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Matthew Ward - June 11, 2013

With loving greetings from all…Continue

Started by Gun-Britt Lund Jun 11, 2013.

Sunday, December 30, 2012 Message from Matthew

December 29, 2012 December 21st reactions, actual effects; beliefs create reality; aftermath of darkness, clearing away “debris”; expectations; God in charge of ET arrival; information sources;…Continue

Started by Debby Jan 13, 2013.

SaLuSA August 14, 2011 4 Replies

SaLuSa, August 15, 2011In the heavy vibrations of Duality your physical bodies easily tire, and as each day ends you need to recuperate by taking a period of sleep. Everything is very conveniently…Continue

Started by Sally. Last reply by Sally Aug 15, 2011.

SaLuSA Aug. 10 2011 1 Reply

Date: Wednesday, 10-Aug-2011 06:38:23 Some people fear that the Illuminati will take advantage of the problems you are experiencing, to bring in World Government. That has always been their ambition,…Continue

Started by Sally. Last reply by Sally Aug 10, 2011.

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Comment by LoveIsTheAnswer on January 20, 2013 at 4:09am

Hi Luisa, you can still post discussions in groups AS blogs (see directly above) - and they can be just as long. The only difference is that the comments are threaded (I find this actually better :-)

Comment by Debby on January 13, 2013 at 2:24am

Comment by Deborah DeNicola on May 29, 2012 at 7:47pm

PLEASE send light and prayers to my brother Dan who is critical care in Northampton, MA, with a terrible pneumonia. Thank you God Bless You!"

Comment by Ronald Swanson on December 7, 2009 at 10:11pm
Can you send to Matthew and ask about my story .. here is copy .. I would love to hear from Matthew. Thanks.
Hello this is Ronald Swanson and I am deaf ( can't hear any sound ) I have much to tell you about my life. I have wonderful hearing the music in my innter ears with vibration around my ears.I also have my whole body full of vibration for about 5 years or longer. The only things that the vibraton stoped is when I was mad or fear or worry or upset that the vibration would not work and would take few days to bring the vibration back on after I asked God / Jesus to forgive me . While I lay down in bed with full vibration for a long time but now that I sit and calm when I do things or reading books and the vibration is around my chest.I have learned about being LOVE and nothing eles which builded me stronger about God's LOVE.( UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ) When I sat on a chair and listen to a wonderful music that I could not explain the sounds ( many background sound of music and singing with many voices or one voice ) when I shut my eyes to listen to it and the sharp bell flowed from my inner ears with just full of energy flowing down to my chest. Wonderful feeling.
I have also seen the fast flashing lights at the same time the powerful energy flowing all over my body and also seen a wheel of lights and again the powerful energy. I also felt the winds pasted me few time and the energy flowing all over my body.
I also got channel from " I AM ADAMA " But one big problem is I could not understand every word he was saying and the channel lasted about 10 to 15 mins but I knew that he said " I AM ADAMA " Before he start channel I was laying in bed listen to music in my inner ears and the music STOP and the sound change very strange that I could not understand what that was ( that was my very first time in channel ) and the most highes powerful ENERGY flowing all over my whole body that never felt just powerful like that before and than the sound of the voice talked which I did not know who that was until few mins later and the voice said " I AM ADAMA " I understood that name very very clear. I just wish I could understand every word he said to me and I was kind of upset for not understandning him because I am deaf that do not understand words in my ears.
About 2 years later I got 2nd channel but never knew who that was from . I just wish I could understand all of that so that I can work for God 's people to help them to know what is the real truth.
I have know many many deaf people all over USA and very few of them who seem have the same as I have .
Oh yeahh I saw UFO which I Knew what I saw because I work at the airport for a long time and understood about UFO. So I know what I saw and now I knew who they were from . I strongly believe that they are calls Silver Fleets from City of Telso ( under MT Shasta .)
I have a hard time to find someone who could explain things to me about what I have been going through. I have been christain most of my life and have asked few pastors and many of my friends who are christains about this and they all think I was very crazy about this and they do not believe anything I said and also the music and vibration. NOT ONCE and even my X -wife too but very limit to believe what I was trying to explain . Now that she seem very scare of me about all of this.
I pray that you could help me out about " WHY ME " and what I should do with vibration . I also found out that you live in Coeur'd Alene , Idaho. I drove their all the time that only take me about 30 to 40 mins drive. I would love so much to meet you in person and explain much more to you . I have been going many differenet chruchs and trying to find the purt truth information about what I am into it . They all don't believe in me. Even I asked few doctors about the vibration and they never near just a things as of vibration and they think that I am some kind of coo coo . So now I lost many christains friends and live being alone with unknow reason .
Right now I have so much going on with NESARA. ( Golden Age - more of like 2nd coming of Christ. Their are much channeling going on and power of energy all over me and I got report from channeling from Jesus throught Nancy . I will send you a copy about this. His name is SANANDA / JESUS . So please watch for few more e mail to send you . I would love so much to meet you so that I can understand more what I should do with vibration and also astral travel as I have done that too few time.
Thank you and God Bless you from Ronald Swanson
E- Mail>>
Ronald Swanson

