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Divine Complement-Your Eternal Twin Flame


Divine Complement-Your Eternal Twin Flame

I am interested in dialogue, inspirational stories and philosophy on the topic of Twin Flames, soul mates and divine complements. I am the author of two books on the topic and give soulmate advice.

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Yes, you can many soul mates, but only one Divine Complement.


Definition of a Divine Complement - Sometimes referred to as our "twin soul" or "twin flame", your Divine Complement represents that one person in the world to whom you are most connected soul-to-soul and spirit-to-spirit. As your ultimate complementary partner--your perfect match-- they hold inborn potentials that match and complement your own and hold the key to your spiritual evolution. You may or may not join them in this life depending on your karmic plan. But if you do, you are meant to bond and honor the profound spiritual connection, even if your personalities don't match your ideals of the perfect mate.

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Comment by Sherayx on December 26, 2016 at 8:55pm


Thank you for the welcome!

Much luv and light!

Comment by Gun-Britt Lund on October 20, 2016 at 3:18am

Thank you :)

Comment by Dr. Sohiniben Shukla on May 12, 2016 at 12:01pm

Comment by msamericanpatriot on May 22, 2014 at 8:30pm

I know my divine compliment is to awaken this Saturday (5/24/14). How long after that will he try to contact me? I am so ready to start contacting with him. I "stalk" him on facebook. We are to met up in this life time. His high self's name is Ishiel. 

Comment by Violet Yasemin on April 6, 2014 at 1:23pm

Everything about it is sooo weird and hard to put a finger on. Would love to hear your story. Hold on, whatever happens ;).

On account of the proximity, I can feel him nowadays even more strongly cos he is on the same continent again... And that's not always good, cos whatever he feels becomes so contagious and I start feeling it too. It's 10x harder to detach when you feel as if there's this unbreakable umbilical cord between you. I guess the lesson is - hurt yourself, you hurt your twin, hurt them, you hurt yourself. All is one, indeed.

Comment by Steve Lucas on March 4, 2014 at 7:41pm

I had an experience that was like Violet's but a little different.  When I have more time I will share it.  :)  And she's right that it's not easy, but quite the opposite.  Even today I don't know what exactly happened.  It seemed to happen so fast.

Comment by Violet Yasemin on January 13, 2014 at 6:45pm

And a note to Reginald Reeves on account of his comment.

FORGIVE yourself. It's vital that you do so. No evolution happens without trial and error, and without mistakes, you wouldn't be able to grow. Some mistakes take longer than others to correct, but by dwelling on your past errors, you are preventing your eternal beautiful divine self to shine through NOW. And that part of you loves and allows. So love and allow yourself to be, and make peace with your past. Bear in mind that if it's meant to happen, you can always try and rectify previous relationships. If not, it just means that the future ones will provide more space for self-awareness and mutual growth.

Express your pain, allow your sadness to be, but don't constantly feed it with remembrance. You should not suppress, but express, yet also you should not create and recreate new pain for yourself by dwelling on what was.


Comment by Violet Yasemin on January 13, 2014 at 3:07pm

What will happen in the future? I don't know. I do want to be with him but I have to give him the freedom to grow at his own pace and to choose for himself the experiences he needs, whereas I at the same time have to work on myself and the imbalances that I have, with or without him. I do have needs and don't believe needs are bad, they are only natural, and the Universal urge for us to conjure 1 would not be possible without needs.

Self-sufficiency as it's taught is not enlightenment in my view. Interdepence is. What does this mean? It means that you realize that you are everything so your dependence on another is actually depending on Self :D

All in all, I strongly believe in the concept of twin flames, but it does not mean that it has to be romantic. It does not mean it's easy, it doesn't even have to mean that we all opt for the experience, or even that there is only twin flame. Maybe a soul projects 4 bodies into physicality? Or maybe there is still that one last split. 
Whatever the case, follow your hearts and choose what feels right for you. 
Namaste <3

Comment by Violet Yasemin on January 13, 2014 at 3:04pm

The second big encounter happened 2 years later. NOW that was crazy! I felt him nearby even before we met. My extrasensory perception and my state of consciousness would shift to a higher level. Even my voice was different, deeper in a way. I could see people illuminated from within. And then for the first time I really was face to face with him in this club. The moment he approached me, I felt insatiable magnetism and such a strong need to merge with him. The CRAAAZY pull came from my heart chakra and I completely lost my sense of self-awareness. I started hugging this person and I felt the love out of this world. The moment of hugging him was like coming home. The sensation was so unusual, because it felt as if the time stopped and I could see lights everywhere, everyone was sooo beautiful and shiny :). I completely lost control for my mind could not handle the surge of energy in my heart. And I myself was sooooooo pure at that moment, sooo gentle, soooo innocent and child-like. I think I merged with  my Higher Self there and then. And not only that, the moment I hugged him I felt the boundaries between our bodies dissipate, I started feeling him and myself as one entity on all levels (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical), and just like we feel our left hand separately from our right hand and at the same time we feel them as part of one human, that was the perception of this merging process. We were both 1 and 2 at the same time.

