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Every year one or two of the previous year's formations leave an imprint in the following year's crops.
Remember the humming bird of July last year ?

Steve Alexander was flying over the site and took this picture in August of this year..

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An incredibly exciting & thought-provoking thread with far-reaching repercussions - Thank You Christopher!
And Thank You too everyone - for your great responses!

As far as I know, a massive amount of energy is used to create genuine formations so it's only natural that the residue from this energy burst will leave its very own imprint in the field for many months, if not years afterward.

☆nother (highly energized) Point ov You...

The crop circles totally amaze me .
That is one decomposed Hummingbird there. Pushing daisies ........... wheat actually.

I wonder what the weat looks like? When you sample them and you compare them to the unaffected wheat. I wonder how they will be different or in short. Better or worse?
I will try and find the site, but apparently the crops grown from the seeds from within the circles are much bigger, more vigorous and have more seeds per plant.
Ill take your word for it.

I somehow expected that if a crop circle is and energy nexus or vortex of some kind then it should produce healthier crops at that point.
Neat. Thanks for the follow-up.

I was personally given a tour of one of the $100,000+ tractors that are commonly in use by farmers these days.  They incorporate some rather fancy GPS positioning software that can allow the technologically-savvy farmer to create these images should he/she be inclined to do so.


That said, I would suggest that this ghosting effect (and radiation checks) should be good litmus tests for weeding out the fakes from the real thing, if you will.


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