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     Whispers From The Divine      ~ February 29, 2012 ~

           First awareness comes
                into the thoughts
                    as a tiny ray of hope...
                         and that hope,
                              when focused on,
                                   holds a space,
                                        where hope ignites
                                             the fire in your heart
                                                 of spirit dwelling within you
          that fire
               will ignite inspiration...
                    and that inspiration
                         will move you into
                              inspired action
                                   on the wings of spirit
                                        from a heart
                                             afire with passion.

      The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 28, 2012

          I AM here with you.

          I hold deep Love for you...

          Let it flood in
               surrounding every aspect
                    of that hurt...
                         letting you know
                              that all is truly well...
                                   and giving
                                        the place of hurt
                                             a space of releasing.

      The Divine ~

      © 2012



     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 27, 2012

          Deep in the darkest moments,
               I AM here with you.

          Allow yourself
               to feel
                    my presence
                         within you...
                              in your Heart Space.

          Feel the compassion
               of my love for you
                    as you share
                         your pain and fears with me.

               is an energy
                     that encompasses
                          in a passion

           The Love
                I hold for you...
                    filling you to overflow.

     The Divine ~

     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 26, 2012

          Hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                   within your Heart Space as…
                        you move through the
                             transitioning stage
                                  which will complete
                                       for many within the year.

          This current transitioning stage
               takes you from
                    levels of awakening
                         into living your Heart Space
                              out into your reality.
     The Divine ~

     © 2012


    Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 25, 2012

          You hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                    within your Heart Space when...
                         you live in the NOW,                            

          A whole new reality
               is forming
                    and with each new shift
                         has been bridging us
                              into the new.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 24, 2012

          You hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                    within your Heart Space when...
                         you live in the NOW,
                              building a foundation
                                   for the new
                                        in your heart
                                             that is beginning
                                                  to show up
                                                       in your outer world.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



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Thank you for your sweet words, dear Lyndy, they are truly magical--you have a beautiful spirit, and I am uplifted every time I read one of your replies. Yes, it's true--when one makes a choice, then others must make a choice as to whether to honor that person's choice or not. I'm beginning to see the light--all stories and poems, it would seem, are about making a choice--and sometimes what that choice entails, and if others choose to honor that choice. I do believe I've just made a discovery that I hadn't thought much about before. I have you and Carol to thank for giving me these gentle nudges that spark aha moments, and stir my creativity. Thank you dear Lyndy--and thank you for sharing this adorable picture--a fairy and elvin procession heading toward a marvelous celebration--perhaps a new fairy princess has been borne and they are all going to pay homage to her and to partake of some delicious mushroom stew and elderberry wine. I just love celebrations. Blessed be, dear Lyndy--Love and Light, always, Dot

Whispers Family ~

I apologize that I have again had to transfer messages from February 15-23 to archives. You will find them here...

Back to WHISPERS FROM THE DIVINE ~ Discussions

Sorry for the inconvenience ! :)

Love's blessings of patience to us all ♥ Carol

Hi Colleen ~

So wonderful to see your beautiful smiling face ...and hear your loving words of appreciation.

Thank you ! The realm of Divine and quiet whispers...and the whispers family are here for you...and each of you... to enjoy any are all so very welcome.

The roses are lovely and add such grace and fragrance to our sacred, loving meeting place. Thank you for gifting all of us.

Love's sweet blessings to you ...and all ♥ Carol

These postings are ALL so lovely, and loving...but today's is particularly heart- and soul-warming.  Thank you, much gratitude and LOVE!  :-) 

Needed to hear this one also

Hi Bruce ~

Lovely to see your smiling face! :)

I am glad the Whisper touched your heart too !

Love's Blessings of drinking deeply from the Divine to you...and all ♥ Carol

Hi  Zora ~

So lovely to hear your voice...a warm welcome to the Whispers family. Thank you for your sweet

words of appreciation. I feel deep gratitude that you benefit from being here.

Love's rich blessings to you ♥ Carol


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