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Thanks Christopher,

For some reason, Comcast, (Xfinity) - or my browser - is blocking David Wilcock's site!! This has been going on for awhile now.  The only place I can read his releases is here, on OV.

I installed the Firefox browser today, (which Wilcock advises), and it made no difference. Is there any chance you can put in the four parts? Updates? 

I'm flying blind here, Help!



Thanks to a friend, the content of this Wilcock site has been sent to me in document form.

However, a warning: It is very, very long. At least 100 pages.

Much of it I already knew, being a follower, of David Wilcock's work. I will try to include a summary of the most important parts, re: the military and financial boondoggles.

A split in the military is the most obvious path to solution: the military is now divided, but a majority want to see change.


The following two things we most fear, but would bring a total revolution toward peace and financial freedom for the U.S. and our world, [and hinges upon the US of A]:

1) A military takeover to protect individual freedom, and stop war. This would mean arresting people without warning, who are the leaders of "the dark side."

2) Financial collapse: This might be the last resort, before a backup plan for a new economic system could come into being.

In either case, the pathway toward freedom and a new beginning for humanity will not be easy. Is it worth it?  Yes, I believe that anything we can do to bring change for a legal defense of civil liberties, and world cooperation is worth doing.

Are we tough enough to go through this transition?  Yes, I believe we are!



As we know the thruth, we get the "light" as many we gets light,

less can work in the dark,

then the light "inlighten" more and more,

as we know the facts, we work to avoid them, and then is finish!!!

that ocurred we had changed paradigma, is no more slave economy,

will be a time for realize and organize a more equality one, likes a "trueque": change

that exist from a long time the equal exchange,

the live will be more different, 5D will be something else,

but as we know we are ONE, we will protect our family every were,

we know how, we have the spiritual help from ALL,

so we in the end will be what we always have been,

we better send LOVE to ALL,

we are blessed, we aren't alone, that was just "illusion"

we just be in the reality, we must take care for every thing on Earth en every were,

because that effect is for ALL, inclusive us.

So let's walk hand by hand, with ours "guides" and the spiritual world,

that's the "only way",

the easy way,

best wishes dear family,

till always!

Great revealing post!  TRUTH will always reveal.  I enjoyed ILLUMINATION's comment.  So much more about politics, religions and sex to be revealed.  EXOPOLTICS is doing so much and others are jumping on the bandwagon so to speak.   GOOD WILL COME OF IT I think.  Bevely 

SORRY. Oops didn't mean to yell,I will stop leaving comments before breakfast that's when I'm nonthinking strait.And of all the people on here I should know better,with all the training I have had."Really"I would just like for one of these alien to come NY and talk to me "If you don't want to show yourself. "Then there's a little black Toyota in the drive take your little ray gun and melt it "I still drive it but its got over 400,000 mi.on it so I.won't mind it would be worth it to know your real
."Belief is the most powerful tool.we have. "If your real and we want to believe way would you keep such.a powerful tool from those of us who want to know the truth." This is why I get upset "There is know proof.I have seen lights going back and forth in the stars years ago and now I..wonder were they just lights.


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