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We Sleep No More! - Alien Artifacts Found Under Crop Circles Video

Just what if it isn't alien at all doing these crop circles. What if our fore father's atlantis maybe planted these disc just for this time in history to awaken us? These disc could very well be what is forming these circles not some space ship from another world. We must not be to arrogant to think we are the most advance race with technologies , because we are not.

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Don't those plates , when I first saw them, look like the sun disc , one in the bottom of lake titicaca. I am thinking our ancestors planted these plates to create these circles to awaken humanity for ascension...what do you think??
I've heard this story before but it's the first time I've seen a vid about them. I find it interesting that they are supposed to be Celtic in origin. Could there be a society in Germany or elsewhere who have had this ancient knowledge handed down to them through the centuries. Then in the early 90's they knew they had to make the formations and also how to do them (perhaps they were acting on certain signals or 'portents' that told them now was the time to create the crop formation? They also set in motion the energies that would eventually lead to discovery of the plates. I wonder if they have any more information yet? The fact that the plates are of precious metals it rather belays the theory of pranksters. Thanks for posting Sally Jane.

Is it not possible that the three discs (per site) serve a double purpose?


1) Perhaps it is intended that we are to find the discs and to analyze them to decode the message(s) imprinted upon them

2) In that the discs are made from three distinct metals it should be possible from a hovering craft to then exactly pinpoint the location of the site and then re-apply the graphic (using radiated energy from the craft) exactly as it had been each previous time.


In other words for #2, they can be thought of as survey markers.  In astronomy and other disciplines, "three-point alignment" is the minimal method of assuring that your map and reality are in sync.


If you wanted to return to Earth and draw a map in the grass every, say, 3600 years and wanted to do it in exactly the same place every time, placing three survey markers would be the way to go.  In fact, using distinct metallic signatures for the three markers would help you to differentiate your actual site from the possibly many non-site hits that you could get while flying over and scanning.


It seems clear to me that the crop circle site as shown is likely not a hoax (given the cost to manufacture the discs).  I would guess that the likeliest message that's encoded within the discs is the location of the "authors" if you will.  If you review the external plates on our own Pioneer and Voyager spacecrafts you'll see that we mostly wanted to convey our location to others in similar fashion.


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