, therefore giving the body’s immune system a chance to cure and heal itself. Many have claimed that the condition of their diseases have improved dramatically and sometimes even been cured completely, thanks to the assistance of Colloidal Silver. Digestion has also been reportedly better. Medical research has shown that Silver promotes more rapid healing, with less scar tissue. Silver kills 95% of the 72 strains of Herpes viruses, as well as the protozoan parasite Plasmodium berghei (Malaria). Silver also kills various yeasts, including several Aspergillus varieties, Mucor pusillus, Rhizopus nigricans and 50 different clinical isolates of Candida albicans (Thrush).

BACTERIA TESTED: Microbiology Dept. Brigham Young University, U.S.A. Dr David A. Revelli (Microbiologist) Dr Ron W. Leavitt, Ph.D. (Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Biology. The following results suggested that the Silver Solution is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent - it is able to effectively stop the growth of and kill a variety of bacteria (we mention only a few of the tests done): Staphylococcus Aureus: Pneumonia, skin & eye infections, boils, impetigo, cellulitis, post operative wound infections (septicemia), toxic shock syndrome, meningitis, food poisoning, osteomyelitis etc. inhibited @ 2.5 ppm (parts per million) & killed @ 5 ppm 1/22/99 BYU Report.

STAPHYLOCOCCUS PNEUMONIAE: Pneumonia, meningitis, sinusitis, otitis media (ear infections) etc. inhibited  @ 2.5 ppm & killed @ 5 ppm,  4/21/99 BYU Report.

SALMONELLA TYPHIMURIUM: Food poisoning & enteric fever etc. inhibited and killed @ 2.5 ppm 6/7/99 BYU Report.

E. COLI: Food poisoning, urinary tract infections,  diarrhoea, respiratory tract infections & wound infections etc. inhibited & killed @ 2.5 ppm 1/22/99 BYU Report.

HAEMOPHILUS INFLUENZAE: Otitis media (ear infections), Pneumonia, meningitis, throat & sinus infections (including epiglottitis in children), suppurative arthritis in children etc, inhibited @ 1.25 ppm & killed @ 5 ppm 1/22/99 BYU Report.

ENTEROBACTER AEROGENES: Wound & urinary tract infections, bacteremia & Meningitis etc, inhibited and killed @ 2.5 ppm 6/7/99 BYU Report.

KLEBSIELLA PNEUMONIAE: Lower respiratory tract & nosocomial infections (Infections spread in hospitals), Urinary tract, wound & bacteremia etc, inhibited and killed @ 2.5 ppm 1/28/99 BYU Report.

PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA: Severe burn & wound infections, Keratitis, pneumonia, meningitis, nosocomial infections, urinary tract infections etc, inhibited @ 2.5 ppm & killed @ 5 ppm. 1/22/99 BYU Report.

STAPHYLOCOCCUS PYOGENES: Skin infections, upper respiratory infections (strep throat), impetigo, hospital-acquired infections, scarlet fever, etc, inhibited & killed @ 1.25 ppm, 1/22/99 BYU Report.

STAPHYLOCOCCUS FAECALIS:  Urinary tract, endocarditis & wound infections etc. inhibited @ 2.5 ppm & killed @ 5 ppm 1/22/99 BYU Report.

STAPHYLOCOCCUS MUTANS: A major cause in dental plaque & tooth decay etc. inhibited & killed @ 5 ppm 2/3/99 BYU Report.

STAPHYLOCOCCUS GORDONI: Tooth decay, also implicated in infective endocarditis-an infection of the heart valves etc. inhibited & killed @ 5 ppm 2/12/99 BYU Report.

WHAT IS A COLLOID AND WHAT IS COLLOIDAL SILVER? A colloid is a solution consisting of ultra fine (ionic) particles suspended in a liquid medium. All living things exist in a colloidal state. Most over-the-counter medications are in a crystalline state. Before any medication can exert its full therapeutic action it must first be converted into a colloidal state.

A properly manufactured Colloidal Silver is a liquid solution consisting of sub microscopic particles - ions of Silver, held in suspension in pure water by a tiny positive electrical charge placed on each particle. The highest grade is produced by electro-colloidal, (ie. dispersed within and bound to each other by an electric charge.) The super fine silver particles are suspended indefinitely in de-mineralised water. The containers or droppers used should only be glass or plastic. The method used to manufacture electro-colloidal Silver, uses magnetic poles, therefore if you use any metal to dispense, some microscopic particles of Silver will attach themselves to the metal, leaving a weaker Silver solution. A good colloid of Silver should be between 5-15 parts per million (ppm), but some can be as high as 20 ppm. Lee’s Colloidal Silver is made of only 99.999 fine Silver (Ag) and pure distilled water. No salts, preservatives, colourants or flavourants are added, just pure (99.999) Colloidal Silver (Ag) in pure distilled water (H2O).

WHAT YOUR BODY DOES WITH COLLOIDAL SILVER: Taken orally, the Silver solution is absorbed from the mouth into the bloodstream, then transported quickly to the body cells. Swirling the solution under the tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing will result in faster absorption. Colloidal Silver is excreted by the kidneys, lymph system and bowel after several days. If routinely exposed to dangerous pathogenic germs, we recommend a regular daily intake as protection. In cases of burns, Colloidal Silver will hasten healing, reducing the possibility of scar tissue and infection.

It is believed by many in the Homeopathic profession that the lives of millions of people who are susceptible to chronic low grade infections can be enhanced by this preventative health measure.

A very simple diagram to explain how to make basic colloidal copper or silver.All you need is 27volts dc that you run through copper or silver wires in a clear water solution. About 30 seconds to a glass of water. One at bedtime and one in the morning.

If you want finer details I will gladly supply them for you.


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