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March 31, 2011 - Today's Energy is anxious and stressed. I am hearing lots of reports of nausea, dizziness, feeling unstable, anxiety, headaches and back pain. Every seismograph in the world is showing activiity, which could be causing it. Mercury is causing problems with computers and causing communication issues. There is still a feeling of having too much to do and not enough time to do it, like we just can't seem to get caught up on things. Animals are very active.


March 30, 2011 - Today's Energy is thick and heavy. It feels like we are moving through mud. Again, so much to do and not enough time to do it. Just can't seem to get enough energy up to do anything. Not wanting to get out of bed, but instead pull the covers over our head and hide for the day, or maybe the next 3 weeks since Mercury became retrograde today. Computers are running slower than normal and communication is being misunderstood. We are definitely feeling the effects of Mercury. Stay aware of what you are saying so that you speak clearly so there will not be miscommunications. Animals have been very active. Earthquakes in the US are on the increase. Enjoy!


March 29, 2011 - Today's Energy is pressurized, but calm. It feels like there is a slight weight on us, probably from the solar flares. Clients are reporting headache, backache, stomach upsets, dizziness and feeling unstable, not wanting to get out of bed and fatigue. There is still a sense of having too much to do and not enough time to do it, but we are being productive for a change, though. - Claudia McNeely


March 28, 2011 -  Today's Energy is busy and exciting. We just can't seem to get caught up, but are making more progress than we have in a while. There was a major shift to the energy last week, which is still taking us in a better direction. It is such a relief after the intense energy we were experiencing. There are very few reports about aches and pains. Clients have reported some headaches and back pain, but only mild, not as severe as in the past. There is still dizziness, feeling unbalanced and a touch of nausea. There is a feeling of finally being able to move forward, being able to actually accomplish things for a change. There is an excitement about the future again. We are moving and shaking. Solar Flares are on the increase, which will probably cause an increase in earthquakes. They don't seem to be affecting our body's as bad as they were though, which is good. Animals are back to normal, romping and playing instead of clinging.


March 25, 2011 - Today's Energy has been late, just not enough time to fit everything in. Many people have been running late today, having to rush to get things done, much like Alice in Wonderland. Even with all this hurry, there is a peacefulness that has not been there for a long time. There are less reports of pain - mainly head and back. There are still complaints of dizziness and feeling unbalanced. As I look into the energy for the weekend, I feel a peacefulness through Sunday. It almost seems that the intense energies have been released through the earthquakes that continue to occur in Japan, like Japan is a release valve for the pent up energies of the Earth. I am still feeling a very calming energy coming into the atmosphere of the earth to help balance us and bring more peace. I for one welcome it. Animals seem to be getting back to normal some. They are playing and not quite as needy as they have been. Have a peaceful weekend.


March 24, 2011 - Today's Energy feels light and breezy. It is like Spring has arrived in the ethers. There is a newness to the energy, a freshness that has not been there in a long time. I am feeling a sense of expectation, but not expectation of something bad, but of something good coming. I am feeling/seeing a rush of Energy from the Universe, some may call it Angelic Energy, that is going to be very beneficial for us and for the Earth to bring things into better alignment. Clients are reporting extreme exhaustion, headaches/migraines, back pain, hip pain, moodiness, dizziness, strange dreams, feeling off balanced causing falls, anxiety and the list goes on. Animals are being very active and very needy. I think we are on the verge of some better energy for a while. I sure hope this is accurate! - Claudia McNeely


March 23, 2011 - Today's Energy is strangely calm with an undercurrent of chaos. We know this is only temporary and are holding our breath waiting for the next shoe to drop. The seismographs are mostly quiet. There have been a few earthquakes, including one in Nevada, but not as many as yesterday. Clients have reported headaches, back pain, hip pain, dizziness, feeling unstable, ungrounded, some nausea, intense fatigue and strange dreams. Animals are active one moment and quiet the next. They continue to be very needy. Remember to breathe, rest when needed and drink water with a little Sea Salt in it.


March 22, 2011 - Today's Energy is pressurized. It feels like we are being squeezed, like there is a heavy weight pushing down on us. This is due to Solar Activity, which is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Clients are reporting headaches, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, exhaustion, dizziness, vision issues, moodiness, stress and forgetfulness. Someone described it as feeling like a hangover. Animals are very active and needy. Lots of arguments and disagreements are occuring. Everyone is feeling very stressed. If we don't pay more attention to what we are doing, we will have to go back and do things again. Be very aware to make sure things are done right the first time.