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW STORY .
Now that I keep getting few E-Mail from
and asked me few qqqq .
Right now that I kept getting vibration every day that never stoped . In bed in early morning the vibration starts and never stop until I get up from the bed BUT after I got out of the bed and sat down in front of my computer ( checking out my e mails ) and part of my body still running vibration .
Now I have more than just vibration ---- " Music in my inner ears " This wonderful sound of music that are hard to explain what this music sound like. Keep in mind that I am full deaf since I was 3 years old. ( now 54 years old ) I do feel the vibration around my ears and hear one voice or many voices of singing and also other kind of sounds that are not from voices. This has been going on every day for about 10 years but much stronger now.( my first hearing the sound was begin about 25 years or so ago but I had gone through bad time and not hearing the music until about 10 yeas ago that came back to me -- Thank God )
Here the wonderful story. In my bed time and I talked to Jesus / Father God every night before going to sleep. MMmmm the wonderful bell ring that bring electricy to my chest ( heart area ) and make me fall to sleep. Also when I asked Jesus / Father God to please wake me up on time in the morning ( not offen but when I need to get up for a reason ) Early morning the sound of music start very soft melo with soft one voice or many voices along with other music that are not voices. and the soft bell rings few time as I waking up right on time and NEVER MISS IT OR LATE but alway right on time " PERFECT TIME "
Now one of you asked me about how to keep the vibration going every day . To tell you the truth " UNCONDITIONAL LOVE " is the most important key of them all. The more you live with " UNCONDITIONOL LOVE " the more blessing you will get. Also walk with God every day at work , play , or anything you been doing . Just talk to Father God / Jesus just like you talk to people around you . That what bring more closer to HIM.
I have more story but not this time to explain . The story that I have been throught as of " ASTRAL TRAVEL -- smelling the wonderful plants --- seeing the spirit of lights -- feel the winds around me in my home . feel the power of electricy around my body and channeling . I am not sure if I want to share this story because this is going to be kind of hard to explain as I am not a good grammer .
I hope that you and everyone of you who read this will learn more about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & KIND

IT is very important that you love your enemy at your work , home area, or who near you where ever you are. Please forgive them for they know not what they do or understanding . Keep in mind that many many churchs going still do not understand the clear meaning " UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & KIND " because their heart is not full open to live with ' UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & KIND " but only love to the limit .
Remember this well in your heart . Once you have " UNCONDITIONL LOVE & KIND " in your whole blood and you shall see great news things that God want you to see and learn .
My dear ones. This is the most important in your human life is to keep your fear , worry , mad , upset , or anything that is not please to Jesus / Father God or spirit to keep them out of your life . That way your " UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & KIND will grown in you stronger and stronger as you live by. Trust me my dear ones I been their .
It is nice to share this story with you . I hope that you will learn the truth about being growning more deeper understanding about " UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & KIND "
Bless your heart with much UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & LIGHT from Ronald Lee Swanson ;-)
Another new story -
About a week ago ( Dec 2004 ) in early morning I saw golden light which is bright light and saw a person standing they but can not see his / her face to know who that was and only last about 30 sec and gone.
About 2 nights ago as I was singing to Father God in my mind and about 5 mins later. I felt the touch on my left leg that was rubing and felt the power of enegery all over my body that last about a min. and again about 3 mins later while I was still singing and felt it again the 2nd time.
This is from Channeling ------ ( A lady who is over 70 years old got channeling from Jesus the Christ / Sananda Click this Lord Sananda also click that too - it is about Sananda/ Jesus the Christ
" My dear one, when you experience these vibrations it is with the knowledge that you are communicating with Spirit/God. This is in preparation for the communication that you willl be doing in the near future. First we are enabling your vibbratory body to accustome itself to our vibrations, and then you will hear and be able to decipher what you are receiving. This will give you the floor and the voice to share the information with the world. You will be as a sentinal in the night for so many who are in a state of deafness, and may find themselves going to a place of fear after the announcement is made. this is where you and Mark and a few others who will be coming to your awareness will come in; you will find that if you choose the site that this one has it can be a tool for the work that you will be doing. The first information that your receive has been and will continue to be along the lines of what you can do to spread the word and create an atmosphere of love and trust throughout the community of deaf people. From that work, can spring a beautiful flame of colorful ideas and works that can reach out to the multitudes and give the world as a whole a wonderful new perspective as to the world without outer sound. It is a valuable work that you do, and this is a part of the advantage that you have, to be able to hear life from the inside out, rather than the other way around. I continue to speak with you, and soon you will be able to understand and be able to communicate my messages. We are with you at all times, and you have stepped up to the throne and adorned your rightful crown in order to do this work. The crown is fashioned of roses and lavendar, for the combination can throw a scent to your beingness that transmits a message of eternal love. I am yours in song and sound. Love and blessings." SANANDA ( Jesus the Christ )
my E-Mail IAM2012IAM@AOL.COM
Comment by Ralph Prospero ° OVerseer on November 28, 2009 at 12:37pm
Thank you, Dirck! I've been following Matthew's messages for about 3 years at the suggestion of a friend.

