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This article will show you how to embed an already existing video from YouTube into a blog, discussion, comment or text box. Learning how to do this will give you much practice in html and also editing it and posting items.


1. Go to YouTube (click HERE). A new tab or window will open and you can switch back to this page to see the rest of these instructions.

2. Locate a video you wish to embed. You can type something into the search bar there and find many.

3. Click the "SHARE" button. You will see a line of buttons underneath the video. It is the third button in this line, to the left of the flag.

4. Click the "EMBED" button. On clicking the SHARE button, a box will open up and in it you will see a link to the video and some buttons below that. The EMBED button is there.

5. Select "Use old style embed code". You will see a bunch of options at the bottom of the box. Ensure that the old style code option box is ticked.

6. Decide the size of the video. Usually, the smallest size will work for posting in blogs and discussions but for comments boxes and text boxes, you will need to make a smaller version by changing the embed code. For now, though, just use the 560x315 size by ensuring this option is selected. (We will discuss reduction and enlargement later in this article)

7. Copy the EMBED CODE. This is the highlighted text that appears in the box that appears after you click the EMBED button. To copy the code, RIGHT-CLICK anywhere on it with your mouse over the code and select COPY.

8. PASTE the code where you want the video to appear. Open a new discussion or blog and you will see a window with two tabs at the top called "Visual Mode" and "HTML Editor". Click the one that says HTML Editor. With your mouse cursor anywhere in that window, RIGHT CLICK and select PASTE. You should see the code appear that you copied from YouTube.

9. Test the code to see if it worked. Now click SAVE at the bottom of the discussion or blog and see if the video appears.


Changing the size of the video


If the video needs resizing, here is how to do it:

1. Re-open the blog or discussion for editing by selecting EDIT from the options at the top of the blog or dicsussion page.

2 When the window opens, select HTML Editor mode. You should see the embed code appear.

3. Look for the parts of the code that say width=560 and height=315. There will be TWO instances of these bits of code. Note that if you have used a different size option for the code, these numbers will not be the same, but it doesn't matter.

4. To change the video size, just change these numbers. For blogs and disussions, you can go up to width=720 and height=576. For text or comments boxes, you will need to reduce them to width=320 and height=200. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE BOTH INSTANCES IN THE CODE.

5. When the width and height have been changed, simply re-save and check the video to see if it now fits properly.

6. If you made a mistake, simply go back to step 1 again and repeat the procedure until you have the size you want.


Most problems are caused by:

a) Forgetting to select HTML Editor mode when embedding the code

b) Messing up the code by mistake - to correct this, simply wipe it and start again.

c) Forgetting to ensure the OLD STYLE code is used. To correct this, go back to the original code box at YouTube and make sure the OLD STYLE code is selected.


Notes about comments and text boxes.

Basically, the same procedure is used for comments and text boxes as above, the only difference being that the tabs for Visual Mode and HTML Editor are not visible and instead, they are replaced by a single HTML button. Click this before you paste your code in. In some comments boxes (like the ones on your own profile page, you will see

If you click the link that says Video, you can paste your code directly into the box that appears. This box will also accept an ordinary video LINK (URL or video address).
Once you are competent at embedding video code, you will be able to share and post any video from YouTube, even your own - if it has been uploaded to YouTube.

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