March 21, 2011 - Today's Energy is exhausted and thick. It would be so nice to just go back to bed and hide under the covers before something else happens. We are still feeling very overwhelmed by the intensity of the energies. There is a lull in the intensity, but I am sure it will not last. Earthquakes are down after increasing on the Full Moon. The Sun is quiet at the moment. We are in an in between time, waiting for the next shoe to drop, waiting for the next onslaught of energy. Take this time to take a breath and rest. Clients are reporting exhaustion, strange, vivid dreams, headache, back pain, foot pain, nausea, dizziness and vision issues. Animals are quieter and less needy.


March 18, 2011 - Today's Energy is thick and heavy. There is still this feeling of overwhelm and we are trying to wade through the heaviness of it. It almost seems that is it hard to breathe today because the energy is so thick. Clients are reporting difficulty sleeping, but also difficulty waking up. There are headaches, back pain, foot pain, vision problems, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, stress, emotional outbursts and the list goes on. Animals are still being very needy and active. Dogs seem to be barking at nothing. More fun leading up to the Super Full Moon this weekend.


March 17, 2011 - Today's Energy is anxious and stressed. It seems we have been under so much stress lately, and are so overwhelmed by it, that we are beginning to become numb to it. Clients are reporting difficulty sleeping and then not wanting to get up this morning. It would have been so nice to just pull the covers back over our heads and go back to sleep until this is over. There are reports of headache, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, stomach upsets, dizziness, feeling uncentered, ungrounded, vision issues and the list goes on. Some have reported just falling asleep while trying to work, but then not being able to sleep at night. Animals are VERY needy. Even my Great Dane put her paws over her face when I turned on the lights this morning, not wanting to face the day. They are very quiet one moment and very active the next. Even animals are having the stomach issues.


March 16, 2011 - Today's Energy is unbalanced and chaotic. Clients are still reporting nausea, dizziness, feeling unstable, ungrounded. There are reports of headache, back pain, foot pain, exhaustion, insomnia, stomach upsets, arguments and disagreements. Animals are being very active today and very needy. The earth continues to move and sway. Earthquakes have occurred in Nevada and Idaho, which is unusual. Every seismic monitor in the world is showing activity. We can expect this to increase as we move into the energy of the Super Moon this weekend. More fun ahead!


March 15, 2011 - Today's Energy is calm on the surface with chaos stirring underneath. We are sleeping better than we have in a while, resting up for the next round. Clients are reporting less pain, but still reports of headache, back pain and foot pain. There are also reports today of nausea. I myself was throwing up all night. I feel this is due to the shaking of the earth, the chaos under the surface. Much energy has been released through the earthquakes in Japan, but there is still energy moving through the core of the earth that we are feeling. This can throw us off balance and cause nausea. Animals have been very active and needy.


March 14, 2011 - Today's Energy is light and expansive. There is a general feeling of hopefulness, a feeling that things WILL get better. We have been held down for so long that it is refreshing to have the weight lifted off of us. Clients are still reporting aches and pains, but not as bothersome as it has been. People are sleeping better and feeling more refreshed. Things are manifesting very quickly, so it is very important to watch our thoughts and only manifest what we really want. Animals are quieter, but still often needy. Take a deep breath and enjoy the peace!


March 11, 2011 - Today's Energy feels like the calm after the storm. The earthquake in Japan released a LOT of built up energy from the earth as well as from us. All the energy we have been feeling building up has been released. Clients are reporting headaches, joint pain, back pain, hip pain, leg pain, foot pain, chest pain, dizziness, nausea and vision issues. People have been emotional, there have been more arguments and disagreements. Some people are feeling depressed and sad, crying for seemingly no reason. Animals are being very quiet and needy. Try not to get caught up in the emotions today. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the fear. Stay detached and send energy to the areas and people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Stay centered in your heart.


March 10, 2011 - Today's Energy is heavy and tense. The massive Solar Flares yesterday are affecting everyone. Clients are reporting not being able to sleep, headache, back pain, hip pain, leg pain, foot pain, chest pain, blurred vision, anxiety and mood swings. There have been more arguments and angry feelings lately. Everyone is on edge. The energy is very stressful and chaotic. It seems lots is getting done, though. We are able to be productive and manifestations are occurring quicker. We really have to be careful what we focus on right now, because it will manifest whether we want it or not. Animals are being anxious and needy as are children. Practice patience and understanding. Drink extra water, rest when you can and remember to breathe. Let's send peaceful energy to the sun.


March 9, 2011 - Today's Energy is stressed and overwhelming. There have been lots of earthquakes, which is not unusual after large Solar Flares, which are continuing. Clients are reporting headaches, back pain, hip pain, chest pain, foot pain, dizziness, blurred vision, anxiety and stress. Animals have been very active and needy. I woke up at 4 am with my head, chest and back feeling like they were going to explode. One of my cats stayed on top of me all night, when she wasn't running around the room playing. People are reporting feeling overwhelmed by events in their lives today. More fun!


