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Guys any one  have news about Cern what happened is it been lighted? what is results?

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I have no report on CERN, but we are all still here.  

Check out what Simon Atkins says it is really about on Xwave , a lot of what he says seems accurate.

Could you provide a link for the information you are talking about?

Sandy apologies, I was at first writing you with links,
then about how I felt differently about it now.
Some of his info is seemingly accurate,
then that is how we relax our guard and let the disinformation slip past us entwined in the truism.
So even the true bits we take on board get polluted.
His voice does not match the energy frequency he is talking about.

Sandy ,,Now we understand each other ,When i look at a video even i know and i like the person who performs i m still watching the body language and the voice tune they present with .It did not fit with me let say i did not resonate with it ,with all the respect of his knowledge .

namaste ,,and have a good weekend

Yes Mete , I do not dislike him nor do I wish offend Christopher or anyone into him.
Yet I must speak true to my feelings because of the dangers people do not realise.
The person who changed her mind about WaveX had a clearer vibration than Simon.
She also referenced to the few other folk I had felt OK about.
Then I find Serena who is very empathetic felt the same.
The parts I had not felt OK about, the few clues came back to me and matched with her insights.
I avoid channellers in general
At first I thought they did the same higher self contact way I used to long ago,
but I soon realised and it is such hard work trying to discern each
And it all pulls us out of ourselves and distracts us from work on ourselves.
We all needs work on our own intuition,
our own higher self connection
Being discerning about our own experiences.
It may seem harder work at first
But it is a better conservation of our time and energy to do it that way

I'm with you, Lotuslakedawn.

There is an arguement put up that is for channelling, that says it would benefit new ones, just like it did us, who have had some skin in the game for longer, but I say no, those newbies are entering at a different point, and the path has already been laid before their first step, and they are by no means incapable of discernment.  Everyone needs to learn the value of discernment, however, so rather than talk of channelling, or doing channelling, or sharing such information, I prefer to talk about discernment...what it is and how to access our own process of discernment for the truth in each of us.

Dear Louise

I ask this question more then month  ago,No one new what happened to Cern first days, it fired up or not ,if fired up what is the result ?Then i got relax with it and try to listen to people  out side of the box ,what i learn and what resonate with me is ,energy can effect the machines and group of people they have been meditating and believing they can stop or malfunction to Cern and they prove it works ,from that time on i have give my attention to cern with not give any attention at all ,when ever i come cross with the same question i believe with all my hearth that it will not work ,and it did not ,even if some one so call scientist  tell otherwise i will not give up ,what my heart saying to me it is right ,Now a days we are getting more and more close to unity ,one heart beating ,with that kind of power i cannot loose ,So lets tell together again ..Cern will not work and i do not conCERN any more ,,,thank you for your attention &your reply ,,Namaste

"Do not conCERN."...I like it!

Inattention works just like attention works.  Give it and it shall come.  The Universe has serves.

The forerunners are here to lay the path.  Despite some attempts to roadblock, we will all return to that path of Truth.

We are one, Lotuslakedawn.  YouAmI.


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