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STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: For the third day in a row, active sunspot 1261 has unleashed a significant M-class solar flare. The latest blast at 0357 UT on August 4th registered M9.3 on the Richter Scale of Flares, almost crossing the threshold into X-territory (X-flares are the most powerful kind). The number of energetic protons around Earth has jumped nearly 100-fold as a result of this event.

The eruption propelled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth.

Moving at an estimated speed of 1950 km/s, this CME is expected to sweep up two earlier CMEs already en route. Analysts at the GSFC Space Weather Lab say the combined cloud should reach Earth on August 5th at 13:55 UT plus or minus 7 hours: "The impact on Earth is likely to be major. The estimated maximum geomagnetic activity index level Kp is 7 (Kp ranges from 0 - 9). The flanks of the CME may also impact STEREO A, Mars and Mercury/MESSENGER." High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

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thanks for this information, i will stop the computer anytime it is not active

i would like to know about this storms for example at haiti at this moment

are they also involved in this solarstorms

Looking foward to the light show tomorrow night!!!
Thanks for the info Chris, I knew one was on its way, but not that it will be combined with other ones. Hmm.
And can't I feel them!!  I know that it is doing us some good!  With any luck, it will knock out some of their satellites!    The CME are nothing to fear, just remember  that.   They can only help with what we have been dealing with, The Inferior  Parasitic, Mentally Challenged psycho-inbreds, Better known as the International Banking elite! Or Rothschilds and their ilk!
Charles, lol!
I was just thinking last night how cold I was and how cold it's been on Maui lately, and we live in central Maui where it's warmer than upcountry and how weird it was since we're right smack dab in the middle of summer where usually it's super hot. It still is hot but having cool nights is odd.
Their in trouble, shares are tumbling.
Well that explains how I am feeling lately, better watch it tomorrow I guess.. thank to be prepared.. :) Thanks everyone

Maybe this is my ignorance, but I am not afraid of these electromagnetic energy

bursts from Sol...... I have a feeling the energy will help us in the transmutation

process to a higher frequency.

Me too, Victoria.  Sometimes it gets a bit disturbing, but that is how I notice I build up to release.  The energy cranks that process in me and I go with it but it always aids me to have conscious thought of what is occuring as well as the senses etc.  That it is teamed with Mercury Retrograde means the lead into the hump is more precarious in terms of communication and relationship, business dealings and plans etc.  Knowing what cosmic factors are in force means a quicker smoother adaptation process, ie Plan B ready in the wings, more inventive and creative responses to problems and obstacles, and so on.

So, happy (even though bumpy) ride to All!

Is this X or M class? does anyone know? And also what is 10:00 UT and how can I convert that to Hawaiian time?  Oh scratch that what is 13:55 UT in Hawaiian time?
I now know that it can fluctuate between X and M in a 5 minute span and 10:00 UT is 6 EST.


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