March 8, 2011 - Today's Energy has an eerie calmness to it, but there is an undercurrent of chaos. I expect to feel a lot of intensity to the energy, but is just is not there. Clients are reporting the normal headaches, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, anxiety and emotional outbursts. It would have been nice to just lounge in bed today and getting up was difficult. There are reports that people are acting out and are being strange. Animals are bouncing between being very quiet and very active. Remember to breathe and center yourself today.


March 7, 2011 - Today's Energy is exhausted and tense. The weekend was filled with earthquakes and volcanos. Clients have reported sleeping a lot, being exhausted, not wanting to get out of bed this morning. They have reported headaches, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, muscle spasms, vision problems, dizziness and feeling off center. It would have been nice to just pull the covers back over our heads this morning and hidden from the energy. The intensity of the energies continues to increase, causing us to expeirence the physical issues. Solar flares continue. The pressure feels like it is building again. Animals are quiet and needy.


March 4, 2011 - Today's Energy is anxious and stressed. There have been more massive Solar Flares yesterday and today. Those of us who are sensitive and feeling the effects of them already. People are becoming overwhelmed by the intensity of the energies and constantly being bombarded by them. It is exhausting us on all levels, but especially on a deep Soul level. We are so ready for this to stop, but I don't feel it will any time soon. People are reporting headaches, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, fevers or hot flashes, anxiety, emotional outbursts and exhaustion. Animals are back to being needy and active.


March 3, 2011 - Today's Energy feels strangly calm and expansive. We have been given the opportunity to stop a moment and take a deep breath before we move forward again. After all the intensity lately, it is hard to believe that there is actually some calmness to it for a change. It feels like we can actually be productive again. People are reporting having slept better last night. There are still reports of headache, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, dizziness, difficulty concentrating and anxiety, but to a lesser degree. Animals are acting normally for a change. Enjoy this peace while you can!


March 2, 2011 - Today's Energy is pressurized and intense. There were more Solar Flares today which is part of the cause of the pressure. Earthquakes have been low, but I feel something is building. There are reports of back pain, headaches, hip pain, joint pain, foot pain, muscle twitching, emotional outbursts, anger, arguments, dizziness and confusion. Animals are still being hyper one minute and peaceful the next. They are very needy and clingy. I woke at 4 am with the intense pain in my back that I get around the time of an earthquake, but there have only been a few today. Maybe one is building. I suggest taking 1/2 teaspoon of Sea Salt and/or EmergenC to bring electrolytes back into balance. Drink extra water. And Breathe.


March 1, 2011 - Today's Energy is heavy and depressing. Solar Flares and Earthquakes continue. The chaotic, traumatic energies from the emotions of those affected by the disasters, revolutions and wars is circling the earth and we are absorbing those energies. Our fears are being brought to the surface for us to look at and heal. There are reports of headache, back pain, hip pain, joint pain, foot pain, depression, sadness and upheaval. Animals are being needy and clingy one moment and very quiet the next. March is coming in like a Lion energetically!


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right on target
I'm experiencing a major sinus pressure headache today.

Not often I disagree with you Claudia, but today's energies seem all over the place with a mixture of despair, fear and hope all swirling around.

Maybe it's me reacting to news events and personal interactions but it feels like highs and lows all mixed up.

Hi Christopher,


I sent a separate message of my own which is along the same lines of what you stated.  I also disagree with today's energy alert, although I don't disagree often!  The energy I've sensed today is VERY chaotic. . .  Yes, despair, fear, anxiety, stress, heaviness, along with a faint swirl of hope.





Interesting, because I find myself (and dogs) experiencing exactly the opposite today.  It has been a very heavy/dense/stressful/anxious day for me as though I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.  Several of my dogs have been very anxious and hyper today in addition to being needy and clingy. 


Maybe I'm out of sync?





Interesting that so many of you felt what I felt as today's energy yesterday. It is not unusual for us to feel the energy at different times and in different ways.
We all react to different things in different ways and feel them differently, so I find it amazing that doctors think that they can treat us all the same. I think that's the major flaw with modern medicine.

To me things feel ominous , anticipation dread........what could manifest the prediction of old seem to unfolding before our eyes  ........not only this super moon but the planet  here you can read if for yourselves



Today has got to be one of those Rrr...days. I had the worst sleep I've had in ages last night and the only part of my dream I remember is a being telling me about putting red around the full moon so that it can be more visible even through the clouds. Strangeness...My back still hurts, had little sleep compared to usual and I have a Very busy weekend ahead of me *sigh* Cleansing shower here I come!
i keep wanting to blurt out everything thats going on in my head, good and bad Lol! i really have to watch my step at work!
Mercury retrograde starts tomorrow, so watch that :-)


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