And then the drama began. Ooooh, Jesus, much fun. The running and chase began. He has serious issues with vulnerability and the need to come across as need-less and fearless. He does not communicate and any attempt of mine to make sense of things together with him was met with opposition, with telling me that I'm seeing something that is not there. A very confusing and hurtful experience when you are a rookie spiritually speaking and instead of getting support you are sabotaged my someone else's fears. Even to this day we are on and off with our conversations. Sometimes it gets too intense and we have to take a pause. I find it hard to work with someone who cannot open up and whom yet I feel telepathically. For me it was like hot-cold game where energetically he pulls me strongly with his desire and then when I face him with it, he denies it and pushes me away.
Ironically enough we do complement each other and at the same time we share so many differences. He is polyamorous, i.e. he believes so but in order to be polyamorous, it would come without saying that you are that open to everybody and that flexible with your energy as in to be able to resonate with everyone's higher self equally, whereas he is incapable of building intimacy with 1 human being, let alone more. 
Me on the other hand am monogamous, or at least I believe so. The reason I believe so does come from as Eugene has put it, a need to be special to someone and for that someone to be special to me. Is this lack of self-love?Maybe, but not necessarily. I think we resonate more with our immediate soul family than with others and for me this magnetic pull is something I do not experience ever (I find it really hard to fall in love), so with that being said, my need is to have it around if I find it and to find a person who shares the same needs. We are different, ergo needs are different and neither polyamory or monogamy are better or worse, it's how you ride it. :)
At this time after years of trying to get him to open up, I took a stance where I made peace with the fact that I won't be with him on all levels while we are here. There is still potential that the energy of our soul will synchronize us and create this synergy, but at this point in time the fact that he doesn't wanna work with me on our issues and the fact that we want diametrically different things love-wise, makes us incompatible.

Comment by Violet Yasemin on January 13, 2014 at 2:45pm

Dear everybody,
I want to share my experience in this field.
I can see that many of you share different perspectives on this matter and I would like to share mine. The contradictions between the concept of All is One and Love should not be limited vs the concept of Twin Flames, Monogamy and similar, don't have to be mutually exclusive.

I recommend for you to see the videos by Teal Scott... in my opinion she describes this topic very well and she also tackles the topic of polyamory vs monogamy.

Now to share my experience. I've never really contemplated the existence of twin flames until I actually had the experience myself. And to all of you who expect the experience to be like a fairy-tale, think again. It's VERY HARD WORK and it's gonna push all your buttons and it's gonna hurt more than it would hurt in any other interaction for you are amplifying each other's both positive and negative aspects. 

So, how did it begin? It began by my interest in this one band whose main member sings about spiritual topics. One of the topics that he tackles in his songs is the occurrence of dreams about this soul that is here on Earth with him probably for the first time. The songs include premonitions about spiritual and sexual reunion with this soul and about the need to be complemented for the sake of ascension. It's very well cloaked in metaphor, but straight forward enough for those who understand the concept to read into.

I meet this man years ago on a social network. We decided to chat at one point. I immediately got the feeling of closeness with this person, of recognition on some deep level. Then weird things started happening. The more we spent time together chatting, the more my intuition would present me with these weird feelings and ideas. First I thought I was star-struck for I couldn't explain the emergence of these feelings and thoughts for a person I know so little. He could read my thoughts and I started even feeling him inside me. And then I saw this man for the first time. He was performing in London while I was there. Even before he got on the stage I felt this weird cord coming out of my head. The energy surging in made me feel almost weightless and I started seeing 'pixels' everywhere (the edges of stuff started dissolving). When he got out on the stage I could literally feel the cord coming out of my head and connecting me with him in the same way. He would respond to my thoughts immediately, it was visible on his face. The plan was to meet, but he had to leave early. I believe he left because the energy was not good enough. Everything was amplified. That day something happened to me on the DNA level. I had a negative experience once with my visual perception and was afraid of astral projection cos I didnt know what to expect there. After this encounter I couldnt sleep with the lights off, cos the moment the lights are off, I would feel as if I'm gonna fly away.

And then, there was the pull, the damn pull and longing. The pull from the heart chakra. It still emerges sometimes when I talk to him and I do my best to kind of balance myself in that respect. 


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