Violette -- a very insightful comment
Comment by dirck hagers on November 28, 2009 at 8:06am
Matthew is one of my favorites and Sa LuSa...I dont really have much time for the others. These two are always so uplifting

Than ks for sharing

Comment by Sally on November 23, 2009 at 10:08pm
Great story I need this to happen in my night sky. I see things little here and there but never like this. My nay sayer couldn't argue with a display as this, hopefully soon we all will have this type of proof.
Comment by Airon[Marion Wilkins on November 23, 2009 at 4:08pm
Amazing; The night before I experienced the same thing. My cats three,and dog go walking at night. I watched the star,what a show. We are special people.I simply keep this to myself. I think they watch us. What eyes. Hm----------- Marion
Comment by Airon[Marion Wilkins on November 23, 2009 at 3:02pm
iWe are in the days of gret evil,its predicated. God has nothing to do with whats happening. Man allowed himself to become a tool of this evil, much corruption,turning his back on morals,his fellow man,God laws etc.The Church itself is a mess.It can be changed,but we must do it.I get the same thing,noone listens,so just become the best you can. Someone is keeping check. Blessigs Marion[Airon]
Comment by Sally on November 23, 2009 at 2:21pm
Jeri ,
I get your drift completely. Just like telling a child next time, then when next time arrives you keep saying well next time till the child no longer believes your crap. What concerns me more is the reputations of the lightworkers. I have been telling my family about ascension, UFOs, government etc. The ones that are the type see it to believe it laugh and say okayyyyyy...........I'll believe it when I see it, as they smirk , laugh and roll the ole eye balls at me. I wonder at times if it's a bunch of bolonga until I recall personal experiences and the mass sightings from global accounts on the tube. There must be a formula to take into account maybe more vibration with the population I don't know. Seems to me just simple baby steps could do a world of good by flying frequently like airplanes , folks get familiar with it all. Or having news spots spill simple truths about our historical past would be a HUGE step in awakening. I don't like the manulipation either I'm cutting the strings that control me like a puppet doll...........hey maybe this is what they want us to realize . The arguement my husband always gives and it's a good you're telling me there are more advance spiritual beings living amongst us and in the skies and they sit and watch babies being murdered, countries genocide their own people, world wars!!!???? I don't get it if they're so advance and could help and they don't how are they more's all bull.... to me, that's the response I get and I don't have answer for him.......tell ya makes me wonder what the motivitation is.....I get the whole evolving on your own speech blueprin spiritual experiences angle ........ but would you let your child cut their finger off to just let them experience pain or would you guide them , teach them , cuddle them , embrace , lead etc. It's like a double sided sword since we only have a small part of the informational puzzle it's hard to really give or get the whole picture why and then make a soild conclusion,,,,,,thus why "we" truly as humans are so special faith is extremely difficult at times is it not and sometimes it really sucks.....hang in there baby cause deep inside you know it's all gonna work out okay! xoxo

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Yeshua: Your life need to be blessed with these guidelines; NIBIRU PLANET-X will arrive soon

A message from Yeshua to humanity; Important message about the "Evolution of Consciousness" Welcome to Light Messages channel. Our goal is to share the peace...
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