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Images Jason Patterson Copyright 2012


And the second circle nearby.....

Images Jason Patterson Copyright 2012

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Here we have sacred geometry again.

The square or diamond shape in the circle. (Depending from which angle you look at it.) In the square we have circles and squares entwined with each other.

The cosmos is a circle. It signifies completion, the energy of potential, universal energy. The energy of wholeness, of life, has no beginning, no end and no time. The circle - means eternity.

The circle is female energy, which will start on the 12,22.

The square is masculine energy. The pattern has squares and circles. maybe a combined female/masculine energy.?

The diamond shape is a sacred symbol. It is the symbol of ascension , growth and clarity; clarity of mind and feeling. It helps us to connect with our intuition.

I guess we all have different ideas about the crop circles on the whole. I find it interesting.

Thanks for sharing Christopher.

one is earth with it's grid and moon around it the other is a planet system and it's moons we are getting close to ?


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