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Every year one or two of the previous year's formations leave an imprint in the following year's crops.
Remember the humming bird of July last year ?

Steve Alexander was flying over the site and took this picture in August of this year..

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Whatever creates these crop circles does effect the soil. I wonder if anyone has tested the new crop on this site to see if anything unusual shows up.
Hi Christopher, there is a lot of evidence that shows a heating effect on the corn and that the corn breaks at right angles on a node. My belief is these are created by torsion field energy. This energy can travel many times the speed of light and over vast distances of space in seconds. An advanced civilisation would use this method of communication and this energy would naturally function in 4D. I am guess there are those already in the know, having watched the clues in the film 'Contact', seeing the 'chair' and the use of 4D maths in its construction. Is there such a thing a galactic freedom unit, that is sending us all clues and a warning? Who knows? In any case these are certainly impressive and an enigma of our time.
It has really intrigued me this year how many fakes there have been. Poor ones at this one from a few days ago

These and the many other fakes are trying to discredit the real crop circles. I do like your interpretation Steve !
In Ramtha school when the students practiced torsion field spinning one student stuck his arms out to feel the field he was heating up and burnt his hands. Others go transparent.

The sacred merkaba people spin geometric shapes but I belive its all the same thing just with different visualisations.

Hi Eugene,

I can't comment on the Ramtha school practices or orientation, but on the Keys of Ascension from Saranya Zaveri I can offer a bit of a summary on torsion fields:

There are four steps to the attainment of the Supra-consciousness state:

1) Liberation of the human mind

2) Fulfillment of one's potential

3) Search for Truth

4) Unification of Consciousness with all other states of being...experienced like Oneness with all energy, matter and time.


Further, in summary, time is no longer experienced as linear, but as spherical, wherein, all time (and possibilities) are Now.  Moving waves of energy such as gravity through matter cause spin fields (torsion fields), creating a vortex, creating time loops, such that matter particles can interact, unrestricted by time or space.  This results in a merger of all time and space, with presence possible in any time space, concurrently, like teleportation without having to leave the place of origin, or in other words, to extend the idea, omnipresence!

Has anyone noticed the new crop circle forming just above it.
Has anyone seen the ancient alien series? This crop circle remeinds me of someting in one of the episodes where they had discovered what they thought was a wooden toy airoplane...but a scientist saw it and checked it for its; aeordynamic qualities and the built one to same proportions and it could fly. We have assumed this is a stylized hummingbird but whawt if it is a ship design? Just a thought! I know tis discussion is suppose to be about ghost images.

My thought on ghost images is that it gives proof that the design wasn't a hoax....over and beyond all your interesting comments.

Thanks Christopher. I had asked about these before. Tthank you for posting this one. It is so remarkably clear.
A couple more ghosts I have found..

I have e-mailed Steve Alexander and made a request to Crop Circle Connector for more ghost pictures.
Like a heat signature, interesting .
Does anyone know exactly what it is that causes this "ghosting" effect? What are we actually looking at? I mean, clearly we can see the image but why can we see it? What is it about the crops that is causing this visual image? Are the crops actually a different color? Are they bigger than the surrounding crops?

With all the crop circle researchers who manage to get into the fields to examine the original formation why have none of them revisited the fields to examine the crops that are causing this after-image or "ghosting" effect? Or have they? If anyone knows about research on this effect please post a link to the info. Thanks. :-)
Oh they do revisit the sites, IF the farmer will let them !
The farmers in Wiltshire are sick of crop circles ruining their crop and all the people walking across their fields !.....apart from a few of the more enlightened ones. A whole new business has sprung up with people selling seeds from "affected" crops.
Theories abound and no one has a definitive answer but there is no doubt that with genuine crop circles the land and subsequent crops are affected for a number of years after.
Actually this is a good point these echoes of formations still shadowing the earth. The fake ones done by man by stomping would not leave an impression years later. So yes something literally changed the compostion of the dirt.......this is reassuring to me about the authtenticy of it all....pretty cool indeed.


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